14 Outrageous Wedding Secrets You Can Totally Relate To

If you’re planning a wedding, then there’s bound to be a few problems along the way that you have to get off your chest (whether it’s family drama, a surprise plan or something something silly you’ve always wanted for your wedding day, but are too embarrassed to share). Well we scanned Whisper App (the app that lets you post anonymous secrets to complete strangers) for some juicy wedding secrets and found out that a lot of what’s eating brides and grooms is both shocking and totally relatable.

Wedding Secrets
Wedding Secrets
Wedding Secrets
Wedding Secrets
Wedding Secrets
Wedding Secrets
Wedding Secrets
Wedding Secrets
Wedding Secrets
Wedding Secrets
Wedding Secrets
Wedding Secrets
Wedding Secrets
Wedding Secrets

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  • Rachel
    03/14/14 at 03:57

    Lying about your wedding date is deplorable. Newsflash: the “real wedding” is the DAY YOU GET MARRIED, not the day you re-enact it for your family and have a party!

  • Kell
    03/14/14 at 05:01

    There can be good reasons to be married in paper before the actual day. I don’t think it’s a good idea in most cases but sometimes it’s necessary if you don’t want to half hazardly plan your big day because you need to be married on paper. Try not to be so judgmental, deplorable is a pretty harsh word for something that really hurts no one.

  • llama lover
    03/19/14 at 04:07

    I disagree. It *can* hurt someone. Like me for instance. I wanted to go to a friends wedding, saved up for months to buy my ticket, dress ect.. all while cancelling my disneyland trip for my kids and having to put off house renovations just so I could afford to go what I thought was a wedding. She texted me daily asking if I was able to go. So when I finally was able to buy my ticket my dress and shoes, I did so. I got a text 3 days ago that they were already married and had been for months. I was heartbroken. Not watching them get married, I can live with. It really is about just them and not everyone else…but to make everyone feel like crap for maybe not going was the part that I was the most upset about. I have considered changing flights and selling all my stuff for this wedding and just not going.

    So, yes, it can hurt people. Maybe not emotionally (although, as a mother I would be deeply saddened if my baby got married behind my back) but financially.

  • cay
    03/24/14 at 01:42

    Well cancelinga wedding to elope is really an inconvienence to guests but it’s not the same as getting married on paper ahead of the wedding. Some military couples have to marry ahead so they arent seperated by a change of duty station.

  • carli
    03/24/14 at 01:48

    I dont see how someone being married before the wedding affects you. You are being pretty selfish. She shouldn’t be trying to make people feel bad for not attending but the part about getting married before really shouldn’t make you want to sell your wedding stuff and not go. It would be like people saying they wont go to a wedding where the people previously lived together because their lives wont be starting together the day of their wedding.

  • betsy
    03/24/14 at 01:49

    I think people should just be happy for the couple and let them have their wedding the way they want to. No one has the right to try and dictate someone elses wedding plans. If you havea problem with it you are a control freak.

  • 03/24/14 at 03:23

    The only way you will be”hurt financially” is if you decide to not attend the wedding. She is still having a wedding. You need to stop having a pity party over something that hasn’t changed anything. If she hadn’t told you, you wouldnt even have known.

    You even say ” Not watching them get married, I can live with. It really is about just them and not everyone else.” If you really felt that way why would you be upset? It seems like you made some decisions that you didn’t really want to make as far as putting off vaction or spending money on an outfit for the wedding and you are looking for a reason to blame your friend. If you didnt want to do those things you didnt have to. No one forced you to make those decisions. Either do what you want or be a part of her wedding but don’t blame it on her getting married ahead of the wedding because you were just looking for a reason.

  • LizbethAnne
    03/31/14 at 06:34

    We’re getting married “on paper” before the wedding–since we don’t live where we’re getting married, we’re going to do the paperwork at the courthouse in our town, with nearby close friends to “witness”. That’ll be two days before the wedding ceremony in a church with our family and friends–what I’ll consider the actual date that I’m married.

    Our vows, the readings, and the reverend’s words that join us as a couple are what I consider important, not some government paperwork we’re filling out so we can share health insurance and file taxes together.

    To be fair, my family knows I’m doing this–I wouldn’t lie about it. But I also wouldn’t be upset if I went to a ‘wedding’ that wasn’t a legal wedding.

  • 07/31/14 at 10:27

    If it’s not a big deal to get married on paper and then have a “pretty princess day” months or even years later, then why do women lie about it ???? Why keep it a secret that you are already legally married but want to later have the party you can now afford ? I think it’s because many people would decline to attend what is basically a reenactment of a marriage that has already occurred and you know this ! So you lie to trick people into coming to an event they might choose not to, if they had full disclosure. Your ego & attention whorish ways are showing. You are not a “bride & groom” if you are already ” husband & wife”. Have an Anniversary party & move on. When you have to hide the truth, you already know what you are doing is wrong.

  • sara
    08/04/14 at 06:33

    I completely disagree. I got both a save the date that said “we got married in court in January amongst close relatives, we are getting married in church in September” and everyone went to the wedding and it didn’t make any difference at all. And also attended a friend’s wedding who had already been married for legal purposes and noone knew about it. Both weddings were absolutely lovely. it is absurd to say it is not a wedding because they have already been married, the emotions on the day that you make that commitment in front of all your friends and people you want to be there are very different. Whether someone wants to disclose if they have been married before is like saying they have to tell everyone if they slept together before the wedding.

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