Judge Rules Against Wedding Cake Baker Who Refused A Gay Couple

Cake Baker Discrimination Ruling Errol Colon Photography

Colorado-based grooms Charlie Craig and David Mullins chose Masterpiece Cakeshop in suburban Denver to make a wedding cake to celebrate their marriage with friends and family (they were legally married in Massachusetts) in 2012. Instead of treating them to a cake tasting, the baker rejected the order due to the couple’s sexual orientation. A lawsuit was filed against the baker and a Colorado judge ruled last week that the bakery’s actions were discriminatory. Sadly, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of incidents like this happening to same-sex couples planning their weddings, but this ruling is a step in the right direction.

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  • 12/10/13 at 12:31

    What if this person’s faith is what made them uncomfortable? Isn’t it a business owners right to deny anyone service for any reason?

  • mbross3
    12/10/13 at 04:25

    Actually Merca, you’re incorrect. As is clear from this example, there are instances in which business owners cannot just deny someone service. Business owners always try to disclaim this issues, but that does not mean that they cannot be sued for discrimination or other reasons that go against public policy.

    It’s absolutely terrible to suggest that someone should be able to refuse service to someone simply for their sexual orientation! I hope that you’re question is not in support of this, but rather because you didn’t understand the issue at hand. It would be akin to refusing service to someone because of their race or gender (these are also unacceptable!). Basically if someone is going to be so easily made “uncomfortable” they should consider a profession where they don’t have to interact with people. For everyone’s sake.

  • 12/10/13 at 09:51

    That makes sense, thank you for explaining.

  • Matthew Cross
    12/11/13 at 09:27

    The choice to enter into a same sex marriage or a heterosexual marriage is not the same as one’s sex or race. This is a very dangerous comparison to make.


  • Ann
    12/10/13 at 06:52

    You can’t just discriminate any time you feel like it. For example if the baker turned them away because they were black or Jewish would you be saying the same thing?

  • 12/10/13 at 09:47

    Merca’e yes, but they have to do it in a different manner. They can’t descriminate based on sexual choice. They can say, “I’m sorry but we’re booked up and unable to accept another order at this time let me refer you to XYZ as they may be able to meet your needs.”

  • mbross3
    12/11/13 at 04:07

    Matthew- no one was suggesting that the choice to enter into a marriage is the same as sex or race. The suggestion was that being gay or straight is not a choice someone makes- much like no one chooses what race, culture, or sex they are. Obviously entering a marriage is a choice made by consenting adults.

  • Matthew Cross
    12/12/13 at 07:43

    This write-up ironically left out the fact that the cake shop did not refuse the couple service due to their “sexual orientation”. They actually offered to serve the couple in any way they could, they only refused to make a cake for their same sex wedding. This is not the same as completely refusing a customer service due to their sexual orientation. For example, if someone was religiously opposed to heterosexual marriages they should have the right to not make a wedding cake for a man and a woman seeking to get married. If anything, the cake shop’s choice to not make a wedding cake for the homosexual couple was discrimination against gay marriage, not homosexuals as people. The fact that this was ruled a crime by the court shows that our religious freedoms in this country are in jeopardy and it is unsettling to say the least.

  • mbross3
    12/12/13 at 12:42

    Matthew, how could a cake shop offer to serve a couple in any way they could, except making them a cake? Why should the shop owners care what the cake is being used for? Shouldn’t they just care that they have customers willing to pay for their services? Your argument is missing some substance. Refusing to serve two people because they were entering a gay marriage is discrimination against those two people.

    It seems like people become most concerned about “losing their religious freedom” when they realize that they won’t be allowed to use religion as a basis for treating other human beings poorly.

  • Matthew Cross
    12/12/13 at 02:44

    Here is a link to a more in depth article and video.


    From the accounts of what actually happened, I don’t know that the couple were the ones being treated poorly… (read the quote by David Mullins)

    The couple was clearly trying to make a statement by making a big deal about this issue. If I went to a cake shop for my wedding cake and they refused me service because I am having a “Christian” wedding and they were Jewish, I would not consider that treating me poorly. I would simply find another cake shop.

    If it was a part of someone’s “religion” to physically or verbally attack homosexuals I would most definitely take issue with that, but this issue is different.

    “Why should the shop owners care what the cake is being used for?”- As for this question, clearly the shop owner had a conviction based on his beliefs which caused him to care what the cake was being used for. I do not think it is unreasonable for a business owner to care what their product is being used for. I actually think it is more socially responsible to care about what a product is being used for. I can see this being discrimination if they refused to serve the couple all together, but since they only refused to make the “wedding” cake for a same sex wedding, I do not see how this is discrimination. The government should not be able to take his right to care how his product is used away from him. It is a direct violation of our first amendment rights (freedom of religion).

  • 12/12/13 at 04:22

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  • 12/12/13 at 07:38

    All of that said…..why the HECK would you go through all of that to have someone who doesn’t want to, FORCED to make a cake for your wedding? Just go somewhere else who wants to serve you and move on. If I were denied service I’d use my freedom of speech and get rant about it on FaceBook, find another bakery and move on..

    I think this is NUTS. Just all around blown out of proportion.

  • Linda Dulin
    01/17/14 at 07:52

    Be it known that I am 100% against hate crimes and bullying, of every kind. ESPECIALLY when it is against children. I would NEVER mistreat anyone based on what they believe. I really feel sorry for that bakery guy as that couple really layed a lot on him for nothing but gay interest and he has been mistreated for what he BELIEVES. They all owe him an apology, including the court!

    I agree Lynsay. It certainly seems that gays are just going around looking for fights so they can validate themselves. Oh, and to the person who said gays are born that way and can’t help it? You listen too much to Lady Ga Ga I am thinking. That is only true in THEORY and accepting theory as fact because of a few bits of information strung together (much like the EVOLUTION THEORY) is choosing to fill in blanks for the sake of what you want to do or what you want to believe in or not believe in. I think Lynsay’s statement speaks for the silent majority. I also am really tired by all the gay community retoric and antics. Gee, if you are alright with what you are doing then why don’t you just all go form a city of your very own and do all the high things you want there and leave the rest of us to what you believe is misguided and abnormal lives. Why? Probably because you just can’t stand a steady dose of each other and need the natural order that the hetero-sexual community possesses to bring some type of order to your own lives. Funny thing however, though I love you all and feel no hatred whatsoever for ANY of you, I along with the rest of the hetero-sexual world can do without your HYPE.
    What does that mean? We don’t need your circus but you need us. You need an audience? Very strange. Do what you want with who you want of legal age to consent in your own great city, in a state that allows it You can make your own rules, laws, manipulate tradition however you want, to suit your lifestyle. Open Gregarious Gay Bakeries! In fact that is a great name for one! Probably make loads of money! Artificially inseminate your women and raise you little children by your new traditions and belief system but quit trying to force the rest of us to believe YOUR truth, by trick or deception. Keep your philosophy of , “If it feels good do it”. A lot of people live by that but don’t call it discrimination if 90% of the world does NOT agree with you. Quit trying to use us to make yourselves feel RIGHT! Why do you need us to make you feel good about yourselves? Last but foremost, and I repeat, Be it known that I am 100% against hate crimes and bullying, of every kind. ESPECIALLY when it is against children. I would NEVER mistreat anyone based on what they believe. I really feel sorry for that bakery guy as that couple really layed a lot on him for nothing but gay interest and he has been mistreated for what he BELIEVES. They all owe him an apology, including the court!

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