The Newest Way to Personalize Your Wedding? Design Your Own Fragrance


We are always scouring new beauty ideas for your wedding day and we just found the coolest new way to add a personal touch to your wedding day — creating your own fragrance. What we love about it is that this is literally your signature scent — no one else in the world will smell quite like you do. And you can wear it after the wedding to remind you of all the happiness around that day. To get you started we talked to fragrance expert and founder of Sarah Horowitz Perfums, Sarah Horowitz, to give you some tips.

Remember Your History

“I connect with the client and learn as much as I can about who they are and what they love. Where were they born, what was their childhood like, what fragrance did their mother wear, what was their first scent? Do they have a favorite flower, place, color?  With brides, I also focus in on the courtship of the bride and groom. Where did they meet?  Did he ever give her flowers, and if so, what kind?”

Smell Around

“I separate each note into three groupings, top notes, middle notes, and base notes. From there the client experiences 2 rounds of evaluation and elimination, first round with the eyes open, second round with the eyes closed. We are left with ingredients that the client has chosen above all other, and that they have responded to strongly and positively.  I then compose the fragrance using these ingredients, and try it on the skin of the client so we can fine tune together until it is perfect.  It is a very collaborative process.”

Search for Something Special

“Brides are looking to capture the moment, and to be able to evoke emotion and memory, from that day forward and into the future.  The fragrance should be something that will be evocative to both the bride and the groom. And of course, they want to smell unique – not like his mother or ex-girlfriend!”

Use Your Fragrance Sparingly

“I recommend that brides wear it as the festivities begin: the rehearsal dinner, through the wedding and then on the honeymoon — really have the memory of this time impregnated with the scent. Then, put it away. Do not wear it as an every day scent. Apply it on special occasions, and always on your anniversary. Every time you both smell it you will automatically be transported back to this moment in time.”

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