States That Have Legalized Gay Marriage (Hooray!)

States That Have Legalized Same Sex Marriage Love Me Do Photography

Our philosophy? #loveislove, so we’re thrilled to celebrate even more weddings as more states choose to legalize gay marriage. With eight states signing gay marriage into law this year alone, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the country follows suit. Yay!  The latest states to vote to legalize gay marriage? Illinois and Hawaii! A bill allowing gay marriage was was signed into law in Illinois on November 20, 2013 and will go into effect in June 2014. Hawaii’s marriage equality bill was signed on November 13 and will go into effect on December. Below, see see which states have legalized gay marriage in order of date it went into effect (there’s 20 so far!).

Indiana: June 25, 2014

Utah: June 25, 2014

Pennsylvania: May 20, 2014

Illinois: June 1, 2014

Oregon: May 19, 2014

Hawaii: December 2, 2013

New Jersey: October 21, 2013

> Same sex marriage is legal in New Jersey!

Rhode Island: August 1, 2013

Minnesota: August 1, 2013

> First gay wedding in Minnesota will make you cry

Delaware: July 1, 2013

California: June 28, 2013

#loveislove Prop 8 dismissed and DOMA ruled unconstitutional

Maryland: January 1, 2013

Maine: December 29, 2012

> Maine and Maryland vote to legalize gay marriage

Washington D.C.: December 9, 2012

New York: July 24, 2011

> New York celebrates one year of marriage equality!

New Hampshire: January 1, 2010

Vermont: September 1, 2009

Iowa: April 24, 2009

Connecticut: November 12, 2008

Massachusetts: May 17, 2004

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