DIY Yarn-Wrapped Bottles Centerpiece

Recycled bottles, yarn in any color and your choice of flowers are all you need for this pretty DIY wedding centerpiece. They are a cinch to make, thanks to the easy-to-follow tutorial from crafters Eunice Moyle, Sabrina Moyle and Shauna Faust and their beautiful book Handmade Weddings (Chronicle Books). Once you get the hang of wrapping the yarn, you’ll want to make these homemade vases in different colors for your bridal shower, your rehearsal dinner and your reception! Here’s how to make it.

DIY_Divider_SuppliesGlass bottles or jars
Skeins of yarn
Double-sided tape

DIY_Divider_HowTo1. Apply double-sided tape over any curvy portions (like the neck) of the bottle you’d like to cover.
2. Starting from either the lip or the base, attach the end of your yarn to the bottle with a small piece of double-sided tape, slightly below (the lip) or above (the base) where you want the yarn coil to begin.
3. Wrap the yarn around the bottle (over the taped end), progressing in tight, even coils.
4. When you are about half an inch from where you want the yarn to stop, apply a small piece of the tape to the stopping point. Wrap to there, trim the yarn and smooth the loose end down onto the tape.

(Optional) If you would like to include a bow, begin wrapping from the base of the bottle. Apple double-sided tape to the spot where you want the bow and press the yarn down to secure it. Trim, leaving about 10 inches of yarn hanging. With a new piece of yarn, begin wrapping from the lip of the bottle. Stop when you reach the first loose end. Apply a bit of the tape beside it. Press the second strand of yarn down on the tape and trim to leave about 10 inches of yarn hanging. Tie the two loose ends together in a bow and trim with scissors.

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