5 Celeb Guests That Might Be Spotted At Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s Wedding

After Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s engagement was announced, we had Mila’s gorgeous diamond ring and dress picks on the brain — and the couple’s wedding guest list. Being two of the most popular actors in Hollywood could make for a seriously star-studded reception, so here are our five picks for who could attend the Kunis-Kutcher nuptials!

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon played Mila’s best friend on That ’70s Show. The two are still close friends, so we’re really hoping to see Donna and Jackie reunite at the wedding — just not wearing bellbottoms and macrame halter tops!

Wilmer Valderrama

Surprisingly, Mila didn’t end up with Ashton at the end of That ’70s Show — she ended up with Wilmer Valderrama’s character, Fez, instead! Maybe Wilmer will make an appearance to show that there’s no hard feelings about Ashton getting engaged to his TV girlfriend.


Diddy and Ashton are longtime friends, and the mogul is usually wearing a suit anyway, so he’d be the perfect wedding guest. Also — any wedding that Diddy attends will probably have an amazing reception.

Princess Beatrice

Yes, we’re talking about that Princess Beatrice, Prince William’s cousin, who wore one of the most talked-about fascinators maybe ever to the royal wedding. Ashton and Mila have gone on double dates before with Beatrice and her boyfriend, Dave Clark. Maybe Beatrice would wear another conversation piece to Mila and Ashton’s wedding!

Seth MacFarlane

Mila and Seth MacFarlane go way back. Not only were they both the voices of characters on Family Guy, but they also starred together in Ted. With the comedian possibly attending the wedding, we’re envisioning a hilarious speech or two being made. Who knows — maybe Ashton could even get Punk’d by Seth on his own wedding day!

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