New Zealand Brides Are Sweet on Honey

Getty Images//The Knot Blog

Getty Images

Oh, honey! Down Under, the secret to a wedding day glow is both sticky and sweet—namely, manuka honey. Not just any honey, manuka is a monofloral variety, meaning it’s made by bees that interact with only one species of flower. And the manuka bush blooms for just two to six weeks a year and is found only in New Zealand. In other words, it’s precious! For centuries, the native Maoris have used the manuka plant for medicinal purposes—it’s a powerful natural antiseptic often used in hospitals to treat wounds. But curious Kiwis have since caught on to the beautifying benefits of manuka honey as well. They’ve discovered that it makes a fabulous face mask that nixes all types of skin woes, including acne, dryness, rosacea and even scarring.


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