5 Twists On The Unity Candle

The unity candle lighting ceremony — a traditional Christian wedding ceremony ritual that involves the couple lighting one large candle from two smaller family candles lit by the mothers and represents the bringing together of two families. If you’re looking for ways to put a spin on the traditional wedding ceremony, then you’ll love the ideas that these real couples came up with. Incorporating a new twist on an old tradition or coming up with a completely new that has meaning adds a touch of personalization that everyone will remember. Borrow ideas from these real couples or get inspired to create your own!

Tie The Knot Together

The term “tying the knot” comes from the tradition of handfasting where the couple’s hands were bound together with a scarf or rope. This couple put a twist on the tradition they tied a satin rope together during the wedding ceremony. Then the couple continues to tie a new knot for each year married. This ritual would also work well with a nautical-inspired wedding theme!

Collaborate on Cocktails

This couple created their own unity ceremony by making their favorite cocktail, an Old Fashion, together. Each part of the process signified a part of a relationship, and at the end they were all muddled together! The bride is a bartender so it fit both their interests and love story!

Mixed Your Favorite Wines

For this tradition set up two small carafes of wine (one white and one red) and a single glass in the center. After exchanging vows you’ll both pour wine into the glass, which will blend together representing your union. Then, each person takes a sip from the blended wine.

Circle One Another

Since Betsy and Tiffany chose to wed at the studio where Tiffany studied aerial arts the couple chose to include a unique unity ceremony using dance trapezes. The couple entwined two aerial silks which were hanging from the ceiling, and  circled each other seven times as a nod to the Jewish wedding custom.

Pot A Plant

For their garden wedding the couple chose to plant two small plants together. As an extra touch you could even use soil from your childhood homes to add an even more personal touch. Not only is this tradition great for the environment, but you can also watch your plant grow through the years.

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