Another Extreme Rock Climbing Wedding Photo?

We thought we’d seen everything after finding these photos of a daredevil couple who swung from a cliff for rock climbing wedding photos, until we came across this bride crossing a rope in Yosemite National Park . This time the daredevil isn’t an actual bride, but a climber wearing a gown for “travel-adventure wedding company’s” promotional shoot. The climber crossed 3,000 feet above ground to get to Lost Arrow Spire, all while wearing a wedding dress. See jaw-dropping photos from the photo shoot below.

Bride Climbs 3000 Feet In Yosemite Bride Climbs 3000 Feet In Yosemite

Recently we saw a couple who did  zip line wedding entrance , another that exited on water skis, and even a bride who used a human slingshot to toss her bouquet, which only makes us wonder, what’s with all the crazy stunts? Maybe it’s the next step in the trend of making weddings even more personalized and unexpected. At the very least they make for really cool photos, which we can totally get behind (as long as everyone’s staying safe, of course!).

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