33 Weddings Officiated by Queen Latifah at the Grammys

The biggest surprise at the Grammy’s this year was much better than the time Kanye West interrupted to insult Taylor Swift! During Macklemore and Madonna’s performance of his breakout hit “Same Love”, 33 couples made their way to the stage to get married — and Queen Latifah officiated (she was sworn in as a temporary wedding commissioner by the State of California just before the awards show, so the weddings are all legal!). The Staples Center in LA even transformed to look like a church once the weddings began and Katy Perry caught the bouquet. How cool is that?

The mass wedding was a big step for bringing attention to marriage equality too. The song “Same Love” was written about Macklemore’s uncle and his partner’s relationship and gay rights (it was originally recorded during the campaign to legalize gay marriage in Washington state). The televised mass wedding included both gay and straight couples. Gay marriage in California was in the news this year after Prop 8 was struck down in the Supreme Court. We wouldn’t be surprised if “Same Love” becomes one of the most popular wedding songs of the year, plus Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won awards for Best New Artist and Best Rap Album! See photos and a video from the weddings below.

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