Akasuri Is the Korean Beauty Scrub You Need to Know About

Akasuri//The Knot

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In Korea, it’s customary to ready oneself for a special occasion by purifying one’s body and soul with a vigorous scrub known as akasuri, meaning red (aka) and rub (suru). After softening skin in a steam room or sauna, an abrasive towel is used by a diligent, strong-armed aesthetician to apply an aromatherapy treatment in a full-body-massage-scrub combo that thoroughly sloughs off impurities, boosts circulation and stimulates the lymph system to reveal fresh, glowing, virginal skin. “Although this is a thorough exfoliation that leads to a pinkish glow, anyone with sensitive skin should be careful,” says Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, codirector of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery in Washington, DC. “That ‘glow’ can be taken too far and cause red, inflamed skin for days.”


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