Groom Calls In Fake Bomb Threat After Forgetting To Book The Venue

Groom Calls In Bomb Threat After Forgetting To Book The Venue

So maybe your groom gets on your nerves here and there because he does something absent-minded like forgets to remind the groomsmen about their tuxes or gets a terrible haircut right before the wedding, but it could be so so so much worse.

Take the case of groom-to-be Neil McArdle who upon realizing he had forgotten to submit the reservation form to book St. George’s Hall in Liverpool, England for his wedding, came up with the not-so-genius plan to call in a bomb threat and cover up his mistake. Apparently Neil hoped that the bomb threat would cancel the wedding and buy him more time, but obviously it just landed him in handcuffs. The bride and guests of course found out that he had dropped the ball on booking the venue. Not to mention that the entire venue had to be evacuated, including the other couples who had reserved the space to get married there that day. According to the Daily Mail, Neil is facing jail time but he and his fiancé are still in a relationship — although we’re not so sure he’s ready for marriage after that stunt.

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