Are Robot Officiants a New Wedding Trend?

We’re not talking about the plot to a sci-fi movie here — we’re talking about real couples renting robots for their weddings. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Well The New York Times found several couples who did it, including Melia Meggs and Sam Vilain, who rented a robot for the day (for $325) to follow them around and live-stream their California wedding so that friends and family living in New Zealand could watch. Then there’s Neva and Moe McLendon. They souped up a robot to create a custom persona — Father Emiglio — to actually officiate their wedding. Beyond the robot videographer and officiant, apparently there are robot ring bearers too (one by a designer named Jon Schmig, who named his ring bearer Oscar and tweaked it so that it could be controlled through an app on a phone). All the photos, plus a video on how they’re made, are below!

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