Would You Buy Your Wedding Dress on Groupon?

From haircuts to date nights, Groupon is always saving my bank account a few bucks (which is great because I live in pricey New York City), but when I stumbled upon a dress deal on Groupon this morning, I had to do a double take. These Kirstie Kelly wedding dresses are selling at nearly 90-percent off(!), but would you buy your wedding dress from a flash sale site?



Here are a few of the styles on sale now.

The Emerald Dress


The Agate Dresskrirstie-kelly-2

The Topaz Dress


Read these tips before you buy your wedding dress online! 

There are tons of great online retailers, but you still have to be careful! Here are 5 ways to spot a counterfeit wedding dress

Wedding dress horror stories — don’t let this be you

> Find more wedding dresses by Kirstie Kelly 

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  • kristin
    01/22/14 at 01:09

    Kirstie Kelly is saying they didn’t authorize this.

  • Sarah
    01/30/14 at 03:57

    I called the Kirstie Kelly showroom, corporte office, and PR/Media. the only real human I could speak with was PR/Media. The lady (courtney) I spoke to from PR/Media says KK authenticated the dresses, but were not coming from the designers showroom directly. I asked about the statement on her site “Kirstie Kelly has no association with Groupon .” KK has 3rd party sellers for her dresses like Costco, a 3rd party seller basiclly dumped their stock of KK dresses into groupon. theyre real ladies!

  • Michelle
    01/25/14 at 09:20

    i ordered 2. Free shipping and free returns seemed worth a shot.

  • Nancy
    02/06/14 at 04:14

    hey michelle, did you receive your dresses yet?

  • 02/07/14 at 11:34

    Hey Michelle have u got your dresses yet? I still haven’t received mine and I ordered it 1/23/14

  • Kimberli
    02/11/14 at 07:55

    I also ordered mine on the 23rd and groupon is saying it still hasn’t shipped.

  • Sarah
    01/30/14 at 03:56

    I called the Kirstie Kelly showroom, corporte office, and PR/Media. the only real human I could speak with was PR/Media. The lady (courtney) I spoke to from PR/Media says KK authenticated the dresses, but were not coming from the designers showroom directly. I asked about the statement on her site “Kirstie Kelly has no association with Groupon .” KK has 3rd party sellers for her dresses like Costco, a 3rd party seller basiclly dumped their stock of KK dresses into groupon. theyre real ladies!

  • Nancy Dow
    02/08/14 at 01:21

    I ordered three. It seemed worth a shot to me to save so much on, hopefully, a great dress…. Plus with the free returns I figured I couldn’t really go wrong, even if they turned out not to be authentic… however, I am glad to hear that they do appear to be authenticated. I ordered mine on Feb 23 and it looks like 1 out of three has shipped and should be here early next week. Good luck ladies!!

  • Kimberli
    02/11/14 at 07:53

    Nancy, Michelle, or Kyla, have any of you received your dresses yet?

  • Karmisha Sellers
    02/21/14 at 10:35

    I know some of you were worried about the shipment of dresses. I just received mine and I am so pleased with the dresd. This was a steal

  • Neda
    03/02/14 at 10:39

    You really received yours?

  • Jessica Baxter
    02/11/14 at 02:10

    I also ordered one of these dresses off of Groupon and have yet to receive mine. Has anyone gotten theirs yet, or is there an update on the shipping?

  • Manday
    02/12/14 at 03:01

    I also ordered my dress on the 24th and still has not shipped and groupon has no direct line to contact about this dress!!!!! Anybody know if this was legit by the looks of it looks wrong being that shipping said 12 business days shipping and it is still not here!!!!

  • Kimberli
    02/13/14 at 08:06

    I received an email from groupon Monday saying they noticed I still didn’t have tracking information but they had my order and it would be shipped when it shipped… customer service emailed me and said they could only see it was still in fulfillment. Not helpful at all!

  • Kayla
    02/13/14 at 03:24

    They might tell you the same thing they told me, but their phone number is 1-888-375-5777. Hopefully, you get a better answer to why and where your dress is then I did.

  • Nancy D
    02/13/14 at 01:08

    Two of my dresses have come in! I ordered the Pearl, Quartz and Citrine. They are real KK Dresses from what I can tell- they have all of the tags intact and the quality is very good. I only noticed a tiny thread poking out of the Pearl, which has VERY intricate and gorgeous hand beading and lace.
    I am in love with the Pearl dress, I think its the one! I am still waiting for Citrine to come in just to make sure, but, ladies, if you ordered these dresses you won’t be disappointed!
    You will need to have them steamed, however, to remove the wrinkles- to be expected since they were shipped in a box.

    I am thrilled with my purchase! If I had the money, I would purchase directly from KK… but for a bride on a budget this is a real steal.

    Best of luck!!

  • Kayla
    02/13/14 at 03:20

    I ordered Emerald, which was the gown with cap sleeves, it hasn’t shipped yet and I just got off the phone with Groupon customer service and the reason for the delay is “An inventory issue that they are trying to work out with the vendor.” I do not have much time personally to sit and wait for them to figure it out. My engagement and wedding date wasn’t very far apart so hopefully they figure it out in the next few days. I ordered 3 weeks ago and considering these dresses sold out like hotcakes that should be plenty of time to sort out the issue.

  • Sandy
    02/14/14 at 01:07

    I ordered one and they refunded me the money, saying that it had no tracking number and no way to tell if it was ever sent out. I would much rather have the wedding dress than the money back honestly, very frustrating.

  • Mia
    02/14/14 at 07:27

    I ordered mine Jan 23rd and still no tracking info and no help from groupon customer service. So it looks like only one of us has received their dress.

  • Jenn
    02/14/14 at 05:07

    I ordered mine on January 28th and just got confirmation that it has shipped today! I was getting a little worried but read on other sites that women with the same gown were receiving them at the same time. So maybe that’s how they are doing it?? I ordered the Quartz.

  • kayla
    02/14/14 at 08:21

    I just don’t get it, I have heard of a few people getting their gowns shipped and all of them were ordered after me. I hope I hear something soon.

  • Sandy
    02/15/14 at 04:09

    I don’t get it either, I ordered mine the 23 and it never shipped, groupon told me that if it hadn’t then it probably won’t and refunded me. I hope it works out for others :(

  • Mia
    02/15/14 at 02:49

    I JUST GOT MY SHIPPING CONFIRMATION!!! I ordered the Onyx on Jan 23rd.

  • Amanda
    02/20/14 at 01:55

    Mia, Have you received your dress yet??

  • Mia
    02/20/14 at 10:44

    Amanda, I just received mine today. It’s beautiful! I really hope you get our shipping confirmation soon.

  • Jessica Baxter
    02/17/14 at 04:28

    I finally got my shipping confirmation too! I ordered Pearl on Jan 22nd. Shipping says it should be here in 3 days! yay!

  • Andrea
    02/17/14 at 06:11

    I’m so jealous of you all getting shipping confirmation! I ordered mine on January 21st, and I haven’t heard anything!

  • Jamie
    02/18/14 at 04:35

    I ordered an Onyx dress off Groupon. I did get an email from Groupon saying I could have my money refunded since it didn’t ship in the 12 day time-frame. I am now going back and forth with a Groupon rep trying to see what’s going on and they don’t have an update to provide.

    I don’t mind waiting for the dress to ship, I just want to know that it actually exists and WILL be shipped – otherwise I will take my money back. It’s nice to see some people are getting shipment confirmations, it gives me hope!! I freaked out when I realized Kirstie Kelly posted they are not affiliated with Groupon, but if the dress is coming through Costco…doesn’t matter to me. This was too good of a deal to pass up and I hope my dress comes!!

  • Candy K
    02/19/14 at 05:28

    My dress finally arrived on 02/15. I ordered the Emerald from Groupon. It’s GORGEOUS!!! I could not even remotely possibly be happier! It is worth the wait, unless you are under a time crunch and cannot wait.

  • Amanda
    02/20/14 at 01:59

    I totally agree with your comment!! I ordered the Onyx and also freaked out when it said that KK wasnt associated with groupon. I just hope the dress ships soon. Does your groupon account say that the warehouse it will ship out of is Hebron, KY? mine originally said Houston TX and then changed after a week to Hebron, KY. Those are the only updates i have received so far.

  • Candy K
    02/20/14 at 05:47

    My gown did ship out of Hebron, KY after originally saying TX. I can’t say how “true to size” it is because, according to their size chart, I have a 12 bust, 14 waist, and 14 hips. I ordered a 10.
    I was an 8, according to their chart, when my best friend got married 2 years ago, thus my weight gain is very recent and I’ve already begun losing weight after finding a program (Weight Watchers) that works best with my lifestyle. Already lost 7 lbs in my first four weeks and I’m approaching the end of my fifth week! Goal is to lose 35 overall.
    I’m not properly engaged, and even if I was, my guy and I are eyeing a date that’s 2 years away.

  • Amanda
    02/20/14 at 05:59

    Thanks for your response! I am glad that yours shipped out of the same place mine says…that gives me hope!! I also am doing weightwatchers! GOODLUCK!

  • Candy K
    02/19/14 at 05:31

    Ladies, I ordered my dress on January 20th, Monday. I’m not sure why so many people’s gowns haven’t shipped yet, but I assure you that the gown is most certainly exquisitely made and you will be so happy to receive it when it arrives!
    I ordered the emerald and could not possibly be happier! The seller was probably just dumb on the time-frame they gave when they committed to selling on Groupon.
    Bear in mind that if any of us were to have actually formally ordered these gowns, we’d be waiting for like 6 months. Please, have patience and wait for your gorgeous dress! After it arrives, you’ll be so glad you waited!

  • Evie
    02/19/14 at 02:53

    Can someone who has received their dress tell me how it was packaged?? I only ask because I ordered mine to be shipped to my job and 1) I don’t want to deal with nosy coworkers and 2) I’ll have to get my Ruby home on a commuter train. Thanks!

  • Candy K
    02/19/14 at 08:33

    My emerald dress came in a large rectangular box marked “Groupon” with tape and the logo, but it wasn’t “dress box” shaped. It was the same size box you might expect dishes, pots and pans,, or a desktop computer to be in, even though it wasn’t as heavy as a computer or dishes.
    Nothing from the box itself would indicate “wedding gown”. Even the return address said “Groupon.”
    I hope that helps.

  • Lauren
    02/19/14 at 04:47

    I received my Ruby dress today in the mail and it is gorgeous! I am so happy I took this chance! The box it came in was actually smaller then I anticipated, but may be hard for you to get on a train. I believe these are 100% authentic. The fabric and material is very high end. Hope all of your dresses work out as well for all of you as they did for me! :)

  • Mrs Gatling
    02/20/14 at 12:32

    I got my Agate and Emerald dresses on 2/14 after ordering them on 1/20. The shipping info just popped up on the 10th of this month so it took a few weeks to get the shipping info. Came in a plain Groupon box but had original tags and was in plastic. Great deal at $175.00 each. I wish everyone luck who ordered.

  • Sandy
    02/20/14 at 01:06

    :( well if any on you didn’t like the dress you ordered or it just didn’t work for you, I may take it off your hands :)

  • kayla
    02/20/14 at 11:48

    I agree with you sandy! It probably would work out easier that way!

  • Amanda
    02/20/14 at 01:41

    I also ordered the Onyx dress on 1/23 and still have not received it. I have called the Groupon customer service a handful of time and still have not received a good answer from them. It is nice to see that some of you have received your dress.. I will just wait! Even though i am not always a patient person –hence, being born in a car! HAHA! I am so jealous of all of you ladies!! For those of you who have received your dresses, are they pretty true to your jean size?

  • Nancy
    02/21/14 at 02:58

    I’m still waiting on my Quartz ordered 1/27. I just saw someone posted on Kirstie Kelly fb page that groupon has credit them back due to dresses being out of stock, I really hope that’s not the case because I really want my dress! GL to everyone that is still waiting.

  • Jenn
    02/21/14 at 04:06

    Received me dress yesterday (ordered the Quartz on 1/28). The shipping info never updated for me on the groupon page so do not be discouraged! The UPS tracking info is pretty accurate. Be aware though that it gets transferred to the local post so it may be an extra day than what is listed. Dress is absolutely beautiful and exactly like the one I saw in a bridal shop. I ordered the dress according to the measurements and it’s a little bigger than I thought it would be. With a few alterations and steamed it will be perfect.

    Hang in there ladies!! They are on the way!!

  • Amanda
    02/21/14 at 04:17

    So your tracking never updated on groupon? But you received an email saying it shipped with the tracking number? Has anyone received an email saying no more dresses and that you have been refunded with groupon bucks? I haven’t and hope I don’t!! Just wondering if anyone else has?

  • Sandy
    02/21/14 at 04:40

    They refunded me my money, said there wasn’t enough dresses, sold more than they could fulfill

  • Andrea
    02/21/14 at 06:32

    Sandy, I was told the same. I’m angry. I ordered mine on the 21st, so why are people who ordered on the 28th getting their dresses when I’m not?

  • Sandy
    02/21/14 at 09:50

    I am too. Very. Just curious, what dress did you order? I ordered the tiger eye and I haven’t seen anybody here say they got that one. I called them like three times and emailed them as well. Nothing is helping

  • Andrea
    02/21/14 at 09:54

    I ordered the Coral. I actually haven’t seen any Corals fulfilled yet, either. While I know it isn’t groupon’s fault that their provider didn’t have enough dresses, I wish they would have just told us right away. I’m sure they knew long before they told us, and we could have been looking for different dresses in the meantime.

  • Amanda
    02/22/14 at 08:55

    For those of you who groupon refunded your money…. Did they give you “groupin bucks” or did they refund the money on your credit/debit card?

  • Candy K
    02/23/14 at 06:22

    While this specifically didn’t happen to me, they would have to give an actual refund because that’s what is in the bold and fine print–full refund. Groupon Bucks aren’t a refund. That’s store credit, essentially.
    They have a lawsuit on their hands if they only dole out Groupon Bucks instead of giving proper refunds.

  • Amanda
    02/23/14 at 08:58

    Well just got the notification that groupon is canceling my order due to problems with fulfillment. Beyond disappointed….

  • Evie
    02/23/14 at 11:17

    Got the same notification of cancellation. Way to go Groupon. Guess the search continues.

  • Nancy
    02/24/14 at 09:45

    You can add me onto that list…. :(

  • Ja
    02/23/14 at 03:35

    I too was sweating over this!! I ordered the Ruby dress on 1/23 and sweated bullets until I received it on 2/14. I must say what an amazing Valentines present to me it was!! Its breathtaking! The satin is high quality, the color is like a soft candlelight ivory. The beadwork is gorgeous. All tags are there, the dress is authentic. This dress looks expensive, even with the wrinkles. I was disappointed that it came crammed in a box, and I went over it with a fine tooth comb, not a single flaw! At $185 total, if you have time to wait it out, you should. I am in love with my Ruby dress. I can imagine they’re all just as amazing! Good luck ladies, I hope you all get your dresses!

  • Jen B
    02/24/14 at 03:15

    Ladies I am so livid. I am a hotmess on the groupon goods page right now…..they canceled my order and I see others getting theirs. Oh no…..

  • April
    02/25/14 at 06:22

    Also cancelled by Groupon. Ordered the emerald dress for my daughter one month ago and now it’s been cancelled. She is just heartbroken and so frustrated. If there’s an emerald style dress out there that doesn’t work for someone, we are looking for one. Asked Groupon about fulfilling my order with a possible return, but their only solution was that we’re out of luck. Groupon customer service was beyond rude.

  • Candy K
    02/25/14 at 06:45

    I can’t believe they were rude because I’ve had such wonderful experiences with their customer service and I’ve been using Groupon for 2 years for “goods” as well as movie theater tickets, food, etc.
    Every time I’ve ever had a problem, which has not been often, they were always very apologetic of the situation and quick to offer a solution. The solution isn’t usually what I want to hear because their options are so extremely limited, but they do try. Remember that they don’t actually have the goods to sell. They are a mediator between a business and the consumer offering a great deal on behalf of the business.
    There has been once when I ordered an item, but for reasons unknown, the order was cancelled and I was given a complete refund. One other time I ordered a full-size Bed-in-a-Bag and the top sheet included was a king size. Because they don’t offer the goods, they don’t have the option of sending out returns, nor could they send me a king size flat sheet. You might try politely asking for some compensation for the time and trouble.
    For my trouble with the sheet, I received a small credit with Groupon, which I used to buy a dress from Groupon.

    Lastly, there’s no guarantee her dress would have even fit, or she would have liked it when it arrived. There’s no such thing as “the dress”. It’s all in the head. If a person desires the marriage more than the wedding, what the dress looks like doesn’t matter so much.

  • Jamie
    02/25/14 at 11:02

    My order was officially cancelled yesterday :( Not sure where they went wrong with this one but I’m super bummed.

  • M
    02/25/14 at 08:58

    I received my Topaz dress with a yellow stain on it. My dad (who used to own 3 dry cleaners for over a decade) said that the stain would be easily removable, but I just don’t want to take that chance.

    When I tried to print the return, it says that the gown is “final sale” and not valid for a return when the groupon VERY CLEARLY stated free returns, and nothing in the fine print said it was final sale.

    Anyone else have this issue?

  • Candy K
    02/26/14 at 06:08

    First, get screen shots of the original item page where is states “Free Returns”, then get a screen shot of the fine print of the deal that states, “Free Returns.” Make sure the screen shot includes the time and date as displayed on your computer. https://www.groupon.com/deals/gg-kirstie-kelly-signature-wedding-gowns
    Next step is to contact customer service and notify them of the stain on your dress and that you’d like to return it.
    If they will return it–no questions asked, but you’d really like to keep the dress, find out if they will let you try to remove the stain, but will still return if unsuccessful at stain removal. If they won’t let you try to remove the stain, then just return the dress. At some point, they also may offer you Groupon store credit as compensation for the stain. I’ve been given store credit for choosing to keep orders I purchased where there was a mistake involved.

    If they argue against returning the dress claiming it is “Final Sale”, then you want to show them your screen shots and possibly throw the word “lawyer” in there. Keep it VERY professional and contain any urges to insult or use profanities. Those will only hinder you from getting your money back.
    If they still won’t return the dress, consider contacting someone who is familiar with legal disputes like this to advise you.

    I hope all that helps! From all my dealings with Groupon Customer Service, I wouldn’t be surprised if they sincerely want to actually help you, but their options of what they can offer you is EXTREMELY limited as they aren’t the actual seller. They’re just a middle-man of sorts. Worst case, though you ought to be able to get your money back as that’s what the deal states. Good luck! :)

  • Neda
    03/02/14 at 11:20

    What size u ordered?

  • Neda
    03/03/14 at 08:07

    What size you ordered?

  • Evie
    02/26/14 at 10:20

    The refunds are placed back on the same method of payment. My $ came back today. (Funny, that was probably the quickest part of this saga) Best wishes to all that had the Groupon fiasco. May you have a long life together and a dress for the day.

  • Kayla
    03/03/14 at 10:10

    I bought the Emerald dress, but it does not fit me so if anybody is interested in buying it you can email me at kayrchapman@aol.com. It is labeled a size 14, but I’d guess its like a street size 10. It is a real KK dress and it is absolutely beautiful, just wished it fit me.

  • Alana
    03/05/14 at 09:10

    i ordered a Kirstie Kelly Signature Pearl Wedding Gown: White/Size 12 but decided to go with another dress. If you want it at cost + shipping, let me know! arkinarsky@gmail.com

  • amber
    03/05/14 at 10:56

    Looking for the Tiger Eye dress in a size 8? Email me if anyone has one they have decided to not keep at72006@gmail.com

  • Sandy
    03/06/14 at 01:32

    I’m also looking for either agate or tiger eye in 8 or 10 sandyreyes52@yahoo.com

  • Andrea
    03/06/14 at 01:34

    I’d take any of the dresses in a size 2-6!

  • Lauren
    03/31/14 at 11:59

    Hi Andrea, I have the Ruby dress that I will no longer be wearing in a size 4. The dress is beautiful and very high quality! I found something else for me, but would love to have someone else have this dress. Please email me if you are interested. laurenmaiellano@gmail.com. Thanks!

  • Brittany Judge
    03/07/14 at 06:28

    Some of the dresses are back on Groupon! Maybe they are the dresses from some of the cancelled orders back in January? Only a few sizes.. But it’s worth a look!

  • Sandy
    03/07/14 at 07:12

    Nope, the headache was too big and there are no returns. Learned my lesson already, I’ll just keep looking

  • Neda
    03/08/14 at 07:24

    Anyone has topaz in 16?

  • 03/12/14 at 05:11

    Hey ladies, I just wanted to let you know that I ordered the Agate style on March 7th and it’s already halfway here so if you ordered from the second batch of KK dresses on groupon, don’t be discouraged by the comments that people have about their experiences with the first batch like I was. Also, I hope that everything works out for you ladies who had some turbulence with the first batch.

  • 03/28/14 at 03:47

    Am I the only one that is disappointed in their KK gown? I ordered 3, with only 1 being fulfilled from Groupon. The dress is 100% polyester. While I agree $175 is a fantastic price and the design is okay, being in a gown that is hot and doesn’t breathe is not ideal. Definitely reselling Agate, Size 4. Back to the drawing board.

  • Candy K
    03/29/14 at 07:20

    jlbeckman, I am completely thrilled with my dress. I ordered the Emerald gown in a size 10. How can you tell it’s polyester? Does the label on your dress say so, or does it have more to do with how heavy the material is?

  • Aubrey
    03/31/14 at 08:27

    I have the Ruby dress in a size 12, but I need a size 14. This dress is stunning and not a single flaw. I’ve kept it hanging in my closet completely covered. If anyone is interested please email me at aj7thheaven@yahoo.com. Anyone have a size 14 that didn’t work for them?

  • shanelle
    07/06/14 at 10:46

    I ordered the coral from the kierstie kelly on groupon on 7/3. I was wondering if anyone ordered the coral dress and how does it look?

  • Karen Gallois
    08/05/14 at 09:51

    I ordered an onyx it took about 2 weeks to come but it is a size 20 that I am sure is about a 14 street size. It’s a beautiful dress although its extremely warm. If anyone is interested let me know. I wish It would have fit

  • Evie
    08/05/14 at 11:29

    Yes I’m back for more torture I ordered the onyx dress as well. What happen was the same as Karen stated the dress is gorgeous but it is extremely hot and heavy I ended up buying the coral dress and I’m quite happy with it. the street sizing is a little bit off again as Karen said the size 20 was more like a 14.

  • Shanelle
    08/06/14 at 11:34

    I received the my corral dress from groupon, but I have to say the smell of the dress was like cats had peed all over the dress. Is that the new dress smell or am I imagining things? My kids begged me to put the dress back in the bag, lol.

  • Jamie
    08/06/14 at 12:00

    My first order didn’t ship. I ended up reordering when the dresses were on groupon again back in March. I ordered size 20 thinking I would have plenty of room- BUT it wasn’t even close to zipping up!!! Found a great local seamstress to customize it and make it fit. So worth it considering what I paid for the dress. My seamstress was beyond shocked at the price I paid because it really is great quality! It finally feels like MY wedding dress instead of a groupon bargain!

  • 08/28/14 at 12:21

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  • Jennifer
    10/19/14 at 11:36

    I got married in my KK Quartz from Groupon. I ordered in the first wave and it fit perfectly. We had the bottom hem altered a bit because I’m a touch short for it, and I’m still pinching myself that I paid $175 for my wedding dress. The tailor could not believe I’d bought it on Groupon, nor could the photographer or the makeup artist. Bonus: After the wedding, I decided that since I wasn’t going to be boxing it and keeping it, I also wasn’t going to be spending more money to have it cleaned and consigned, so I threw it in the washing machine (front loader, on delicate) and hoped for the best. EVERYTHING came out of it, and it went off to Brides against Breast Cancer at their show in Bellevue on September 28. I hope some other wonderful bride gets to enjoy that phenomenal find. I will forever have the photos and memories of that day and no guilt because I only wore this really expensive dress once. I paid more for more than one gown that currently hangs in my closet and gets worn a couple of times a year to the opera or other gala type function.

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