Would You Buy Disney Princess Lingerie For Your Honeymoon?

Yep, you read that right. Turns out that you can actually buy Disney princess-themed lingerie for your honeymoon, wedding day or boudoir shoot. They’re made by a company in Japan called Bellemaison. There are already Disney engagement rings, Disney wedding gowns and even shoes so we can’t say we’re entirely surprised to see these new pieces. What do you think — like them or leave them? Take the poll below!

Sleeping Beauty Aurora Lingerie

Disney Princess Honeymoon Lingerie

Photo Left: Bellemaison.jp | Photo Right: Disney.wikia.com

Beauty And The Beast’s Belle Lingerie

Disney Princess Honeymoon Lingerie

Photo Left: Bellemaison.jp | Photo Right: Disney.wikia.com

Cinderella Lingerie

Disney Princess Honeymoon Lingerie

Photo Left: Bellemaison.jp | Photo Right: Disney.wikia.com

Rapunzel Lingerie

Disney Princess Honeymoon Lingerie

Photo Left: Bellemaison.jp | Photo Right: Disney.wikia.com

Photo Left: Bellemaison.jp | Photo Right: Disney.wikia.com

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  • 01/13/14 at 10:04

    What kind of weird mess??!!!!! I hope women don’t buy into this. By ” flaunting” our naughty bits and seducing the men in our lives in ” children cartoon ” characters under apparel WE are going along with demise that exposes the young girls and daughters of this generation to sexual deviants , predators and perverts!! No man should be looking at his wife and correlating a ” young ” Disney princess to a sexy , mature, sexual being! This is so disturbing !!!!

  • 01/24/14 at 09:28

    Disney animated films are not ‘children cartoons’. They are family movies. My mom and many other adults I know and don’t know, including myself, love the Disney princesses. Also, the Disney princesses are adults themselves, not children. Even the themes in the movies are adult themes, though they keep them appropriate enough for children to watch too. And you say it exposes the young girls of this generation to deviants and predators? The Disney princesses were adults and so are the women that would wear these. The only reason many of them still lived with their parents or parent is because back then women still lived under authority until they were married off. So somehow not only is a predator going to magically know this lingerie is suppose to represent a Disney princess, but even if he did due to you telling him you think he is going to associate lingerie inspired by adult women to children? You’re making absolutely no sense. This lingerie could be any old lingerie not related to Disney princesses, but just because they label them as being representative of a Disney princess suddenly means attracting predators!? You can find plenty of lingerie out there almost identical to these pieces that are not from Disney, so are you going to say predators are going to associate them with little girls? Yeah, a lot of men must watch Disney princess movies and even if they did, no one, not even a female, is going to know these are representing Disney princesses unless they were shopping for lingerie and read the item as being Disney. No one would even know except the man or woman (a woman in most cases) that buys these, or a guy reading the tag on the lingerie (very unlikely). And like I said, even if it was obvious it was representing a Disney princess, they were adults and so is the person wearing these.

  • Carolyn
    01/17/14 at 01:30

    lol I actually love them!!! it’s not about flaunting our naughty bits or seducing men, it’s about wearing something that makes you feel sexy and beautiful and I feel every woman should feel that way about herself. And if these make her feel like a princess then what’s the big deal? I want to buy some!!!

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