The 300 Sandwiches Boyfriend Is Crowd Sourcing Proposal Ideas


The boyfriend behind the 300 Sandwiches blog, Eric Schulte, told The New York Post’s Page Six that he’s finally ready to propose. Just in case you didn’t follow the story here’s the rundown to get you up to speed: In September, Page Six editor Stephanie Smith wrote about a piece about her blog called 300 Sandwiches, and the story went viral. There was A LOT of backlash, mostly over the fact that Stephanie started the blog when her boyfriend Eric said, “Baby, you’re just 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!”

Now Eric is asking for forgiveness (he and Stephanie claim it was all an inside joke) and is requesting help on planning the proposal via Twitter. He says he’s feeling the pressure to go over-the-top because the story became so popular, and time’s running out, Stephanie only has 96 sandwiches to go according to her blog. Eric’s Twitter handle is @mr300sandwiches just in case you have some ideas for him. See a few of the best ideas below. We can’t wait to see how he finally proposes!

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