14 Super Bowl-Inspired Groom’s Cakes

Celebrate your fiance’s love of the game with a football-inspired groom’s cake that pays homage to his favorite team (or yours!). Wondering if the football groom’s cake is right for you? Take our assessment below to find out.

Is A Football Groom’s Cake Right For Our Wedding?
1. Your fiance only had one suggestion for wedding colors — Georgia red, of course!
2. There’s not a question in your mind about what your Monday nights look like: you, your fiance, the couch and Monday Night Football.
3. Season tickets have been on your fiance’s Christmas list since he was four years old.
4. The best man suggested a viewing room at your cocktail hour… for a pre-season game.
5. You’ve already prepared three dips and he’s stocked a mini fridge with beer for Sunday’s Super Bowl party.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then a football groom’s cake might be just the thing to serve at the reception. Find inspiration from the 14 cake designs below!

Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos Groom’s Cakes

Philadelphia Eagles Cake

Baltimore Ravens M&T Bank Stadium Cake

From the album: A Preppy Traditional Wedding In Palm Beach, FL

New Orleans Saints Wedding Cake

Georgia Football Helmet Cake

From the album: An Airy Garden Wedding In Austin, TX

University of Texas Mascot Cake

From the album: A Mountain Wedding In Breckinridge, CO

Bevo The UT Mascot Groom’s Cake

From the album: A Romantic Wedding In Austin, TX

The Ohio State University Buckeye Cake

From the album: A Romantic Outdoor Wedding In Austin, TX

University of Michigan Wedding Cake

From the album: A Traditional Wedding In Fallbrook, CA

Louisiana Tech University Jersey Cake

Chocolate University of Texas Groom’s Cake

From the album: A Colorful Southern Wedding In Benton, TX

Football Field Cake With Mascot

From the album: A Rustic Wedding In Center Point, TX

Louisiana State University Tigers Cake

Texas A&M Chocolate Cake

From the album: An Elegant Coastal Wedding In Galveston, TX

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