Guess What the Biggest Beauty Trend in Uruguay is (Hint: It’s White, Yellow and Edible)

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In this small South American country, brides trust time-tested secrets handed down from mother to daughter over high-tech lotions and potions. To maintain their luscious, lustrous locks, pretty Punta del Este beachcombers counter the dehydrating effects of the sea and saltwater by preparing their own homegrown hair rescue remedy: eggs. They beat an egg, add olive oil, apply it to their hair, let it sit and then rinse off with cool water (it’s very important not to use hot water, which will cause the egg to “cook” in your hair). “Many DIY beauty treatments cite this as a great, moisturizing hair mask,” says Megan Garmers, founder and director of New York City’s MG Hair and Makeup. Egg yolks are rich in vitamins A, D and E, which nourish, strengthen and protect strands, and protein and lecithin, which moisturize and strengthen the hair shaft.


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