Get Excited For These Upcoming TV Weddings!


There’s nothing better than a highly-anticipated TV wedding — especially when fun ceremony and dress photos are released beforehand. Here’s what we have to look forward to with Mitch and Cam, Barney and Robin and… Lindsay Lohan?

How I Met Your Mother

In the penultimate episode of How I Met Your Mother, it looks like Robin and Barney may actually get married, since the March 24 episode is titled “The End of the Altar.”

Two Broke Girls

When Lindsay Lohan is pictured wearing a wedding dress, people typically get a little nervous — but in this case, she’s making a cameo in an April 14 episode of Two Broke Girls. The actress plays a bride, and Kat Dennings is making her wedding cake — so what’s she doing wearing a wedding dress too?

Modern Family

If there was ever an episode of Modern Family to watch, this may be it, simply because Elizabeth Banks makes a cameo as a pregnant minister officiating Mitch and Cam’s wedding. 

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