12 Indian Bridal Hair and Makeup Looks We Love

Adorned with bindi, a tikka headpiece, gold bangles, henna and an ornate sari, how could an Indian bride not feel beautiful? The Indian bride’s head-to-toe style choices make for some of the most stunning  photography and these 12 brides prove it!

From the album: A Royal Indian Wedding in Garfield, NJ

From the album: A Beautiful Indian Wedding in Rockleigh, NJ

From the album: An Indian Wedding in Brooklyn, NY

From the album: A Multicultural Wedding in Austin, TX

From the album: An Interfaith Wedding in Brooklyn, NY

From the album: A Fairy-Tale Wedding in Washington, D.C.

From the album: A Traditional Indian Wedding in San Francisco, CA

From the album: A Multicultural Wedding in Minneapolis, MN

From the album: An Interfaith Wedding in Denver, CO

From the album: A Cultural Wedding in Charlotte, NC

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