Do These 13 Things To Make Guests Happy

Guests will undoubtedly gush over your gown, be amazed by your centerpieces and snap photos of the wedding cake. But give them a charging station for when their phones hit 3% battery power or blister Band-Aids in the bathroom for when their heels start hurting, and your wedding will go down in history with the greats. So our advice: Think about the small things that will really allow them to enjoy and celebrate the day with you. Use the 13 ideas below to impress your guests with that extra little something-something. (Warning: they may not want to leave the party!)

Quench Their Thirst With Pre-Ceremony Refreshments

From the album: A Barnyard Chic Wedding In Carmel Valley, CA

Warm Them Up With Blankets

From the album: A Rustic Romantic Wedding In Stillwater, MN

Cool Them Down With Fans

From the album: An Organic Whimsical Wedding In La Quinta, CA

Give Them Shade With Parasols

From the album: A Rustic Wedding In Douglasville, GA

Wrap Them In Pashminas

From the album: A Rustic Glam Wedding In Benton Harbor, MI

Protect Them With Bug Spray

From the album: An Elegant Museum Wedding In Boise, ID

Give Them The SPF They Deserve

From the album: An Outdoor Rustic Wedding In Woodbridge, ON

Pamper Them With A Bathroom Basket

Thank Them With A Note At Their Seat

From the album: A Romantic Rustic Wedding in Brooklyn, NY

Get Them On The Dance Floor With Flip Flops

From the album: A Classic Romantic Wedding in Austin, TX

Let Them Play DJ With Request Cards

Get the template: DIY Wedding DJ Request Cards

Send Them Home With Cake

From the album: A Traditional Wedding in San Francisco, CA

Feed Them Late Night Treats

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