11 Disney Wedding Ideas That Aren’t Cheesy

So you love everything about Disney and imagine your wedding worthy of Cinderella, Belle or Aurora — but not in the dressing-up-as-The-Little-Mermaid kind of way? There are subtle ways to tie in some of the magic you love about your favorite movies without going over the top (or being totally cliche) for a wedding that’s elegant, but still reflects your Disney obsession. Start here.

Beauty and the Beast Magic Rose Centerpiece

A “Be Our Guest” Guest Book

Toy Story Inspired Shoe Signatures

A Cinderella Blue Birds Wedding Cake

A Mickey Mouse Diamond Engagement Ring

A Peter Pan Pixie Dust Neverland Sign

Disney Princess Hair Cut-Outs For The Photo Booth


An Alice In Wonderland White Rabbit Save-the-Date

A Toy Story Toy Chest Ring Box

Disneyland Ticket Escort Cards

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