The Chicest Short Hairstyles For Your Wedding Day

Not since Mia Farrow first debuted her pixie cut by Vidal Sassoon in the’60s has short hair been so popular in Hollywood. We have many a friend who have followed suit and chopped off their hair in favor of something sleeker.

If that’s you and you’re looking for some styling inspiration for your wedding, we think these five looks are pretty perfect.

Emma Watson


(Photo: Stylebistro)

Emma’s doing the dressy sleek thing and we like it. Just don’t overdo it on the gel because you don’t want your hair to feel so stiff that you can’t run your fingers through it (your groom probably won’t appreciate that either).

Michelle Williams



Michelle Williams has never look more beautiful than wearing this loose, short style across her forehead. A perfect look for an outdoor wedding this summer!

Halle Berry


(Photo: PopSugar)

The short, spiky style that Halle Berry often wears on the red carpet is well-suited for an edgier bride, who’s not so into veils.

Anne Hathaway


(Photo: Stylebistro)

We love the lift in Anne’s short style, giving lots of attention to her face. If you’re thinking about wearing a strong color on your lips, this might be a nice way to go for your hair.

Carey Mulligan



The simplicity of Carey’s little twist makes us sigh with delight. And you could most certainly accomplish this yourself without the aid of a stylist.

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