5 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Engaged

The average engagement is 12-14 months so you might only celebrate one or two Valentine’s Days while you’re fiance and fiancee. So why not take advantage of this once in a lifetime chance to celebrate your Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple. You can totally spend Valentine’s day with your spouse to be the same way you always do, but if you’re looking for something a bit different here’s the engaged couples guide to celebrating V Day.

1. Celebrate like the day you got engaged.

Ok, so he doesn’t exactly have to get down on one knee again, but you could return to the restaurant, park bench or mountain top where the proposal happened and pop some champagne for old time’s sake.

2. Start a new Valentine’s Day tradition.

Ways To Celebrate Engagement

Erin Samuell

So maybe while you were dating you always went to the movies on Valentine’s Day or you skipped the 14th and always had a romantic dinner together the day after. If you’re feeling like your Valentine’s Day plans are stuck in a rut this is your chance to start something new that you’ll carry into your marriage.

3. Get pampered together. 

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day When You're Engaged


It seems obvious, but taking time to relax is even more important than ever. Throw in a couple of facials and you can count it as crossing one beauty regimen off your long to-do list.

4. Skip it and celebrate Galentine’s Day instead.

From the album: An Outdoor Morning Wedding in Canyon Lake, TX

You’re going to have a lifetime of Valentine’s Days ahead and your wedding is going to be the ultimate love fest. A great alternative is to celebrate your ladies (or even have your bachelorette party!). The great part is there’s tons of deals available, and there’s no rule that says your date or dates can’t be your bridesmaids!

5. Record your love story.

Grab your fiance and hit the town visiting places from your love story (like your first date and where you first said “I love you,”). Not only is it sentimental, but you can also use the video to play at your engagement party, rehearsal dinner or even the wedding! We love this example from our PR Manager Stephanie and her husband Oren’s wedding!

Bonus: Whatever you do don’t talk about wedding planning.

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day When You're Engaged

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Drop that binder! If there’s any time that you should take a day off from the nitty gritty details of linens and boutonnieres this is the day.

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