OMG Priest Stops A Wedding To Yell At Photographer

We’ve heard our fair share of wedding disaster stories, but this one ranks toward the top. A videographer sent this to us tonight and we absolutely had to share. Watch the officiant literally stop the ceremony to tell the photographer and videographer to leave…

Our best advice: make sure you’re on the same page with your officiant before the ceremony starts. Also, it can’t hurt run through these 10 questions to ask your officiant first.

Update! Photographer Kamrul Hasan of Dhoom Studio actually commented below to tell his side of the story – see below!


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  • Maureen
    09/18/13 at 07:31

    I WOULD HAVE YELLED AT THE OFFICIANT. you have no right to stop a wedding to yell at a photographer. you were hired, as was the photographer, so deal with it. these people want their marriage in photos so they can look back someday. if you are not paying for the wedding you have no right to stop it.

  • DLatrice
    09/18/13 at 10:31

    I agree. If I was the bride, I would have said “We paid for them to take pictures so that’s what they’re going to do”. The couple just looked at each other, speechless.

  • Lisa
    09/18/13 at 10:42

    Only amateur would reply that they would yell back. As a professional photographer it is MY responsibility to speak with the officiant and find out if the venue has restrictions.

    It is also important to remember that the guest are there to see the couple get married not look at me because I am drawing attention to myself or being a distraction. Any photographer should NOT be on the alter or draw attention to themselves in anyway. If they do they should not be wedding photographers.

  • Anh B.
    09/18/13 at 11:45

    I’m totally agree with you. I’m always have to consult with the minister before ceremony start. Show some respect to him and he wont make it hard for me. To bride and groom, it’s the most important day of their life, try not to ruin for them.

  • Theresa
    09/19/13 at 12:08

    I agree with you but I’ve been in a couple wedding parties where the couple wanted the camera behind the priest for a couple reasons, 1 so you could see their faces instead of their backs and 2 so he’s not in front of the guests view. Also the priest is getting paid to do the job as well so he doesn’t get to say if there are camera’s or not, especially since they are outside.

  • thatgirl
    09/19/13 at 01:59

    It’s an altar.

  • 09/19/13 at 03:07

    @Lisa I am a pro. photographer and there’s def some truth to what you’re saying. I always ask the minister what are my restrictions before even stepping foot on the altar. They’re Different rules & different religion N i want to make sure. But in this video they’re not in a church they’re outdoors and in the video no can can really tell how far or how close the photographer was to the minister and couple. It could be that the minister was annoyed with clicking sound or he wanted that time to be a solemn moment.

    I agree with your statement but the photographer is all not to blame. We both know that clients have crazy demands & outrageous request. and if they’re paying a photographer to breathe behind the minister while the couple exchange wedding ring vows then he’s doing his job.

  • eunie
    09/19/13 at 08:20

    You f*cking kidding me … That’s not even an altar. They’re f*cking outside. That’s a not a church. I’d understand if that was the actual church and actual altar, but even then, what the priest did was unprofessional himself. Being a religious leader doesn’t mean you have the right to stop a ceremony that NOT yours. Priests are asked to marry a couple, and it’s an a honor for the priest when asked. Any could has the right to resign a priest mid wedding if they choose to do so. What that man did was out of line.

    09/19/13 at 09:02

    Communications….That is the correct approach! It is unfortunate that so often folks think they have license to do whatever they want to without first communicating making sure everyone including the officiant, bride, groom, and others are on the same page. Come on now, people get with the program.

  • 09/19/13 at 02:43

    I whole-heartedly agree! I always talk to the officiant prior to the wedding! It is my job to stay out of the way, and be compliant, and not be the center of attention, by actions and clothing! And, still get the great photos!

  • Marie
    09/19/13 at 03:03


    I agree with you! That photographer and videographer were way to close- RIGHT behind the officiant. They need to be a bit aways from the ceremony. Sorry, photographer- you are not the star…the couple is. How awkward for the couple!

  • 09/19/13 at 06:01

    Hi Lisa,

    I didn’t yell back at the priest, only thing I asked him where you want me to be at. I did speak him before, asked him if there are any restrictions or rules, he told me “do not come in the aisle”, but when he started to argue I was actually at the back shooting with my 70-200mm. Most importantly I wasn’t trying to get any attention. I’ve been shooting wedding for more than 8 years now.

  • 09/19/13 at 06:43

    I strongly disagree! in Melbourne many priests of a certain faith require you to pick a corner and not move during ceremony, you wouldn’t even get a good view of the guests that get out of their chairs to take photos. The only person who disrupted this ceremony was the priest, just look at the brides face and see who she won’t be referring.
    Nick Thorley
    Over a hundred weddings experience.

  • Heather
    09/19/13 at 07:34

    I was just at a wedding where the photographer that was hired was quite intrusive. I’m surprised that the minister didn’t stop the wedding. I have shot a couple of weddings and would have been mortified if I even thought that I wasn’t blending in.

  • Jennifer
    09/20/13 at 06:01

    I did a wedding where All the photo’s had to be taken from one single spot and I was not allowed to move around while the ceremony was going on, My take on it … It was her church… her rules

  • 09/21/13 at 10:06

    Great points!

  • Joan
    09/21/13 at 12:28

    Lisa, it wasn’t an “alter”. It was an outdoor venue that the couple chose. The couple also chose the photographer. The priest was way out of line.

  • rob
    09/19/13 at 12:36

    i completely agree!!! anyone know who the priest is? id like to send him an email personally..

  • 09/22/13 at 08:51

    Yes, send the priest an E-Mail asking him to apologize to the couple and the photographer, then tell him that God always forgives when anyone has been less than solemn or godly.

  • Heather
    09/19/13 at 01:14

    Not that I agree at all with the officiant…BUT when you first approach then book with a pastor/priest/whatever religion…they usually have some sort of meeting that they state clear as day…I can and will stop or not perform the service if anything I feel is inappropriate or not wedding worthy happens. My husband and I were married outside…not in a a pastor and he reserved that right. I just never thought I would actually see one do it!

  • 09/19/13 at 03:53

    Tony Hardy: Even though the camera man should have check with the facility to see what are the rules, that was there mistake. But this guy was just being a asshole and made all the attention towards him. I bet who in the crowed actually though about the camera personnel until this nut job said something. Now this bride and groom have a memory that no one would ever forget because the minister decided to make a scene. NOTE TO MINISTERS; There are camera men and women that are going to be at every wedding if there is something you do no want to do have a conference with them and not wait until the actual ceremony to question it. Camera men and women it would show professionalism to get with the director to make contact with the minister to see what are the rules. I cannot believe that this guy ruined this couples day. Now instead of them having a happy video for memories now they have this post on facebook what a memory !!!!!!!!!!

  • 09/19/13 at 05:20

    @ TONY HARDY, I did speak him before, he told me not come in the aisle, but when he started to argue when I was actually at the back shooting with my 70-200mm. He did not warn bride and groom before either about his rules.

  • mbp
    09/20/13 at 01:54

    Please take an English class before you spout your next longwinded response. There are so many grammatical errors in your paragraph it makes it unbearable to read.

  • 09/22/13 at 09:06

    Mr Hardy: in a “NOTE TO MINISTERS” you write that there are going to be camera men and women at every wedding. Interesting. I have attended weddings where there is no photography or videography because of the beliefs or policies of the religion or preferences of bride and groom. I think the mistake was in the minister pointing out the photographer or videographer by his comments. With video phones, etc it will become increasingly difficult to stop recording solemn events like a wedding.

  • Dan
    09/19/13 at 04:09

    Has no right? He’s the officiant… he’s there to be the person who has the rights.

  • Shannon
    06/18/14 at 12:37

    He doesn’t have any right. This should have all been clarified before hand. Had it been in a church then yes he would have every right, but he wasn’t. Someone above stated that they have been to weddings that for religious reasons there were no photographers. While that’s totally fine I don’t think that’s very common to not have pictures or videos and he should have assumed before hand that the photographer would be ya know there doing his job, I don’t think this was the photographers fault at all. By the shocked look on the bride and grooms faces they clearly weren’t expecting that to happen and obviously wanted their wedding taped. Also the camera man could have been zoomed in rather then too close to the priest like some people have said, either way it was totally unprofessional. It is NOT his day, not his time to shine, who cares about the priest at a wedding? This guy made a jackass out of himself. The couple should be reimbursed for whatever they paid him, brides especially take their wedding day so seriously and can be dramatic, all for good reason, it’s suppose to be the best day of you’re life. I just hope she didn’t feel her wedding was ruined after that incident. Also the priest could have excused himself for a minute and talked to the photographer quietly, I still think that would be unprofessional to stop a wedding you were hired to work, but atleast this video of him literally being the worst priest I could imagine(well besides the molester ones…) wouldn’t have gone viral. That is all.

  • 09/19/13 at 05:17

    Thank you, I am the photographer that crazy priest is yelling. I did speak him before, he told me not come in the aisle, but when he started to argue I was actually at the back shooting with my 70-200mm. He did not warn bride and groom before either about his rules. Everybody including bride and groom was horrified with his strange behavior. After the ceremony everyone came up and thanked me to be cool. No one at the ceremony was happy with his strange behavior. But I surely gave him piece of mind after the ceremony that he would never forget.

  • 09/19/13 at 05:56

    Good on you. The priest acted completely out of respect for the bride and groom and his profession. No excuse he stained their moment. You did so well. That poor couple.

  • 09/19/13 at 05:59

    LOL correction the priest acted with out respect for the couple.

  • Samantha
    09/19/13 at 06:40

    I don’t understand how you were in the back when the priest, couple, and guests were in front of you? But if he’d only told you to stay out of the aisle, he was totally out of line, I’m just confused by your saying you were in the back? How far back from the priest were you? Perhaps he just assumed that you wouldn’t be venturing onto the “altar” (is it even considered an altar when you’ve moved outside of the parish?) and thus didn’t mention it, which is totally his bad. And dude, you really need a silent shutter :)

  • Christine
    09/20/13 at 01:55

    Good for you Kamrul,you were only doing your job.He was the one who made a spectacle of himself and ruined the ceremony.

  • Cathy
    09/22/13 at 03:29

    Mr. Hassan, by your own admission you and at least one other photographer/videographer:
    1. Were fewer than six feet behind the priest during the exchange of vows;
    2. Failed to use the silent mode for your shutter;
    3. Did not immediately move when the officiant asked (in the video he says ‘please’ twice);
    4. Chose to argue with the officiant further disrupting the ceremony; and,
    5. Boast, here and on other sites that you told this man he was an ‘asshole’.
    Shame on you. Your behavior and attitude does a great disservice to the true photography professionals. In choosing to post this video which has gone viral your intent to embarass the officiant may have backfired…he was true to his calling…you have exposed yourself as a rank amateur.

  • 09/22/13 at 04:35

    Hello everyone please read this – also check the link below what bride and groom said.

    We had little more than an hour before the ceremony. I photographed all the formals, bridal party and parents. Then I was setting up my second camera, and I did some detail shoot of the ceremony setting. I saw the Priest chatting with one of the guest. After he was done with his conversation, I went up to him and introduce myself. Hello, I am the photographer, my videographer was there too. Second shooter wasn’t there, but he was nearby. So I asked him “Is there any rules or restrictions, where I should be and where I shouldn’t be”. He told me “DO NOT COME IN THE AISLE” YOU CAN BE ANYWHERE ELSE, I DON’T CARE”. I said okay great! So I told my second shooter to stay in the back so he could capture the bride and her father walking in the aisle, I will be in the back capturing their expressions.

    Music started to play, Groom Rob walking in the aisle with his mother then the bridal party. Now Priest announced “Please Rise” everyone stood up and bride is now walking with her father. Priest started his procedure, right before they started to exchange their vows I moved in the back with my 70-200 lens. I wanted to capture every expression of Bride and Groom when they exchange their vows but of course without interrupting the ceremony or without being on videographers 2nd camera.

    During the first look, ceremony and first dance I always keep my camera setting for “Continuous H” mode so I don’t miss out anything. I know Nikon’s “Continuous H” mode is bit louder than Canon. Many people have commented on numerous blog posts that my shutter sounded like machine gun firing, well if I have the camera on “Continuous H” mode shutter will sound a bit and videographer had few microphones to capture the ceremony sound and their vows. So that’s why you might hear the sound of the shutter clicks in the video clip more than it actually sounded.

    There were nine bridesmaids and nine groomsmen and all guest stood up while bride was walking with her father and they remain standing till end of the ceremony. So I didn’t have any good place to capture Bride and Groom’s expressions that’s the reason I moved there – I did not have any intention to interrupt the ceremony, neither did I or my crew.
    When he said “Please sirs leave……please” right before their vows, I and the videographer were actually at the back and at that time I was shooting with my 70-200mm lens. I had no idea why he snapped like that. I looked at Bride and Groom – didn’t know what to do. Then I replied “Where do you want me to be? Priest replied “Anywhere other than here”. Without making a scene, I immediately moved. It was very embarrassing but honestly, I was shocked so the bride and groom and all guest. I didn’t want their wedding day to be ruined, so I moved on the right after he said “otherwise, I will stop”. At that moment bride and groom were horrified including the wedding party and guests. After the ceremony everyone came up and thanked me to be cool. No one at the ceremony was happy with his strange behavior and how he handled the situation. After the ceremony when I went to speak with him. First thing I asked why you snapped like that? He replied “you guys always do this to me” and I asked what you mean you guys? He replied “You photo and videographers” then I said but this is the first time I am working with you and hopefully last time.

    Bride & Groom hired me – they also hired that Priest, I have nothing against him – I was just upset the way he handled the situation. I would understand if I didn’t ask him for his rules I did ask and he did tell me, where I could be and where I shouldn’t be. If I wanted I could have started an argument with him, but I do have that much sense not to make it more awkward than what he already made.

    Later I found out from maid of honor that he did not warn bride and groom before about any of his photo or video restrictions.

  • Cathy
    09/24/13 at 07:46

    Kamrul, you continue in your attempts to blame this priest with your contradictory statements. You DID NOT immediately move when asked to do so, you argued with the priest further disrupting the ceremony; you are heard on the video. Also in the video, right before you do finally move, the bride says to the groom “they aren’t supposed to be there”. The couple was advised of the rules when they met with their priest. The still shot you posted on line clearly shows that a single – never mind two – videographer/photographers would clearly block the view of the water immediately behind the couple where they chose to take their vows. And you continually say you were ‘at the back’…behind the bride and groom and the priest is not the back, it is the front, in full view of those assembled to witness the marriage. Failing to take responsibility for your actions further discredits your ‘professionalism.’

  • Arvin
  • Robb Report
    09/20/13 at 12:12

    You obviously do not understand the role of a PRIEST at a wedding. Yell at him, he walks, and you don’t get married. Period.

    Think he doesn’t have that ability? Consider this. If he smelled alcohol on either of their breaths’, he cancels the ceremony. That is his pond, his responsibility, and it ABSOLUTELY about God. Not the photos. Not the bride. Not even the couple either, other than they are before God and Witnesses to dedicate themselves to each other in a holy ceremony.

    And if you believe that this is not about religion, consider that their officiant was not a JOP – it was a Catholic Priest.

    I applaud the Priest for teaching this amateur a lesson.

  • Mother Theresa
    09/20/13 at 01:00

    Yet another religious nut excusing horrifying behavior in the name of religion.

  • Jess
    09/20/13 at 11:24

    That wasn’t about God. That was about a man unconcerned about ruining the bride and groom’s wedding day to indulge his own power trip. It was a complete mishandling of the situation.

    Luckily, the wide circulation of this video serves to warn other would-be-weds so they may stay clear of this self-important individual and find a celebrant more learned in God’s lessons of humility.

  • Tom Bennett
    09/21/13 at 09:37

    He was an Episcopalian priest — not a Catholic priest.

  • KenSanDiego
    09/24/13 at 05:04

    I beg to differ. Anyone could have substituted for that pompous ass. Everyone has a phone with internet. Google ‘wedding vows’ and take your pick. Go down to the courthouse next day and have the clerk make it ‘official’. OR while you are online sign up at Universal Life Church and you can sign the marriage certificate legally.

  • 09/24/13 at 02:05

    I also applaud Santa Claus for delivering all those toys in one night.

  • JAG
    09/24/13 at 05:54

    Wow! You just inspired me to hire a Notary!

  • Janine
    09/20/13 at 12:30

    100% AGREE!!! At my wedding, I found out later that my photographer I hired & paid A LOT to, had gone up to my DJ and asked him to speed things along because she wanted to leave by 10:00 p.m. I’m still mad about it!

  • Alisha
    09/20/13 at 11:21

    your priorities are messed up. a wedding is about the vows, not the million dollar shot. I imagine the clicking is very distracting to a celebrant. find a different spot. thats what u get paid to do!

  • Fawn
    09/20/13 at 09:21

    Wow that’s hard to believe. Dreadful

  • Nathan
    09/23/13 at 12:55

    If it is an Episcopal, Catholic, or Orthodox wedding, then it is a sacrament, the same as a baptism or communion. The official wasn’t just “hired” like any other wedding staff, he is being asked to perform one of the most solemn religious ceremonies he will ever perform. He has every right to behave that way – especially if the venue is his church (it’s outdoors but hard to say where – could well be church property).

  • Darrall A. Lucas
    09/23/13 at 02:39

    The guy was a total Dick!!!!!!!!!

  • charliewalkrich
  • 09/18/13 at 07:35

    Unbelievable! The reason I say this is because of the bride and groom’s reactions. The photographer/videographer may have been causing a distraction, but what does that guy think he’s accomplishing? He’s just making it worse. ALWAYS make sure that your photographer/officient/you are on the same page. ALWAYS.

  • 09/18/13 at 08:00

    I am a professional photographer living in Iceland and I photograph a lot of weddings and I dunno, I kind of agree with the priest, or at least see his point of view. And I am 100% an atheist and don’t really care about the tradition and am not worried about offending any priest or god.

    But, I never ever step up on the altar when photographing a wedding ceremony, I always stay below and try to be as inconspicuous as possible. The incessive clicking of the camera heard in the video threw me off and I can see why he was getting annoyed, most professional cameras these days have a silent shutter mode to make as little noise as possible, certainly less than was heard in this video and I never “breathe down the neck” of the officiate of the ceremony, even when photographing outdoors in noisy places like near a waterfall or something like it.

    My point is, as a photographer, I feel it’s my job to photograph the ceremony but not be a part of it.

    However, that priest is overreacting though, don’t get me wrong, he should just have kept going and then spoken to the videographer and photographer after the ceremony, that’s what I would have done in his shoes, you can never forget that this is not about you but the bride and groom, it’s their day, not yours.

    Peace out!

  • 09/18/13 at 08:22

    I agree to Lalli. There should always be limitations to different religious beliefs.

  • Ron
    09/18/13 at 10:31

    Totally agree!

  • 09/19/13 at 06:32

    @ LALLI SIG, I don’t ever interrupt a ceremony, neither my intention was to do so. I did speak him before, asked him if there are any restrictions or rules, he told me “do not come in the aisle”, but when he started to argue I was actually at the back shooting with my 70-200mm. I wasn’t right next to the priest.

    I’ve been shooting wedding for many years now. So I know where I should be and where I shouldn’t be. But when comes to asshole Priest like him. I have to go according to their rules. Because I didn’t want to ruin my bride and groom’s wedding day. But I did give him piece of mind right after the ceremony for being an asshole. I know lot of people saying my shutter click sounded like a machine gun but that was due to microphones. There were three microphones. But I was shooting from far behind.

  • Tamara xxx
    10/02/13 at 09:25

    Kamrul, you needn’t explain yourself. The only negative comments youre receiving are from people who value a MAN who PREACHES of God yet cant see past the uniform to genuinely feel acts and people of Love and those that are acting in opposition to that, no matter where and in what circumstance. Its a very sad world when people cant see past the uniform to see the person wearing it.

    The horrified faces on the bride and groom speak volumes. Its their wedding and I can tell you as someone whos been married that those clicks on your camera wouldnt have bothered them in the slightest. Nor God, dare I say.

    He was totally out of line. Im actually shocked that theres any debate on this matter but reading the content of those that are attacking you I think its fair to kindly disregard them all with a mere head shake.

    Some battles arent worth fighting especially when peoples eyes are so wide shut. Stacks of love to you. Im so sorry you have to deal with all these internet trolls, I know how hard it can be being on the receiving end of such attacks whether warranted or not, even worse that the majority are doing it in the name of someone who so fervently teaches the opposite xxxx

  • 09/18/13 at 08:16

    OMG…. it’s about god… wow
    Never had this kind od problem and I’m literally everywhere!

  • 09/18/13 at 08:28

    I’m a wedding officiant and I would NEVER in a million years do something like this priest did. I’m often asked by photographers if they mind if they move around during the ceremony and I always say it’s totally fine to go wherever they need to to get the best photos. My clients have hired that photographer and trust that photographer to go where they need to to get great shots. It’s not my place as an officiant to hinder that in any way, and I never would. Ever.

  • Ben Vigil
    09/18/13 at 08:37

    For the record, that is not a Catholic priest.

  • mario
    09/19/13 at 01:25

    He is Catholic. They don’t marry people for free. They charge $700 or more

  • 09/19/13 at 09:20

    Catholics can not marry outside, only in a church.

  • Ricky
    09/19/13 at 03:05

    Mario not that I care whether he’s catholic or not but my entire family was raised catholic, and 4 of my siblings were married outside by a catholic priest. We would of been the 5th but the site I chose had a fire 4 months before our wedding.

    There are additional things they need to do first, in order to do it, but yes they can.

  • Julie
    09/20/13 at 02:19

    Nope not Catholic. We Catholics do not get married outside, only in a church and there is no “charge”. It is customary to give a stipend much like you pay anyone who has officiating a wedding.

  • RockinRobinsNest
    09/19/13 at 04:48

    THANK YOU. I was wondering if anyone would point this out.

  • Robb Report
    09/20/13 at 12:13

    Yeah, that’s not accurate buddy. Nice try though. Go back to Sunday school.

  • 09/20/13 at 01:35

    He is way to gay to be a Catholic priest.

  • 09/18/13 at 08:38

    I am a photographer and I believe you should show some respect and not be a distraction from the wedding ceremony. No matter what the religion is, the ceremony is something sacred and beautiful and personal. Always speak with the officiant prior to the ceremony to find out what is acceptable if you feel the need to shoot so close. It’s the professional thing to do. The way this photographer was clicking away and how he reacted to it was so amateur.

  • 09/18/13 at 08:40

    I’m a professional wedding photographer, and even from that standpoint, whoever shot that was being pretty rude. Not disturbing guests throughout the day and making sure that you are a wallflower during ceremonies and what not, is one of the most important parts TO BEING a photographer that day. I side with the priest.

  • What T. Phuck
    09/18/13 at 08:51

    What IDIOT doesn’t work all this out before the wedding?!? Yay, lets popularize the morons of the world!

  • 09/18/13 at 09:04

    Stupid unprofessional photographer should have known not to be so obtrusive. The priest should have refrained, but it was all started by the moron PHOTOG. Then you can tell the photographer would not leave and decided to argue. It’s also ridiculous that so many posted blame on the priest, you all must be stupid photographers as well. Learn to be professional!

  • 09/20/13 at 12:39


    Hey read my comments before commenting like a moron. I didn’t argue with him. I asked him where do you want me to be. Becuase before the ceremony he told me DO NOT COME IN AISLE, BUT YOU CAN BE ANYWHERE ELSE.

  • 10/13/13 at 09:27

    Just give up explaining yourself. You’ve consistently given the story and some people just have to say their piece regardless.

    My opinion, despite not being of any worth is this;

    There is no need to be on continuous shutter unless you are shooting a sporting event or a lot of movement. It is irritating as can be to hear it. I know you were near the videographer’s mic but it’s still annoying to anyone close by. If you’ve been doing weddings for 8 years, you will be familiar with each step of the process by now and can anticipate when you need to be ready for a shot. You need to weigh up the need to capture every expression, using continuous shutter, against the irritation it might cause. To be honest, when I first watched the video, I thought it must be an inexperienced photographer because of the continuous mode.

    Ignore many of the comments about being intrusive or being the focus of attention. The fact is that wedding photographers are paid, by the couple to get shots that not anyone else can get. Standing behind the celebrant is not intrusive as long as you’re not drawing attention to yourself and move on as quickly as possible. As for not moving immediately when the celebrant asked you to, I can understand the delay. First from shock that he was so rude, next because you’d already asked where you couldn’t go and now he was changing his mind. Without wanting to cause more drama later, you asked where you could go. Nothing wrong with that.

    As for the celebrant. His comment that it is about God… ell, I’m pretty sure God has proven he can deal with things a lot more irritating than a clicking photographer with grace and love and, if this celebrant thinks he is channeling God in his actions, then he has some serious reevaluation ahead of him. There was not a single reason for him to behave the way he did and he SHOULD apologise to the couple at the very least.

    I find it sad that so many so-called professional photographers are being so nasty. Would be much better if any criticism was constructive (as many others have tried to be) so that we could all improve…beginning or experienced.

    And as for the troll who commented on your English skills, well, SHAME is all I can say.

  • 09/18/13 at 09:19

    He should have taken him aside after the ceremony… however-I am a professional wedding photographer and would NEVER be in that position. There’s no reason to be behind the wedding party line and definitely NOT right behind the priest.

  • 09/20/13 at 12:47


    You weren’t in the scene, so you don’t know what the hell happened. There were 9 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen and the setting was by the lake. Everyone stood up. I couldn’t get a good view of the couple from side, and I wasn’t allowed to be on the aisle. So where do you want me to be. Beside that I spoke to the priest before, he told me he don’t care where I am at, as long I am not anywhere near the aisle. SO AM I SUPPOSED TO SHOOT WEDDING CEREMONY WITH TELEPHOTO LENS? I AM SHOOTING WEDDING FOR MANY YEARS. I KNOW MY BOUNDARIES.

  • 09/18/13 at 09:22

    It looked like the videographer and the photographer were camped out up there. That’s inconsiderate and very distracting, even if the officiant shouldn’t have handled it that way. You can capture a ceremony well without getting that shot; I think we should always err on the side of not being a distraction.

  • Photographer
    09/18/13 at 09:26

    SomePhotog your off base, as was the priest.. the bride should have stepped up and told the priest I am paying for them to shoot this wedding. The priest was so far off base, it made him look the worst of all.

    And yes, I have photographed weddings.. it is not the priest call to make.

  • Bri
    09/18/13 at 09:30

    It wasn’t in a church, not sure what say so he really had?

  • 09/18/13 at 09:45

    As a wedding photographer, I agree with the priest. You can’t act like paparazzi during a wedding ceremony. With that said, the priest could have handled the situation with a little more tact.

  • 09/18/13 at 09:51

    We had this at a church, the priest told us to sit at one of the benches, and photograph/video the day from one spot otherwise he’d stop the ceremony.

    Re being in that point of view; note that the couple is facing the priest, it wouldn’t do to have footage of the back of the couple’s heads during their ceremony. There would be arguments with the couple after with the photograph/video team not getting clear footage of the couple’s face.

    Absolutely not the call of the priest/officiant/celebrant to hold a ceremony or dictate to the photographer/videographer on where they can go; couple pays for a team, based on their work, and should the team require to be in a particular point of view, then that’s what’s required. Provided things like the altar is not stepped upon.

  • intheweddingbiz
    09/18/13 at 10:04

    A pro photographer would have asked the officiant what is acceptable BEFORE the ceremony. Some of them can be difficult, but anyone who has shot a wedding before would know that.

  • Michelle
    09/18/13 at 10:22

    This should have been handled in a more professional manner. Now this is going to be the part of the ceremony the couple and everyone else remembers. As a side note…did anyone proofread this article before it was published? I’ve saw school newspapers with better grammar usage.

  • Gretchen
    09/18/13 at 11:37

    Michelle, did you really correct the grammar of the author with “I’ve saw school newspapers with better grammar usage”? Oh the irony.

  • Amber Snead Photography
    09/19/13 at 03:31

    Haha! That was the only thing I took away from Michelle’s comment as well!

  • Lynn
    09/19/13 at 05:38

    Michelle – I think you have to be careful when correcting grammar. Make sure you check what you write before posting it.

  • Walker
    09/18/13 at 10:25

    As a former Clergyman and a current photographer, I would say that BOTH are mistaken – the event is not about God and it’s not about the picture – it is about the couple and the attention should have remained there. The Clergyman was a perfect dick to make it about God, and the photographer was a dick to start an argument on the spot instead of just moving a few steps away, using a different lens, etc. Personally, I think the institutional church needs to stop making everything about them… Weddings aren’t really about God except to the degree we give the church that power – same with funerals, births, etc. – they seem to want to control every important event and make it their own. Sometimes they need to accept that they are ornament (just like the Groom… :) ) – and photographers need to keep themselves as invisible as possible.

  • Tom
    09/19/13 at 12:29

    If it’s not about God, why have a Christian officiant? Use a justice of the peace.

  • Dan Phillips
    09/18/13 at 10:31

    I honestly applaud the officiant for saying something. Yes it would have been better said afterwards, but I honestly hate it when there are photographers/videographers on the altar like that. I agree with the pastor, it’s God first at the ceremony. But yeah probably better to have been said after…I am a photographer and have done nearly 120 weddings so far, to me the ceremony is about respect and if you are consistently in the view of the guests then every move you’re distracting from the couple. My job as a photographer is to capture the image without being noticed, difficult at times but it can be done!

  • Anudduh Vendah
    09/18/13 at 10:32

    Number 1: Check with the officiant before the ceremony (Always)
    Number 2: NEVER step on the alter unless Officiant allows it. (I have never seen an officiant allow it)
    Number 3: You are being paid a significant amount of money to perform as a professional should in every aspect of your job. NEVER do anything that stops the action of the day. It is the last thing you want to be remembered for.

    Clearly, all parties involved have broken the golden rule of wedding vendors. Do nothing that detracts from the day. This couple have spent a great deal of time and money to have the day be as close to perfect that mother nature and everyone/everything else in the universe will allow. and these tree boobs go and blow it big time. The Photog, the videographer and the priest.

  • 09/18/13 at 10:40

    As a pro photographer for over 34 years with 1500 weddings behind me, I feel the photographers and video guy were 100% in the way. You can hear that rank ameature popping off 5 frames in less than a second of a stationary wedding party. You want to see the bride and grooms face ? Then pay the big bucks for a fast telephoto lens and stay on the sidelines.

  • 09/24/13 at 10:20

    Thanks – that is the perfect answer. I was reading, hoping someone else would say that.

    Look at all the training videos on Kelby Training, or AdoramaTV, or anywhere. Every pro wedding photographer says use a long lens and stay out of the way. Most can stay behind the guests, shoot from 100 or more feet, and use step-stools if they need more height. Not that hard to figure out!

  • 09/18/13 at 10:58

    All could’ve been avoided by one of 2 pre-ceremony discussions – 1) couple with officiant to let him know they have (apparently) given their photographer & videographer direction to be wherever they need to be to get the images the couple wants, or 2) the videographer & photographer had talked with the officiant & told him what the couple had PAID them to get. However, obviously neither of those things happened so the next step is – how could the damage have been minimized? 1) the officiant could have kept his opinion to himslef since (apparently) neither the bride nor the groom was upset at where their paid vendors were, or 2) after the officant interrupted the ceremony to chastise them, the vendors had quietly moved to another location instead of giving the officiant attitude. It’s a shame that apparently no one was considering the feelings of the poor couple who’ve had their dream wedding interrupted by this power play.

  • Dawn
    09/18/13 at 11:01

    If you weren’t there, and you don’t know what was discussed beforehand, then don’t know the whole story, so shut up..

  • 09/18/13 at 11:16

    I’ve been in a similar incident before (I was one of the secondary sponsors). In the clip above, maybe the officiant woke up on the wrong side of the bed and the wedding seemed to him like the last straw. Nevertheless, it doesn’t excuse him from his demeanor.

  • Josh
    09/18/13 at 11:21

    I am also a professional wedding photographer and here’s my take on it. In my experience, there have been times that the officiant doesn’t think to turn the couple to face in towards each other during the entire ceremony. Instead, everyone gets a great view of the back of their heads (including the photographer) . Therefore you are left to make a difficult decision, either miss any shots of their faces/reactions for the whole ceremony, or position yourself somewhere to get the shots they’re paying you for. With that said, yes, the best thing to do is talk with the venue/officiant beforehand about any rules or limitations. However, there’s no excuse for this guy to stop a wedding ceremony and yell at anyone. I would be furious if i were the bride & groom. That’s not going to be how you want to remember exchanging your i do’s.

  • 09/18/13 at 11:35

    It’s not about god it’s about the bride…but whatever

  • rob
    09/19/13 at 12:39

    right!!! if it was really about God, there would be no fancy this or that, or all this money spent, or photography, or expensive venues, expensive dress.. its not about god at all.. its about having a fucking party to celebrate the marriage. say a few prayers, etc. blah blah.. weddings are not about that anymore..

  • 09/18/13 at 11:35

    wow! the bride looked pissed too….I can’t believe she didn’t say something…….it is about the photography, if it wasn’t the bride and groom wouldn’t have hired them…..or asked them not to stand up front….how rude…….

  • 09/18/13 at 11:39

    Where’s the yelling part?

  • 09/18/13 at 11:41

    I’ve seen them admonished but yelled at? Misleading title….

  • ph
    09/19/13 at 12:04

    I am a wedding photographer.. photographers and videographers should know their responsiblity.. they should ask the officiant first what are acceptables before the wedding you can see it’s obvious they were distracting not only to the priest but also the guest at the back blocking their view .. so they should’ve find another spot to document the wedding.. i would never stand in front of the ceremony stage coz it could catch attention to the guest.. they should have find another spot to document the wedding..

  • 09/19/13 at 12:18

    When I got married, the officiant had a few rules about the photography….The couple should have asked what was ok/not ok from the officiant’s standpoint OR made sure that the photographer and officiant spoke before the ceremony. And I am sorry, but it isn’t all about the bride. It is about the bride and groom making solemn VOWS before witnesses including God (if they had no religious beliefs, then they didn’t need a religious officiant, so they must have had them.)

  • Mike
    09/19/13 at 12:04

    Good point . . . many of the responses emphasize insufficient communication to the priest. The wisest person I know once said . . . “You can’t expect anything unless you communicate your expectations!” Mr. priest . . . how well did you communicate?

  • 09/19/13 at 01:12

    God is Omnipotent, and can be part of the ceremony regardless of the photographer! This was in not a church, so I am not seeing what the problem would be. This priest was out of line to handle it in that manner, and with that tone of voice. I don’t believe God would object to capturing the memories of a sacred promise. *Mind Blown*

  • 09/19/13 at 01:34

    As a pro wedding photographer for over 15 years, I always talk to the officiant before hand and ask him where he is ok with me going during the ceremony. You don’t need to stand that close, that is what telephoto lenses are for.

  • somephotoguy
    09/19/13 at 01:51

    amateurs… Rule 1 of any wedding is to co ordinate with the officiating person so you know the boundaries. These people have done it many times and some of them can actually tell you where the best angles are.
    Also any person with the right mind knows that you got to be ninja! if your seen – someone eyeballs you, you’ve ruined the moment for that person.
    The photographer/videographer, if they were smart would have setup a remote camera, inconspicuous to the event.
    Big No to helicams – they do make noise!
    Serves them right to be yelled at. If you have a religious wedding respect the altar – no need for a religious wedding if your not going to follow the faith. Just go for a civil marriage. No altar no complaints.

  • Andrew
    09/19/13 at 02:08

    Pro wedding photographer here, before everybody gets all uptight and indignant at the photographers and videographers and calls them morons, I think you should refrain unless you knew the whole story which we do not. Do we know that the couple did not already give them permission and request them to be where they were? Perhaps they were already stationed in that spot and simply following the wishes of the bride and groom who hired them to capture their wedding. If that’s the case then the Officiant would have seen them there already and knew they were doing their jobs and fulfilling the wishes of their clients. Perhaps they did indeed consult with the Officiant and he gave them the go ahead to be where they were and then got annoyed by them. We don’t know. Even if they didn’t have his permission beforehand, in my opinion the Officiant stepped over the line and created a far larger disturbance than the photographer and videographer. After that ceremony, had the Officiant NOT said anything, does any person think for one second that people in the audience would have been saying “gosh, the photographer and videographer ruined that wedding”. No. They are certainly saying that now about that obnoxious Officiant. Their wedding was ruined forever and they now have the embarrassment of having what was supposed to be a wonderful moment all over the internet for the world to see. All because of the Officiant.

  • 09/19/13 at 02:16

    Woooah. Pretty unprofessional on the officiant’s part- based on the couple’s reactions, this is the first they are hearing of any rules. The officiant definitely should have mentioned this ahead of time. I would have been little upset as the bride… I find it interesting that he says, “This isn’t about the photos, it’s about God,” when the officiant is the one taking the focus off the ceremony, creating a distraction.

    I’m a wedding photographer and I always check to see if there are any rules about where to stand ahead of time. And even when there are none, I am never in the altar area that close to the officiant, because I happen to agree with this guy. But I totally do not agree with the way he handled it. “I will stop the ceremony,”? What kind of threat is that to make when the couple is standing right there, about to say “I do”?? The look on the couple’s faces pretty much says it all.

  • Bill
    09/19/13 at 02:18

    It’s not about photography. It’s about god? …I thought it was about the couple getting married. Silly me.

  • Mike
    09/19/13 at 12:01

    Yep . . . it is silly. Christian marriage glorifies God first and foremost. It’s the Christian meaning of life. What’s your meaning . . . great ceremonies?

  • Petar
    09/19/13 at 02:22

    Lisa @ where you see the altar!???

  • 09/19/13 at 04:26

    As a wedding photographer, I always have a chat with the Vicar about how we are going to work TOGETHER. They might be “reasonable” or not, but that’s not my call. I want to make sure that there will be no scene or anything that will take away from my clients’s day.

  • Joe Woe
    09/19/13 at 04:45

    Lets just be clear… this is the VIDEOGRAPHER not the photographer!!

  • gwentundermann
    09/19/13 at 09:42

    You can hear the photographer clicking away in the video. He clearly directs his comments at two different people.

  • 09/19/13 at 06:25

    As someone who officiates at religious weddings, I EXPECT photographers and videographers to respect that religious nature of the ceremony. I haven’t had to do what this priest has done, but I have stared mightily hard….

    And I would be prepared to tell them to leave if they started doing something inappropriate.

  • Cincyphotog
    09/19/13 at 07:24

    I ALWAYS talk to the officiant before the ceremony. Again, the problem is lack of communication and I believe the photographer owns the initial contact with clergy.

  • SteveBNH
    09/19/13 at 07:35

    Settle down, Reverend Douchebag.

  • Bryon
    09/19/13 at 07:48

    Seems professionalism wasn’t a high priority to these guys anyway. Looks like the second shooter was wearing a hoodie (last frame).

  • 09/19/13 at 08:23

    WOW this is a hot topic! It looks like the photographer and videographer were hidden by the trellis because of the obstructed view of the priest when he is on his God rant. So yes, maybe the photography team were too close, the priest should have ignored them. The priest and the photographers/videographers are paid to do their jobs. And really in any job, this is not how you speak to people.

    Also, rules in churches and other houses of worship, YES YES YES to all their rules. But when the weddings are outside of the church, the church rules don’t apply. I really don’t think the person conducting the ceremony is the boss.. They are the boss of church, so it rolls over into other venues.. But they are in the real world now, they should act accordingly.

  • JNM
    09/19/13 at 10:11

    I think you’re missing the point. The President is still the president whether he is inside the white house or somewhere in Arizona. He is ought to be respected. Now this ritual commonly called a “wedding” is, let’s say “implemented” by the priest. He has the say whether you’re being rude or not. In this case the photographer and the videographer are clearly acting like douches making a scene. Photographers and perhaps videographers are meant to be invisible in events. They shouldn’t distract or steal the moment.

  • 09/19/13 at 09:32

    How rude of the priest. To yell at them like little children is absurd. If he is so particular with the photo and video he should have talked to them before hand told them HIS rules first. I am sure they would have complied had it been discussed beforehand. I have worked at this venue and there is plenty of space for everyone so this should have never happened. Poor bride and groom, how embarrassing.

  • Nickie L.A.
    09/19/13 at 10:03

    If you listen very carefully around 0:35, the girl looks to her soon-to-be husband and says, “he isn’t supposed to do this.” And it is appalling that he did do that.

    If you are paid to do something, then that is what you do. Hands down, it should not have had to be discussed that there would be a photographer and videographer at different angles throughout the wedding. It should also be understood that you are there to do your job, not to dictate how others have been told to do their jobs. This fiasco was both a lack of common sense and a whole lot of arrogance. This priest, whether it be from the perspective of religion or otherwise, has decided that he has somehow obtained the right to create tension and upset because his beliefs are supposedly more important than the couple that is paying him to officiate. All of this on a day that will only happen once for this couple, something they can not get back.

    I would be absolutely devastated. Granted that every wedding will most likely have snafus and little issues. This is far beyond the scope of expected issues, and he should never officiate a wedding again. That is, unless the couple is prepared to have their day redirected by someone who was supposed to be there for them.

  • JAG
    09/24/13 at 07:00

    Nickie L.A. – Well Said!
    Sky – RIGHT!
    JNM – Priest/President Really? Nope, bad example. I met the president at a fund raiser and told him I had no respect for him. We still got plenty of shots and he smiled.
    Dawn – Many people here are commenting that the Photo and Video team did not communicate. It’s been stated several times that they did. They agreed on what and where. Point made. For everyone to keep stating the same thing “Communicate, ask questions, discuss beforehand” due diligence was done by the wedding pros. This priest broke the rules, apparently his word to the Photo/Video team and probably the law.

    I say that he was in breach of a contract (verbal or written) that implies he would provide a solemn wedding service. His GROSS negligence, misjudgment and unprofessional conduct, as shown in this video (and on the B&G’s faces) and now shared with the world, is proof that he broke that contract. Furthermore he has no doubt caused insufferable pain and created irreparable damages to the memory that this unfortunate couple will have to endure for the rest of their lives – if their marriage outlasts the embarrassment they are no doubt experiencing by all this publicity.

    I would personally sue this Priest-for-Hire and his church for the entire cost of the wedding plus additional damages.

    To those who believe that god was important here and that is why there was a priest, don’t be so sure. Many times a couple who has an out of church ceremony with a member of the clergy officiating are doing so to appease someone in their family. Yes it could be their wishes, but it may have not been their first choice. We simply do not know, so don’t make assumptions beyond what we do know and can see and hear.

    Finally, as an industry we should all be supportive and stand up for our rights, as dedicated professionals, to be treated with respect when doing our jobs. We give up our weekends with family and friends to help others share their glorious memories, then we work all week to service our clients needs. This is our choice, but we don’t choose to be disrespected by any other vendor or our clients. So long as we are doing our best to provide the services as they are contracted for, we deserve respect from others. Here in a forum we owe our compatriots our respect, understanding and a little benefit of the doubt. We are an industry and we should stand as an industry with respect for each other or before we know it no one else will.

  • 09/25/13 at 01:13

    JAG – Well Said, Thank you for you wonderfull comments. I really appricaite that.

  • 09/19/13 at 10:10

    I agree with you Nickie. While the photogs were over stepping a bit. The minister was way out of line and ruined their wedding.

  • 09/19/13 at 10:37

    I agree that the matter of where the photographer and videographer were allowed to be should have been handled before the wedding. However, when the camera did move it looked like they were standing way too close, and directly behind the priest – which would have put them in the direct line of vision of their guests. The photog and videographer should have known better!

  • JC Ruiz
    09/19/13 at 10:44

    The faces of the bride and groom were priceless. I think a good idea would be to ask the priest etc. where it is acceptable to shoot from. Some like this gentleman can be quite particular about things like that

  • Mark Torso
    09/19/13 at 10:53

    That priest actually is idiot. No one anymore would want him in a ceremony.

  • 09/19/13 at 11:10

    Wow. What a horrific thing to happen on your wedding day. I really wonder who the bride and the groom (and their guests) think is at fault – because at the end of the day, that’s what really matters. As a photographer, I would never assume that I’m allowed behind the priest – where ever the ceremony takes place. Worse yet, I can’t believe they didn’t move the instant the priest turned around. Still, I think the priest flippin out is definitely the more jarring and disruptive display of a lack of consideration. While I respect, and always assume that in the (at least) priest’s view “it is about God,” and I completely understand why he’s upset, I think he handled it awfully. Instead of allowing his indignation and anger take over and throwing out threats, he could have used humor to dissipate the tension and instruct the photog/videog on a better place to stand. If part of a pro photog’s job is to prepare for crappy light and other unfavorable conditions, it should be part of the priest’s role and duty to know how to deal with these situations in a less scarring way for the bride and the groom. I’m also surprised at all the comments that invoke payment as justification for photog/videog’s actions or as a reason for the priest to have no say. It’s not about money. It’s about respect. For all. And all of the three of them failed to show enough of it.

  • Jeann
    09/19/13 at 11:11

    This This photographer is clearly an inexperienced unprofessional. A true photographer is at all times merely an observer.

  • Stephanie
    09/19/13 at 11:27

    It’s not really fair to comment on the professionalism (or lack thereof) of the photographer when none of us was there the day of the event and none of us knows what was discussed between the couple and the photog leading up to the wedding. But, it’s pretty ironic that the priest wants him to respect the solemnity of the event and not turn it into a photo session when the priest interrupted the ceremony and publicly scolded the guy, making it awkward for everyone involved, essentially turning into his own personal this-is-about-me-and-what-I’m-saying time. We can’t see the photog in the video and have no idea how close he actually was to the couple. Maybe he had a longer lens and the officiant just didn’t like the shutter sound during quieter moments. Who knows. But the photog was NOT interrupting the ceremony, was NOT directing the bride or groom in any way (I’ve seen some whisper from the sidelines for the couple to turn a certain way so they can get a shot), and he was NOT all up in their faces with the camera. However, that officiant managed to do exactly what he was telling the photog NOT to do – disrupt the ceremony, make everyone feel uncomfortable, and ruin the moment for the bride and groom (just watch their faces to see how they feel about his little scolding). I’m sorry but just based on the 40 seconds of that video, the officiant was in the wrong.

  • Bishcrayze
    09/19/13 at 11:42

    It’s about god? Really. I would have told him to stick his god up his ass.

  • Sue
    09/19/13 at 11:53

    Name the priest so brides can stay away. I don’t care if the photog was close, he could have quietly whispered for them to leave. Creating a scene made it a million times worse.

  • Mike
    09/19/13 at 11:56

    It was a Christian marriage ceremony, so it was ultimately about God. The priest’s behavior was not about God. It was self-absorbed and power-hungry. It may have been a total departure from earlier behaviors around bride and groom, but it was about the priest’s feelings at the moment. Please put them aside if you ever get another chance . . . don’t defile the union you were about to bless! The religious church is engaged in much to much “defiling” of biblical bride and groom outside of such ceremonies.

    By the way, I haven’t read all the posts, but I’m sure we don’t know what pre-ceremony communications took place. It could’ve been a surprise to the priest, or not.

  • Crystal
    09/19/13 at 11:58

    Wow. I can’t imagine being the Photographer OR the Bride in this situation.

    Although I would NEVER even THINK about shooting BEHIND the officiant since I agree with him that this isn’t about photography it’s about the Bride and Groom. Even if the Bride and Groom asked me to I don’t believe I would. I would never be unprofessional even if requested. A photographer should NEVER be “part” of the ceremony. (especially in a religious ceremony.) BUT the officiant was also wrong by turning and causing even more of a distraction and most likely ruining the ceremony, defeating the purpose of forcing them to move. He should have waited and spoken to them after the ceremony to tell them how he felt.

    Also, just to clarify, this was not a Catholic wedding since it was outdoors.
    And those who said it wasn’t about God it was about the Bride and Groom you are wrong. Since they chose to have a Christian wedding IT WAS about God AND the Bride and Groom.

    In my opinion BOTH parties were wrong in this unfortunate situation. f

  • Mary B.
    09/19/13 at 12:01

    No. No. No. I ask the couple at our consult/contract signing if they mind where I go during the ceremony. “Do whatever you have to do to get the best pictures” is 9/10 their response. IF the ceremony will be in a church, I tell them to make sure there are no restrictions imposed by church or officiant and that I WILL stop shooting, leave, or whatever persons in charge request directly before/during ceremony. It is also in the contract that shots missed due to unforeseen venue/officiant restrictions are not my fault, and I cannot be held responsible for those missed shots. Sidenote: I have never been asked to leave or move from an area, because I use common sense when shooting.

    The priest should have whispered into the grooms ear regarding his concerns and asked permission to request the photog/video move. It should be the couples decision, ESPECIALLY at an outdoor venue.

  • Mike
    09/19/13 at 12:08

    I want to know if this ceremony will show on the priest’s resume? Since I saw the video, can potential clients call me for a reference? Can you spell A-C-C-O-U-N-T-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y?

    09/19/13 at 12:21

    If its about god wouldn’t you want to spread the word of god by recording it ?Isn’t God creating a union of the couple? Which probably paid lots of money! HIs collar was on too tight!

  • mcrchap
    09/19/13 at 12:26

    As a minister of the Gospel I heartily agree. Marriage is the taking and giving of solemn vows, not a show. Too many couples treat it that way. I will not allow a photographer to take pictures during this part of the ceremony. Everything the photographer needs to shoot can be re-enacted later.

  • Some Dude
    09/19/13 at 12:26

    What an asshole! Not your wedding buddy, shut your mouth and do your job the best you can.

  • Darrall A. Lucas
    09/23/13 at 02:44

    Then they wonder way people are leaving the church!!!!!! Perfect example with this stupid dickhead!!!!!!!

  • Richard
    09/19/13 at 12:35

    Agreed he has a job like the photographer. They are not outside and they aren’t set up on his shoulder. They should have checked that Priest. Do his job like the Photographer and GTFO! This is not his ceremony and the couple should have put him in his place.

  • Richard
    09/19/13 at 12:37

    They are outside I meant*

  • 09/19/13 at 12:37

    Our photographer was literally lying under our hands when we exchanged rings, and we loved the unconventional and creative shots they got. They were all over the place and some guests were bothered by the clicking but I never even noticed it and knew that’s what they did to get the best shot. It did not detract from the importance or meaning of the wedding at all. The photographers should do what they are good at and what the bride & groom want!

  • 09/19/13 at 12:42

    Gotta admit the priest was a bit “OTT” on this one… but it would have been a bit more appropriate from the priest and/or the bridal party to just ask vendors, right before the ceremony starts, to respect some specific parts of the ceremony (being a photographer and a Catholic, I can understand how and when both parties need to compromise). Clearly we all know a wedding ceremony isn’t a show only but for those who value certain religious aspects of it, it’s also a spiritual moment that needs some kind of humility and respect. Vendors such as photographers should know very well when it’s appropriate to approach an altar or when it’s necessary to stop shooting… We don’t necessarily know the full story behind it (maybe the priest did ask “kindly” at first but it’s not shown on this short footage; or if he didn’t ask at all, as soon as he started yelling, instead of arguing back, the photographers should have stepped down and make themselves discreet to make the situation less awkward to the newlyweds, family and friends…)

  • 09/19/13 at 12:50

    Everything a religious leader leads is religious in nature. Every regular weekly meeting is a worship service, as are other things they lead like weddings and funerals. The wedding or funeral is a special occasion to worship God in. If this is not also your view, don’t go to a religious leader to do your wedding ceremony, go to a secular officiant.

  • 09/19/13 at 01:03

    Yes, this was badly handled by both the officiant and the photographer. When the officiant made a scene the right thing to do would be to get out of there quick. The Bride and Groom would have dealt with the officiant later if they wanted to.
    I believe that the photographer and the officiant need to talk before the ceremony. Then if following the rules set by the officiant won’t allow the photographer to get the shots that the Bride and Groom have hired them to get – then the B&G can deal with the officiant.

  • Colonel Fairfax
    09/19/13 at 01:15

    For all the comments, do any of us REALLY know the backstory? Did the photographers (there seemed to be several) consult with the minister (or for that matter, with the bride and groom) about where is appropriate to stand with cameras clicking? From the minister’s reaction, it seems that they did NOT.

    As a longtime church musician, photographers should not be ANYWHERE in the altar area. With long lenses and good skills, a decent photographer can get GREAT shots without disturbing the ceremony, or inserting themselves into the view of all the assembled witnesses and guests. They are NOT part of the wedding party.

    The issue is COMMUNICATION. It is up to the photographers to find out what “the rules of the house” are BEFORE the ceremony.

  • 09/19/13 at 01:20

    I’ve seen this happen on more then one occasion. I won’t put the blame on the officiant because I think he has a point as he’s become distracted with the photog. I also don’t know the discussions that were had prior to the ceremony start. I have seen officiants explain to vendors their preferences and vendors outright ignore the requests on the premise that “they were paid to do the job” but I think that, especially in regards to the ceremony, limitations are present even when not outright mentioned and it is in the best interest of the vendor to try to be as inconspicuous during what accounts to being the most important part of a wedding.

  • Emr
    09/19/13 at 01:25

    For all of you asking for the back story: The wedding was outdoor, not in any church. secondly the clicking sound you hear is magnified because of the microphone. For the real reaction check out the facial reaction of the bride & groom. It is their event, they hired everyone including the crusader of god. LOL

  • 09/19/13 at 01:28

    I watched the entire video and counted at least three photographers: the one making the video. the other one to the right of the video shooter that the reverend also addressed, and there’s another one in the background once the videographer moves off to the side, plus an unoccupied tripod at the end of the “aisle.”

    If your wedding is just hat important that you think you need three photographers you should hire professionals who actually understand that the photographic service providers are only members of a much larger team, and for the wedding to be a pleasurable memory for the bride and groom the entire team needs to be following the same playbook.

  • 09/19/13 at 01:38

    The priest should of handle this better, there is no need to be that rude. If you want a memorable wedding day, well you got it.

  • Jared
    09/19/13 at 02:03

    Pretty much everyone did something wrong here. Ultimately we do not know the whole story. But there was definitely a lack of communication before the ceremony/wedding day.

    1. That “Christian Minister” is not acting like a christian. And if he has strict rules about photography and videography it’s his job to clearly state them BEFORE the ceremony. YOU RUINED THE BRIDE AND GROOMS CEREMONY.

    2. It drives me crazy when I see a videographer so close to the officiant bride and groom. Get a longer lens or a couple cameras at different angles. He IS very close.

    3. Don’t talk back to the officiant or anyone else during a ceremony, just be as transparent as possible while getting great shots. I’m assuming this was the photographer talking back.

    4. I don’t know where the photographer was standing, but they could be a little more choosy about their shutter clicks. Burst during the kiss. I do understand bursting while they were laughing because you don’t want your one shot to be when the bride is making a retarded face… It’s tough to comment on this one since we don’t know how close/far they are from the action.

    5. Ceremony’s require a lot of tact and judgement by all involved, everyone made some missteps. I have seen more obtrusive videographers, and I have seen more intrusive photographers, but I have never seen such a horrible, self centered priest/pastor whatever. Is it about God? Or is it all about YOU?

    Years from now would people ever say “Your wedding was beautiful, too bad the photographer took so many pictures…” or “Too bad the videographer was standing kind of close.” No, but for years to come everyone will say “Remember so and so’s wedding when the priest flipped out? Yeah, that was terrible.”

  • Gretchen
    09/19/13 at 04:36

    You are spot on. The officiant was obviously on a major power trip to threaten to stop the entire ceremony over some shutter clicks. The poor bride, she kept looking to her groom like “do something!” and he’s just standing there with his jaw dropped. I would be interested to know if this resulted in a law suit considering the loss of photos as the photographers had to reposition. I can’t imagine that officiant ever getting a wedding again after this has gone viral.

  • CTM
    09/19/13 at 02:22

    There’s plenty of blame to go around here. Photographer should have checked out the rules beforehand. But if the moment is truly as solemn as the minister proclaims, surely there was a more solemn way to handle this. I feel bad for the couple, and this minister should be made to apologize in front of the entire congregation at Sunday’s services.

  • 09/19/13 at 02:42

    Wow. That was rough. I think it’s best to discuss limitations prior to the day of. Some folks are a little more traditional that others. It pays to know these things prior to the day of. (We only were able to see a snippet of this vid, who knows how many times this request was expressed). To yell and be nasty is not the best way to communicate. And at the same time regardless of how he addressed this boundary issue, he would be perceived as a jerk. You win some, you loose some. It’s in our interest to learn from this, thanks for the share.

  • KJT
    09/19/13 at 02:46

    As far as who is at fault, I would say… Don’t be an amateur idiot (like the photographer) and not speak to the officiant beforehand, because they might be a real jerk (like this officiant.)

  • Julie
    09/19/13 at 02:46

    Why is everyone calling him a priest, and not a minister…..a priest would not even be having an outdoor wedding, so this guy speaking stating, that’s it’s only about God, is way out of line, especially since he is not even near an Altar….

  • 09/19/13 at 02:47

    Note: a priest IS NOT God. Meaning, not perfect. He’s just like anyone of us, who has personality, temper, whatever you call it. If you were in the midst and middle of “working”, and I would even say “important work”, and someone’s getting on your nerves running around you back and forth and disturbing you, you wouldn’t hesitate to tell that person so. Unfortunately, some just don’t like to be told off. And in this case, so were the photographers. I understand they “tried” to do their “job”, but so was the priest.

  • Jennifer
    09/19/13 at 02:59

    For such a “solemn” moment, he sure handled it very poorly. I have no idea the situation here. Who knows whether or not the couple asked for pictures and video from that location? Everyone says it’s the responsibility of the photographer to speak to the officiant before, but what about the officiant speaking to the photographers if he is so strict? Most aren’t like that. I have done several weddings where the officiant shows up 2 minutes before the wedding, or even late in one case, and I haven’t had time to speak with them. Regardless, the priest made a scene and I can tell by looking at him that he’s pompous. The bride and groom, who really matter, were appalled. You could tell it on the brides face and as she looked very close to saying something.

  • Cecy
    09/19/13 at 03:07

    As photographers we need to communicate this before hand and the photographer obviously didn’t handle it properly, just because they pay us doesn’t mean that we need to be disrespectful and get in the way, plus how annoying it must have been hearing the shutter go off while trying to marry the couple.

  • 09/19/13 at 03:09

    I would love to have seen more than just that small clip. How far was the photographer away? How far was the one taking video away? They were both probably zoomed in. I can’t imagine they were standing on the heels of the priest. And none of us know what was spoken about before the wedding. For all we know, they had a complete conversation and thought they were where they were supposed to be. No matter how annoying he thought the clicking was, stopping the ceremony was awful for the bride and groom. And I can only think of how mortifying it would be for the photographers. I’m terrified of photographing weddings. LOL Too much pressure for me!

  • Ricky
    09/19/13 at 03:20

    First time I’ve seen a grass ALTAR with a tent, canopy or whatever you want to call it as the CHURCH. Yeah I am very spiritual and the only thing here sacred, are the vows and promise there making. Now if he did this in a church without requesting permission, its a different story but with a different way of handling it of course. One misunderstanding and one **** doesn’t make a right.

  • Ray T
    09/19/13 at 03:26

    why is everyone blaming the Photographer when the Videographer is clearly behind the priest/officiant. i’ve done more than a hundred weddings and the key is always communication like some said it here. or maybe the videographer is shooting a video with DSLR and the priest thought it was the photographer. hmmm. i want to see more clips what was the reason behind.

  • Jessica
    09/19/13 at 03:30

    I’ve seen this going around. I almost have to wonder if it’s fake. To me, the bride doesn’t look too rattled and I just can’t imagine that happening when no matter who the officiator is, they would have dealt with “obtrusive” photographers before. You’d think they deal w/ this all the time. I feel like had he been that adamant about it, that he’d have given the bride and groom strict rules before the ceremony… but that’s just me. Let’s just say this, if it is true, WOWZA. Lesson learned to definitely get your ducks in a row ahead of time…

  • 09/19/13 at 03:36

    Yeah first thing is to ask the officiant but still the priest shouldn’t do that to photographers.They will not be there if it is for the bride and groom and all this is part of every wedding.This thing happens everywhere so just make sure ask for permission first..It is suck though for us as wedding and event videographers/photographers….Hope that doesn’t happen to me…other wise I will kick the priest ass…lol just kidding…Just let it go..It is all paid anyway….

  • Amanda
    09/19/13 at 04:19

    Given that we don’t know what was spoken about before hand it’s hard to speculate. My response is based on if no talk had never happened. Am I the only one who notices there was a stool set up right behind the priest. My guess is that was there well before the ceremony started. If the priest didn’t like it’s proximity knowing that a camera would be mounted on it he should have said something then.

    However 1. The photographer and videographer should have spoken to the priest. Outdoor weddings in my honest opinion are far different from a church ceremony. There is no altar and with that comes a lot more free range. I don’t get behind the priest (directly behind) but I do like to get in behind the action off to the far side with a longer lens). The photographer would have done well to had a longer lens and been a bit further away from the couple. Not knowing the lay of the land I’m not sure how much space they had.

    2. The priest if he had expectations which it seems like he’s very set in his ways with regards to photographers and videographers he should have from the beginning said something so that they knew from the beginning that close proximity will not be tolerated. IMHO out of all of this he looks the worst. He’s making a far bigger distraction than the photographers, a memorable one at that.

  • 09/19/13 at 04:24

    I think he really would have stopped the ceremony. They were in a spot. I can almost feel the couple’s hearts dropping into their stomach.

  • Susan Fuerte
    09/19/13 at 04:40

    He is not a Catholic priest or else he would be wearing a stole. He is a minister. Uptight one at that!

    Yes it is about the ceremony…the bride and groom wanted this for posterity.

  • 09/19/13 at 04:40

    Feel awful for the couple, this shouldn’t have happened. Regardless of whose at fault, people seem to forget that this really put chink in their day. Hopefully, everyone was able to quickly move on. The officiant AND the photographer should always meet beforehand to discuss parameters.

  • Laura
    09/19/13 at 04:51

    sorry preist wouldn’t be getting paid, and he would be paying for the vid he ruined! true there should have been communication but you stopped the wedding to yell at the photo team…sure they should have talked about it before but be professional suck it up and talk to them after the event don’t ruin things for the bride and groom :(

  • Michelle
    09/19/13 at 04:51

    I NEVER go past the first pew unless I have retained permission from the bride and groom and the officiant beforehand.

  • 09/19/13 at 04:58

    I’m a full time wedding photographer, and I think both the photographer and the priest were out of line.

    A real pro would have a longer lens, quieter shutter, and not need to fire off 10 photos in 3 seconds. I always try to be at the rehearsal and meet the officiant there — just to make sure it’s ok to stand where I want/need to stand (which is not near as close as that!).

    The priest? Well it shouldn’t be about him, either.

  • Me_Duh
    09/19/13 at 05:06

    Omg people, you are taking this way too seriously. It’s a wedding…it’s suppose to be FUN for goodness sakes. I wanted my photographer all up in my space… capture every single shot!!! And have fun while doing it. Also, they’re contracted and paid to get the shots. It’s supposed to be enjoyable. He ruined all the fun

  • 09/19/13 at 05:07

    Tiny, insecure men like to feel important. This is a truth the world over.

  • 09/19/13 at 05:27

    I would have been setup behind the guests on the opposite side. Not sure why they did feel the need to be in that spot. You can still walk around with a long lens and get a few photos from that angle. Not sure why the priest didn’t say anything before hand when the videographer was in position unless he moved there during the ceremony.

  • 09/19/13 at 05:30

    Yes it should have never happened, and yes the photographer should have checked where he or she could stand and if he or she could take photos during the ceremony. The priest could have also made it before the ceremony if there were any restrictions. As for the priest doing that midway through the wedding, and threatening to stop the wedding is unforgivable, what a spoilt prat! How dare he ruin such a special day behaving like that! I am amazed the bride didn’t break down in tears

  • 09/19/13 at 06:11

    I mean man….i agree the sanctity of the ceremony must be respected…and i have had discussions with officiants prior to covering events….he is way beyond his call….if i am hired by clients to document their special day….i shall do just that…it is about THEM…that’s why i ensure i know restrictions before hand and try to be as unobtrusive as possible….flash usually is an issue at some churches….i can live with that…as it is not necessary to shoot with flash if one knows how to manipulate camera settings well…sometimes too much excessive movement is an issue…i can live with that too…i use the appropriate lens…but i can tell you i was not standing down to that ridiculously unprofessional behaviour….he would have had a problem…not the couple…he would…

  • 09/19/13 at 06:48

    At our wedding just under 4 weeks ago, our non=denominational officiant was aware that he was only there for the legal part- My brother would be doing the traditional Ojibway blanket ceremony as our marriage ceremony. He confirmed with us the Tuesday before that he would do the legal bit, and get out of the way. Well, that’s not what happened. My husband is Caucasian and I am Native & Caucasian and the officiant ended up telling a story starting with “I didn’t get permission from the bride & groom to do this…butttt” and told the story about all the crayons in the box being different colours, but still getting along…. I, my husband, AND our guests were flabbergasted.

  • Shar D.
    09/19/13 at 08:00

    I feel for all involved here. Maybe a lesson is to be learned here and all of us photographer, Officiates and bride/grooms should meet prior to understand each others wants and needs.

  • 09/19/13 at 08:06

    Exactly this guy didn’t do him homework.

  • 09/19/13 at 08:04

    Obvious the photographer didn’t take care of all the things he needed too, When you are going to photograph a wedding you ask the priest or whoever is doing the service what he likes and does not like the photographer to be. It’s all a matter of respect. The photographer didn’t do his homework obviously a novice and not a professional.

  • Megan
    09/19/13 at 08:14

    I was there, actually. The minister told the photographers to leave the front of the area, leaving them no place to go except way off to the side or the rear. So they went to the back so they could get the bride’s and groom’s faces. The minister had an attitude right from the get-go. A real stiff prick of an angry little man who thought he owned the whole expanse of a lawn provided to everyone.

  • 09/20/13 at 08:23

    Good to get feedback from someone that was there….its the same thing i thought…there are important aspects that the photographer/videographer have to use their judgement to move in on…and the officiant should be wise enough to understand that…clearly that was not the case

  • 09/20/13 at 10:30

    I won’t go into the logistics of shooting but I will say that the camera operator had the wrong shot back there. The camera should have been slightly to either side of the couple in the area between the couple and the priest.


    To either side between the parents sitting and the couple. Depending on which way the couple were going to face.

    But behind the priest? Who wants to see the back of someone taking up two thirds of the screen?

  • 09/19/13 at 08:29

    If he wasn’t allowed in the aisle OR behind the officient, where was he supposed to go? On top of the “chuppa?” Be careful of your officient. He is not a catholic priest, he’s a minister. ANYONE can become a minister on-line.

  • Gawd
    09/19/13 at 09:39

    It is this sort of patriarchal control that made me shun organized religion years ago. I’m ordained and can marry people. I could give two sheets about the distractions around me while marrying someone. Just another uptight patriarch with control issues. More bad publicity for the Church.

  • Gawd
    09/19/13 at 09:43

    Maybe he was a registered sex offender and did not want the local law enforcement to find out he was at a park with children.

  • 09/19/13 at 09:47

    Here’s how it works: Everyone at that wedding was either a guest or an employee of the bride and the groom. So the official need to shut up and do his job and the photagrapher needs to shut up and do his job and if there’s a problem then the person designated, if anyone, needs to deal with it. I don’t care if the photagrapher was wrong or not I would have stopped payment to the priest for screwing up my wife’s wedding and I might have hit him for screwing it up too. As for God, that’s between him and I.

  • 09/19/13 at 10:21

    Being a priest at a wedding and taking the time out to rebuke and get angry at someone, just shows someone who is not full of love nor compassion.

    I remember a wedding where the priest took a long time in his sermon to rebuke gay weddings. There is a time and place for everything, a wedding is about the couple.

    If this priest was really upset he should go to the photographers and videographers afterwards to yell at them.

    But not in a middle of the ceremony, it’s about the bride and the groom.

  • Ashley Marie
    09/19/13 at 10:41

    If the bride and groom are upset with their officiant then the truly do not know the meaning behind the wedding. This is why they are having at least a Christian ceremony to have God as a part of their marriage. I agree with the officiant 100%.

  • VMC
    09/19/13 at 11:11

    It really comes down to equal parts fault on the part of the officiant and the photographer. The officiant should have communicated his photography wishes to the photographer, and the photographer should have asked the officiant’s rules before the ceremony started. Basically, this situation never should have happened if the photographer was a true professional. Always, always, ALWAYS double-check the officiant’s wishes! This makes me so mad.

  • Doug
    09/20/13 at 12:54

    This priest was definitely a jerk. I hope he sees the video and is ashamed of himself.

  • Ray
    09/20/13 at 01:58

    Has anyone heard of a REHEASAL? Solves all problems…invasive photogs & sensitive pastors/priest….

  • Kevin Ruic
    09/20/13 at 04:33

    As one of the few Catholic Ministers around let me say that the alter in the church is a no-no except from the sides. I understand that I’m only there for a few minutes and the wedding album is there forever. I allow a certain amount of leniency but when the picture taking takes precedent over the ceremony something has to give. I demand that the photographers that will be filming the wedding be at the rehearsal and we sit down and go over everything. I feel it is important to have a good understanding on the rules of the road and I will do whatever it takes within certain limits to accomplish a beautiful wedding as well as beautiful memories.

  • Yomi Jones
    09/20/13 at 06:50

    The photog and videog were all up in that priests grill. No wonder he clipped them back a pace (very rudely btw). The people making comments that the bride should have stepped to the priest are hilarious. Well, guess we could have watched a bad situation get worse if she had.

    Bottom line, those two ‘professionals’ should not have been so close, and the third professional shouldn’t have been so rude in his reminding of them.

  • PJ McKenna
    09/20/13 at 07:37

    If it were about God, the couple would have nodded in agreement. Because they were obviously shocked and appalled, it was clearly about the 3-4 grand they spent on the photography as well as the priest placing his own self-righteousness above the bride and groom’s most important moment as a couple.

  • Mike
    09/20/13 at 08:16

    I’ll never shoot weddings professionally. Of those I have shot for friends and family I have gone over details to the nth degree and even then there is always a curveball that was not anticipated. The clergy needs to also be respectful of the wedding party – they want the day recorded in pictures – and video with sound – it’s their day. This is horrible and the laugh is rightly on this minister. Would someone post his name and location? Maybe he would like to offer a comment … and an apology?

  • 09/20/13 at 10:25

    What sort of a shot is that anyway? Back of priests bald head?

    The camera op should not have been there. That priest would have felt very uncomfortable having crew directly behind him while he is trying to work..

    I think the priest should have politely told the crew that it’s a bit uncomfortable and creepy having people directly behind him and if they could please move to the side rather than go nuts.

    But it was a bad angle anyway and we don’t want to see the back of the priests bald head.

  • 09/20/13 at 10:41

    Yeah, NOT! If it’s about God, did he forgo his fee? After all… it’s about God and the priest preforming a ‘service’ – right? The videographer’s were paid to do a job, I imagine. Just wrong.

  • 09/20/13 at 12:37

    Well if he is God’s representative and is acting in a “god like manner” then I’m afraid it does not say a lot for God. These gobsh”””s need to re-evaluate their vocations and re-establish some facts for themselves particularly as to why they took their vows in the first place. A bit of soul searching needs to take place. WhiIe I know that respect is respect, I also believe it must be earned …… not commanded. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, excuses his outburst. His lack of respect for the couple that he is supposed to “serve” and the people he is supposed to show leadership to and give spiritual guidance to is appalling to say the very least. How can a cranky bastard like that claim to be a representative of God and stand for goodness, kindness, forgiveness and serve humanity. I’m sure he was commanding a nice fee for his service.

    There is no excuse for his behaviour and he should resign his post and position if he has a spark of decency in him. He is no representative of God.

    If God in all his goodness, kindness, forgiveness, tolerance and “turning the other cheek” is anything like this guy then I would be happy to take my chances elsewhere.

  • Carolyn Jordan
    09/20/13 at 08:15

    Pro photog here. Geesh, why can’t everyone just get along and be happy? Professional vendors leave their egos at the door and work in tandem to create a wonderful day for their client. I have politely asked videographers to move out of my shot, I have politely asked DJ’s to not announce important things while I am visiting the ladies room; There should be no drama, EVER, within earshot or sight of the bride. The priest could have handled this so much better. In the minimum, he could have quickly turned around and said “hey guys, you’re a bit distracting, please step back.” Seems a bit hypocritical for a “holy man” to be so nasty and egotistical.

  • Tim McD
    09/20/13 at 09:02

    That priest is an arsehole, plain & simple. I’ve shot so many weddings and yes I always collaborate with the priest, videographer, singers, chauffeurs etc. to make it smooth & discreet. The videographer & photographer were obviously in place sometime before the gobshite in the collar decided to have his power trip. Unfortunately I’ve met small men like that all to often & though I usually placate such narcissistic individuals I’ve met one or two like him who think that it’s their show and not the bride & grooms (who in this video were obviously more upset by the baldy prick than what the two hired professionals were doing).

  • TomLick
    09/20/13 at 10:22

    This you called ‘Yell’ ??? The priest was very polite by apealing ‘please’ repeatedly. In my country we would have shouted with the f word & more…chairs would fly….

  • 09/20/13 at 11:53

    Wow, and the bride and groom look mortified.

  • Shannon
    06/18/14 at 03:11

    Agreed! If you watch this news report with a short clip from the wedded couple in it her exact words to how she felt was “embarrassed and mortified” though she didn’t have to say it, it’s written all over both their faces.

  • Bran Tregare
    09/21/13 at 03:34

    apparently people are incapable of reading :(

    the photographer already stated REPEATEDLY that he had spoken with the officiant before the wedding and the only restriction on positioning was not to enter the aisle.

    HE ALSO stated that he was using a telephoto lens and was not that close to the officiant. if the sound of the shutter was picked up by the sound system then the bloody microphones were not positioned correctly or were the wrong type.

    the officiant was WAY out of line, period there were far better ways to handle it and he chose none of them.

    I am an officiant and would NEVER dare to ruin a bride and grooms wedding day like this. the officiant is wrong, the ceremony is not “about god” it is about bringing a couple together for one hopes will be the rest of their life.

  • Charese
    09/21/13 at 10:51

    Some of these reply’s are just so crazy to me! I am a professional and yes communication is key, however, what photographer in their right mind thinks the day is about them if they are grabbing a close shot? Just because I am close doesn’t mean : “YAY everyone is looking at me! HELL YA! GOOD LUCK BRIDE!” REALLY? REALLY? I think all you photogs who are like “OMG – they should be getting far away shots and only getting the back of their heads” should get the hell out of Wedding photography! I am getting paid high dollar to photograph and my brides are getting amazing photos that all you “fly on the wall photogs” who are too scared to enter the “grey” zone aren’t getting! Honestly – this is so stupid when I read “this day isn’t about you photographer” – really – get a grip and get your old butt out of photography – times have changed and I am getting images that you would never have the courage to get! I do communicate with the officiant however, I am there to do a job and that is to provide the BEST images for my client, with out hanging out. Seems like to me the one who thought the day was all about them was the – OFFICIANT! Oh – no – I said it!

  • AJ
    09/21/13 at 11:24

    Regardless of what the photographer may or may not have been doing, the priest’s behavior was way out of line and completely unacceptable. Threatening to stop the ceremony and completely ruin this couples wedding over some pictures?? Unbelievable!

    And In the photographer’s defense, he has said that he was using a telephoto lense so it’s hard to tell how close he actually was. Also he said that he did speak to the priest beforehand. And it’s not a church. He’s not up on the alter. That couple paid him to do a job, so the priest has no right to order him not to do it. Even if the photographer was annoying, the priest should have controlled himself and not made a scene. Look at the poor couple’s reaction. It’s the priest they’re horrified and humiliated by.

  • Dez
    09/21/13 at 12:35

    The priest’s actions were inexcusable! No matter his feelings or beliefs at that point, he should have set ground rules before starting the ceremony, not during.

    As far as the photographer goes, he was doing his job. Everyone has an opinion on how the job should be done, but at the end of the day, it’s ultimately up to the bride and groom to decide if they feel the photographer is being obtrusive or obnoxious- not the officiant and certainly not us!

    To all of the “wedding photographers” jumping down the photogs throat about where he should be, the equipment he should have, the clothes he should wear, the angles he should capture- SHUT UP! This dude was doing his job without a hitch. There were no disgruntled looks on the faces of the bride and groom( The Freaking Paying Customers!!!!!) before the Priest’s outburst. Even after his outburst, they didn’t have looks of agreement and vindication! They didn’t seem relieved that the Priest took the time to threaten their entire day to chastise, rebuke, and instruct the photographer they hired! They seemed shocked and appalled by his outburst!

    No one was wrong except the Priest! All were wronged except the Priest!

  • 09/21/13 at 01:56

    Wow.. That pastor just ruined her wedding. She, no doubt, was paying the guy to capture the sacred moment.

  • dan
    09/21/13 at 02:22

    Another a-hole priest.
    Geez, haven’t we had enough of these human lesions?

  • Tee
    09/21/13 at 03:26

    I am a professional photographer and although not a wedding photographer, I have photographed quite a few events from small birthday parties to extremely high-end fundraisers. Every single person hired for a professional event-from the caterer to the music to the guy who walks around with a trash bag picking up your dirty plates-is an “employee” of the person who is writing the checks and every one of those people have a job to do. I have worked with too many “rock-star” [enter career of choice here] who think that they are the most important function of an event and tend to bring that attitude with them to the job. It’s quite apparent that both the photographer and the priest displayed this attitude, and they were both at fault; the priest for being so unprofessional as to cause an embarrassing outburst at one of the most important events of a couple’s life, and the photographer who saw nothing wrong with arguing back. Obviously the priest was out of line but at that point there was nothing to be done; the photographer should have handled it more professionally by simply keeping quiet and moving away so as not to interrupt further, regardless of his position/opinion on the situation. Both the photographer and the priest are nothing more than paid employees, provided this was in fact, an outdoor wedding not held on church grounds. And let’s leave the whole “god” argument out of it; someone’s belief does not make them a more important player in a situation such as this. It is the couple’s event to be held the way they would like and since they are the ones planning and paying for it, it is their call and that is the bottom line.

  • Steve
    09/22/13 at 06:54

    If kamrul reads this Id like to know who posted the video and why they posted it? It must be your footage and obviously not a clip you would include in the final edit so who posted it?

  • 09/23/13 at 01:23

    Hi STEVE,

    Bride’s brother Michael posted it on YouTube, just to laugh about it and share it with friends and family. Then it took off. I am not sure yet, maybe bride and groom want this clip to be in edited copy.

  • Jerry, 50yrs photog (retired)
    09/22/13 at 07:06

    Kamrul Hasan: your “photography” approach seemed more like you were a paparazzi. You should have scoped all ANGLES out first. You should have mocked or staged the bride/groom scenario with your “crew” so as to give you the right capture/angles, instead of finding a position that was obviously directly right behind the priest (intrusive).

    To accomplish the distant capture from the back you should have told the bride/groom that those curtains needed to be a bit further apart so as to give you the necessary distant shots. To accomplish those back scene location shots, you should have been at least 30 feet away from the back of that official. No one wants to see a bunch of paparazzi standing 6 feet right behind the presiding official especially when you were making noises etc, it doesn’t matter what religion or “restrictions” you believe the official may or may not have.

    The point is people, YOU as a photographer are not being paid simply to take photos, you need to be INVISIBLE, UNNOTICEABLE and UNHEARD OF all the while capturing someone’s memorable moment. You cut the BS out and guessing game of restrictions by performing your duties as a pro photographer. That’s what separates the big dogs (pro photogs) and little dogs (amatueur photogs). Instead, the video captures evidence of your inexperience. The blame is on you the photographer for failing to perform YOUR duties, no one else.

  • Cathy
  • 09/23/13 at 08:57

    I’ve solemnized more than 400 weddings over 14 years. I ALWAYS approach the photographers before the ceremony and tell them, “Don’t be shy! Move around! Get as close as you can. Let’s get this couple the best pics they can possibly have today.” I am always thanked profusely, and told that some Officiants are not as accommodating, and that I am considered a “breath of fresh air”. Though I’ve never “met” one of these “controlling preachers” till now.

    There will never be another ring on the finger moment. There will never be another kiss the bride moment. These ARE those moments!

    The Wedding Day is NOT the Priest’s day. It belongs to the couple. And despite what some of the folks above think, he is VERY expendable to the whole process. If he were to walk out, all they’d need do is contact someone else to finish their paperwork, (even at city hall) of course, after living with the humiliation this preacher caused.

    He should be ashamed of himself! if you want to argue with me privately, or if you’d like the advice of a wedding minister who cares more about the couple’s happiness, rather than controlling the situation and ruining the Day for the whole family!

  • Wally
    11/22/13 at 07:24

    This could have happened in any church or venue and by a minister/pastor of ANY denomination or religion. The man happens to be a priest; a priest of the Episcopal Church. I read about this story in another place and the ASSumption made by many, because the word “priest” was used was that he was a Catholic priest. I just want to clear the air on this one. Nice to know the facts before we go off criticizing a particular brand of Christianity only to learn that we were attacking the wrong one, based on ASSumptions and not facts.

    IMHO the officiant could have and should have handled things a lot better. But like it or not, he is in charge of the event, not the couple. They are free to have a non-religious wedding if they desire. That means go get a license and let the civil clerk “perform” it right then and there. No Scripture readings, no sermon, no mention of God, fidelity, children, obligations….nothing. Just a basic statement that you and you wish to marry each other. Period. That’s a couple’s right. Ask for a clergyperson to officiate and there are rules. Membership in a church. Pre-marriage classes. Compatibility survey. Paperwork. Questions about previous marriage(s) and how they ended. Any children from prior marriages and are they being provided for. And the issue of the ceremony itself. Decent professional photographers talk to the minister beforehand so as to know the rules. It’s not their place to run around snapping flash photos or turning a religious ceremony into a circus. It is distracting to the minister and cheapens the event. But this man should either have but his lip, gone on with the program and then given the photographers a piece of his mind later, and in private. What he did was make it all about him and shoed zero compassion for the couple, the errant photographers and made himself look like one spoiled little brat. Suck it up next time, Rev., and you’ll be remembered as a saint. Do a repeat performance of throwing a hissy fit and you will be remembered as one big bald ayhole for the next hundred years.

  • 09/23/13 at 09:10

    An after thought: would that Priest have yelled if a small child had wandered away from her caretaker in the middle of the ceremony, encroaching on the altar (as sometimes happens)? Or would he have smiled and gone on with GRACE?

  • Alexander
    09/23/13 at 03:31

    The priest didn’t handle the situation well, but I can understand the frustration: if you ask a priest to do your wedding it’s because you want a religious ceremony. If that’s the case, then the wedding is about the couple, God, and lifelong commitment–not the photo album. Weddings very often turn into circus events where the main focuses are dresses, flowers, and table centerpieces rather than the stuff that really matters.

  • Chris
    09/23/13 at 04:36

    The photographer in question did ask the officiant. ANd the only rule they were told was “No one in the aisle.”

    This post implies the photographer screwed up. But according to stories I’ve read, the minister was rude through t he whole service, and rude to the family. The family was not happy with him. But this post makes it seem like the photographer was at fault.

    09/23/13 at 05:06

    The Preist/Minister was plain obnoxious. He wasn’t acting very Godley and the photographer should have just left and shut his mouth. He made it 10 times worse.
    Didn’t they know the minister or was he just “Hired” ? I think they could have found someone a little more pleasant. They have these guys on the internet if you don’t belong to a church. So many people don’t go to a church and then want someone to marry them they don’t know. If you belong to a Church, most people want it inside the Church, Taking a big
    change having it outside. Could have been worse- a skunk may have decided to join them.
    Better luck next time.

  • James Willard
    09/23/13 at 06:59

    I found it quit amusing that after reading/seeing/hearing the story there is no mention of ghe religion or denomination of the “priest” in the story. I’ll bet you a Novena that he is automatically assumed to be Roman Catholic. He could be, of course. But no mention of his name, the couple’s name, a location or the name of the church he is affiliated with….assuming he’s not some mail order minister. Those are the kind some couples find online through ads when they are not themselves particularly religious, but want to have at least an air of religiousness to appease the folks or grandparents. Where is the “altar”? Why is the “priest” wearing clerical attire and not liturgical attire. A mere stole around his neck would certainly not be what a bona fide Catholic priest would wear when performing a Nuptial! And the venue? Outdoors, perhaps at someone’s home or some other nice location other than a Church? Not generally what a CATHOLIC Church permits.

    The priest (or minister, rent-a-clergy or whomever) behaved horribly. IMHO he did far more to lessen the “sanctity” of the occasion by his harshness and intolerance than a pair of professional photographers walking all about and acting like it was a concert. But the lingering question: WHO IS HE and what is his status? I seriously doubt he is a Roman Catholic priest. And the couple sure did not say a word about any religious element to their ceremony….other than to berate a priest who was obviously frustrated and distracted and should have handled things much more professionally.

  • Lizzy
    09/23/13 at 08:40

    I wondered myself so I looked on Sure enough, the priest in question is said to be Episcopalian. Actually the expression should be an Episcopal priest who would of course be “an Episcopalian.”

  • Mike P.
    09/23/13 at 08:01

    “OMG Priest Stops A Wedding To Yell At Photographer”

    Drama, drama everywhere…….especially in news stories. The priest most certainly did not yell at anyone. He addressed the photographers as “sirs” and spoke in normal tones. Take issue with what he did, but no need to pretend he yelled at anyone. He gave a clear direction that the photographers need to cease what they were doing and leave. Period.

    I’m not defending the way he went about all this. But claiming that he yelled is just misleading and false.

  • Sultry Clue
    09/24/13 at 01:31

    It has to do with how the Priest handled the situation. He could have lowered his voice, perhaps not even interrupted the couple at all as he politely asked the photographer to move to a different position. But you know how it is with hindsight.

    IMO the Priest could have acted with taste, tact and class for the sake of this couple and their guests. He did not.

  • Rizzo the Rat
    09/24/13 at 09:01

    Why are people calling this guy a priest? This isn’t a Catholic ceremony and the officiant isn’t a Catholic priest! He is some other sort of minister. Catholic priests can’t officiate weddings outside of a church.

  • JAG
    09/24/13 at 05:41

    The RevAngelle Keiffer seems to be a realist and understands WHAT really matters is the memory we’ll look back on in 20, 30 or more years. Kamrul Hasan you seem to be a consummate professional who only wanted to capture/preserve those future memories. Kudos to you.

    We can all argue about who was right and who was wrong, the bottom line and the only important point was that a couple was getting married and chose to have professionals work for them to create a memory of a lifetime. One ‘professional’ was everything but!

    Event professionals are paid to do their JOBS as professionally and ethically as possible. A priest is a paid employee at the wedding. He is there to do a JOB and should have enough respect for other professionals to respect that they are there to do their JOBS too. We all choose to work in the fields that we choose. If your higher calling is religion or it’s photography, videography, planning or whatever, it’s YOUR calling. Whether you’re paid in legal funds or in prayers (“donations” are pay too) you are still in the employ of the couple who’s wonderful memories and experience are the ultimate goal for those of us who perform our services professionally. You have no business on ANY grounds to ruin their memory. Religion is a choice and a priest or any clergy is lucky that they have been chosen to officiate at the event. As service providers we are all grateful to each of our clients for allowing us to share in and bring their memories to life.

    Like their views on abortion, homosexuality or birth control are outdated so are the rules many religious leaders try to enforce of how a couple chooses to celebrate their love and to create and capture those memories. Religion is a JOB for those officiants. Like every mortal, we must all adapt in our lives and in our JOBS in order to stay relevant. It’s no wonder 90% of the leads we get are choosing to marry outside of their church. Shame on anyone who interferes with the future of memories. You’re probably living in the past.

  • Cathy
    09/25/13 at 02:09

    Kamrul, My fear is that you have learned nothing from this experience. While you claim to be a professional photographer with eight years experience photographing weddings, if your LinkedIn profile is to be believed your primary job is in the textile industry. In fact, photography is only mentioned fourth among your interests after Fashion, Men’s Wear, Design and Graphic Design.
    I’ve looked at your work and there is no denying that you are a creative and talented photographer. That said, if you are now choosing to expand your hobby into a business you must learn from your mistakes.
    A professional photographer DOES NOT place himself behind the priest and bride and groom in full view of family and friends assembled during the ceremony, it is distracting.
    A professional photographer DOES NOT argue with the officiant when asked to move. You can recreate the scene later, should the couple desire, and let them deal with the priest if their wishes and his rules were not understood.
    A professional photographer WOULD NOT have had his/her clip posted on You Tube creating the uproar this couple has now been subjected to…
    And a professional photographer WOULD NOT on public posts and within earshot of the assembled guests have ‘given the priest a piece of my mind’ and called him ‘an asshole.’
    A professional learns from their mistakes and ALWAYS treats clients and others he/she may come in contact with during the course of their duties with respect. Mutter whatever you wish in your head, but keep outbursts and undesirable comments to yourself.
    You may be the greatest photographer in the world, but if you can’t understand this you will never be a professional.

  • 09/25/13 at 05:44

    @ CATHY

    I hope your fear goes way very soon. Yes, I’ve been shooting wedding for over 7-8 years, thank you, you actually looked me up. You are correct, I also have knowledge in textile industry and am still involve. But my linked in profile is of course out of date. As a child I didn’t know I was going to be a wedding photographer rather I wanted to join in arm force, so putting photography in my fourth interest doesn’t make me less photographer and putting arm forces in first interests doesn’t make me a special agent. Thank you for taking your valuable time to check my creative work. Yes I am expanding my business and of course we all learn from our mistakes, you wrote “A professional photographer DOES NOT place himself behind the priest and bride and groom in full view of family and friends assembled during the ceremony, it is distracting” I wish you were there to witness the ceremony setting. Anyways, there were nine bridesmaids, nine groomsmen including the couple and priest 21 people were standing basically they all covered me from family and friends and it wasn’t distracting to them at all. I don’t think you watched the clip carefully. I did not argue with the officiant, I ONLY asked him where do you want me to be? He said “anywhere other than here”. I immediately moved to the right (at least 30 feet away from the altar) unfortunately I don’t think you don’t think you understand the term “capture true moments” when groom sees his bride for the first time, that expression CANNOT BE RECREATED. If you recreate – its call fake look and most couple won’t like it. Their wishes were clearly understood, to have a beautiful ceremony that they can cherish for lifetime. If he were the Man of book he should have cleared his rules with the couple and their family before, but he didn’t do that – he just expected them to guess his rules. Please read more articles to improve your knowledge I did not post that clip. Bride wanted to share with some family friends, on her request videographer sent her the clip and later her brother posted on YouTube. Well when I said I did give him peace of mind I didn’t mean that I physically tortured him. Yes I did apologize for saying that he is an asshole, but that came out of anger for his awkward behavior. I have respect for all religious leaders, regardless of their religion. I dearly respect all my clients, family members and other vendor that I work together. I totally agree with you “Mutter whatever you wish in your head, but keep outbursts and undesirable comments to yourself”.

    I should have been more diplomatic on my comments. Since this is the first incident of this kind in my career – I will definitely take this as a great lesson. I might not be the greatest photographer in the world. But I definitely know how to value client in highest level as possible.

    One tiny advice for you – please do little more research before making comments about the incident. Also, hope you heard this term before. “You weren’t in my shoes”

    I am a human, priest is a human also. NOT GOD, we all make mistakes – and we should know how to apologize for our mistakes and don’t repeat them. I won’t be an arrogant individual to claim. I am perfect.

  • Cathy
    09/25/13 at 12:21

    Kamrul, thank you for your detailed response. I was not ‘in your shoes’ but I did do the research before making my comments. I have been to the wedding site several times before this incident and am very familiar with the setting.
    1. There is no place for a photographer and videographer to stand behind the priest and the couple without being obtrusive to the ceremony and guests unless you are out on the lake. Your only professional options are to shoot from the sides or from the behind the assembled guests, on a ladder or stool with a telephoto lens if necessary.
    2. You did prolong the agony after your comment of ‘where do you want me to be’. In the video you can be heard asking the couple ‘What do you want me to do?’ putting them on the spot. After this the priest responded, ‘Leave or I will stop.’ You left when the bride commented to her soon-to-be husband ‘They are not supposed to be there.’
    3. The priest DID meet with the bride and groom and the rules of photography at an Episcopal marriage ceremony were explained to them. They went home with a printed copy of these rules as do all couples who this priest to officiate at their wedding. If the couple did not communicate this to you that is an oversight on their part, not the priest’s.
    4. In a video response on one of the sites covering this video Noelle states that you posted the clip for the family and her brother re-posted it on YouTube, I stand corrected.

    I’m happy to hear you have apologized. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  • Shannon
    06/18/14 at 01:40

    You’re completely blowing smoke out your ass. Almost nothing you said was even true. No one says “they can’t be here”, he does leave pretty much right away I mean the priest didn’t even give him a chance. He said please move and immediately went off on him. Where did you read they took home a copy of the regulations? I would like a link to that. I don’t expect a bible thumper like you to bash a priest but do you really not find anything wrong with what he did? Also idk why you act like you were there and bffs with the bride. ABC reported on this story and had the couple in a small clip talking about incident. The groom even confirms what Kumrul says, that the only restriction given was to not be in the aisle. I don’t understand how you are getting on this guy for literally everything, even making stuff up….stalking his Linkedin profile and even judging him for that!!WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MATTER IF PHOTOGRAPHY WAS 4TH ON HIS INTEREST LIST! how can you judge this man so unfairly without seeing ANYTHING wrong with what that priest did. In the ABC video the bride states she was mortified-not at the photographer, the priest! Not everyone humps bibles all day like you do-this couple may have been very religious but they could just as easily not be so much and just wanted a perfect wedding. Either way the bride and groom clearly did not appreciate what the priest did and it’s their day they should get EVERY say, so long as it’s not inside the church. I am sending you a link of the ABC video to confirm what I said is true, unlike you. You’re welcome!

  • 09/25/13 at 12:18

    As a Wedding Officiant,myself, I encourage the Photographers to get as many Pictures as they can, even to get behind me and get the “shots” that the Couple will remember afterwards, such as the “Ring Exchange” and the “Candle Lighting” or the “Sand Pouring” or the mixing of the Wine, These are what the Couple paid for and should have them recorded on Film. I remind the Photographers that the Couple will remember what they did, not what I did other than make them Husband and Wife, Important but not as memorable without the Pictures. That officiant should get out of the business of Weddings, and stick to funerals. That is about the only good thing he might be good at.

  • 09/25/13 at 07:39

    Look at it from the point of view of a professional execution of a role.

    If a musician in a band plays a duff note, the measure of professionality is how quickly it’s glossed-over, down-played and enjoyment resumed (if anyone did notice) rather than drawing attention to it.

    The same goes for the priest in this case. Whether the photographers were in the right place or not, especially the degree to which they’d discussed it in advance, is irrelevant. He had his role to perform but chose to stop and make a scene of it when he had plenty opportunity *not* to. That is just crass.

  • Tamara xxx
    10/02/13 at 09:35

    So well said xx

  • alex
    09/29/13 at 06:14

    Too bad this all boils down to “to do what you are being paid for” scenario… Where’s the respect for authority and the acceptance that something was done wrong?

    Church weddings, be it done inside or outside, should be treated with respect whether you’re a believer or not. As a photographer, as I am myself, I should be more informed and more responsible with my actions given an instruction or not.

    Regardless of religion, they all share a common treatment. Sad to say, a false reaction from an officiating minister would only be triggered if we go beyond the limits. DO NOT COME IN THE AISLE” YOU CAN BE ANYWHERE ELSE, I DON’T CARE” can mean a lot. I would normally ask for a detailed statement before I jump into conclusion I can be everywhere I want. Being at the back of a Minister is a big NO. Unless you do it with a boom. :) But this rule varies among other ministers or religious groups.

    Kamrul, I liked it when you said, ” I will definitely take this as a great lesson.” Yes, we all go through a learning process. To stop learning is to stop growing and mature in our chosen field. God bless you!

  • 09/30/13 at 07:06

    your 2nd photographer is wearing a hoodie to a wedding, enough said

  • Tamara xxx
    10/02/13 at 09:27

    Kamrul, you needn’t explain yourself. The only negative comments youre receiving are from people who value a MAN who PREACHES of God yet cant see past the uniform to genuinely feel acts and people of Love and those that are acting in opposition to that, no matter where and in what circumstance. Its a very sad world when people cant see past the uniform to see the person wearing it.

    The horrified faces on the bride and groom speak volumes. Its their wedding and I can tell you as someone whos been married that those clicks on your camera wouldnt have bothered them in the slightest. Nor God, dare I say.

    He was totally out of line. Im actually shocked that theres any debate on this matter but reading the content of those that are attacking you I think its fair to kindly disregard them all with a mere head shake.

    Some battles arent worth fighting especially when peoples eyes are so wide shut. Stacks of love to you. Im so sorry you have to deal with all these internet trolls, I know how hard it can be being on the receiving end of such attacks whether warranted or not, even worse that the majority are doing it in the name of someone who so fervently teaches the opposite xxxx

  • Shannon
    06/18/14 at 02:36

    This is the best comment I’ve read so far and one of the few to not piss me off. I agree completely. If you watch this video ABC reports on the story but there is also a small clip with the bride and groom talking about their wedding day, the bride claims she was mortified by her priests actions, which like you said was evident on both their faces. I too can’t believe there are so many disagreements on who ruined the wedding. I could maybe understand if it were in a church but it wasn’t either way it’s the priests fault for not being specific(“you can stand anywhere besides the aisle”) and flying off the handle bars. I’m not religious and I’ve tried to respect those who are but I can’t anymore, why respect people who don’t respect your opinions back, who are so close minded to anything negative about their church no matter how asinine. I honestly think people on here would stand up for those priests in the news who molested little boys because god and priests and the bible of course could not possibly ever be wrong. Their way I thinking is disgusting. It’s ironic that those who want gods acceptance so badly are the least accepting people.

  • 10/04/13 at 12:55

    Reblogged this on Will Hey Photography and commented:
    Never had a Priest this bad!

  • 11/23/13 at 06:57

    The problem here is the photographer appears to have little experience. He’s rattling off shots a dime a dozen and the shutter noise is becoming intrusive. All you need to do is capture the exchange of rings and the kiss, you don’t a few hundred shots of them standing there doing nothing.

  • 04/15/14 at 02:39

    Oh, my! As an officiant, there’s NO way would I stop a wedding to yell at the photographer! What a great vantage point the photographer and videographer had. I might have been jealous! -I became a officiant, after 17 years as a photographer ;) My couples pay a lot for photography, after the cake is gone, and the dress no longer fits, the photography is all that’s left. He was totally out of line. If he can’t handle the distractions of a few camera clicks, then he should not be presiding over wedding ceremonies. And to threaten to walk off and not do the job be was paid to do?? Completely unprofessional…

  • Shannon
    06/18/14 at 02:05

    People please watch this video that I’ll post below. While everyone has their opinions and I won’t be able to change the minds of bible thumping idiots because we all know thats like arguing with a 2 year old and you’re never going to win or accomplish anything. If you are open minded and not going to jump on the photographer immediately like others have please watch this. It is ABCs report on the story and they include a real short interview from couple and how they felt about the incident. Also note that I’m not lumping all religious people together as bible thumping idiots, just the ones who are so stubborn, set in their ways, and close minded to see that while the photographer should have got more clarification on where he could be the priest was ultimately the one who ruined the wedding.

  • Shannon
  • 09/11/14 at 01:30

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  • william5849
    09/16/14 at 04:25

    When I saw this, I was shocked. As a Tampa Wedding Photographer, I would be devastated if this happened to me.

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