Jamie Lynn Spears Registered For $2500 Of Gift Cards (What Do You Think?)

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We found Jamie Lynn Spears’ wedding registry and what’s on it might surprise you. The former Nickolodeon star and her fiance James Watson registered for 25 gift cards totaling $2500 at Bed Bath & Beyond in addition to traditional gifts like glassware and linens from Pottery Barn. Registering for gift cards is a hot topic because they’re sort of a gray area between cash and a traditional gift. Real brides are talking about whether it’s ok to register for gift cards on our community boards too. Read a few opinions for each side then join the conversation on our Registering and Gifts discussion board.

In Favor of Gift Cards

“The way I see it is that if you register for tangible goods then someone is spending X amount on items.  YOU know how much they are spending on said items because you registered for it (obviously this doens’t apply if they buy off the registery). Gift cards can’t be converted to cash and maybe you have everything you need at this moment, but in 2 years you might buy a house and need more stuff.  If I got a gift card at BBB or Crate & Barrel, then obviously it will be used for some sort of home purchase.  I’m just asking because I don’t see the difference personally and was hoping for someone to explain it to me.” – Jager1219

“I see no problem with clicking the little box for gift cards on the registry. It is a pretty big stretch to asking for money, and in fact I think it is more rude to indicate that you don’t want gift cards, which is how it is phrased when the box is left unchecked.” -nycrose2013

Against Gift Cards

“To me, it’s the same as asking for cash because when you buy a gift, that person gets the physical gift.  You can never really tell how much they spent on it.  Some people are very thrifty and find ways of getting items at knock off prices.” – Darbie914

“Asking for gift certificates is the same as asking for cash gifts which is frowned upon.  People already know that cash is a great gift so you don’t have to ask them for it.  You can do a small registry and people will get the hint that cash is appreciated.” – MNVegas

See Jamie Lynn and James’ registry then let us know what you think about registering gift cards in the poll below!

Jamie Lynn Spears' Wedding Registry

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