A Look Back At Martin Luther King Jr.’s Classic Wedding

Martin Luther King Coretta Scott King Wedding Boston.com

This Martin Luther King Jr. day we couldn’t help but share this amazing photo of the civil rights leader and his wife Coretta Scott King. The couple met in Boston, and were introduced by their mutual friend, Mary Powell. MLK married Coretta Scott King June 18, 1953 in Perry County, Alabama, Coretta’s hometown. According to Martin Luther King Jr.’s autobiography, the couple was married by Martin’s father, Reverend King Sr., at the Scotts’ home on the front lawn.

After the wedding Martin and Coretta had to spend their wedding night in a funeral home because they were turned away from from the local hotels on the basis of their race. Together, the couple went on to be leaders in the civil rights movement and become one of America’s most amazing power couples.

Our favorite part about Martin and Coretta’s wedding? Their timeless style! Martin’s white tux and Coretta’s lace gown would fit right in in any decade.

Source: The Papers of Martin Luther King Jr., Volume 2

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