126 Bridesmaids!? Sri Lankan Bride Breaks World Record

If you thought 80 bridesmaids was more than enough, then you’ll be shocked to find out that Nisansala and Nalin of Sri Lanka had 126 bridesmaids for their wedding held in Thailand! Talk about an uneven bridal party, there were only 25 groomsmen and additional attendants included 20 page boys and 23 flower girls. The most amazing part about Nisansala and Nalin’s bridal party is that all the bridesmaids wore identical purple saris and carried bouquets of purple orchids and roses, and even had the same updo hairstyle. See photos of the record-breaking bridal party below.

126 Bridesmaids World Record 126 Bridesmaids World Record 126 Bridesmaids World Record

All photos via PhotoBlog.NBCNews.com

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