8 Most Romantic “How We Met” Stories

From open-mic nights to CPR class, each one of these couples has an amazing story. Read them — and then click over to see their gorgeous real wedding albums too!

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Elizabeth & Kristof

“We met doing laundry. I was dog sitting for my aunt and was adding my clothes to the dryer when I noticed Kristof, and we struck up a conversation. We talked a number of times that night as we came back and forth to do our laundry. There were only two machines in the building, so he had to wait on me. My aunt had lived in the building for many years, and after that day, Kristof stopped by my aunt’s apartment and asked for my number.”

From the album of: A Barnyard Chic Wedding In Carmel Valley, CA
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Tracy & Matt

“We met at the Sidewalk Café in New York City at their famous open-mic night on Monday, where we were both performing original music on guitar. I asked Matt to sit with me so I wouldn't be waiting to perform by myself for five hours, and he obliged. Later that night we both attended his friend’s birthday party at a nearby bar where we sang a duet to ‘Cruisin’ by Smokey Robinson. (Little did we know -- we’d later sing it again together on our wedding night.)”

From the album of: An Old World Wedding in New York, NY
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Katarina & Justin

“Justin and I are both surfers and he owns a surfboard company called AKA Surfboards. I purchased some AKA Surfboards and was riding them while I was living in Florida. Justin was living in California. I submitted some surf photos riding the AKA Surfboards to Transworld Surf Online and the online editor (Justin Cote) happened to be friends with my Justin and said, ‘Hey, this girl is riding your boards -- you should give her a good deal!’ so he put us in touch. We corresponded via phone and email for about a year until I got a skateboarding gig/shoot in California and needed a ride from the airport. Well, Justin said, ‘I think we should meet!’ He picked me up at the San Diego Airport, and just months later I moved to California. The rest is history!”

From the album of: A Summer Coastline Wedding in Little River, CA
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Patrick & Ed

"Ed and I met at Bristol Bar in Columbus, Ohio, a newly opened Martini Bar. We had both ordered the Bristol Black Martini described on the menu as a martini ‘on the dark side of good behavior,’ which got a conversation started that continues to this day."

From the album of: A Modern Wedding In Edgerton, KS
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Sandi & Emir

Emir and I met at a wedding in Orlando, Florida. I was the wedding coordinator and he was a guest at the wedding and a friend of the groom. I arrived at the hotel that morning and hopped in the elevator to check on the bride, and Emir was in the same elevator. He asked if I was there for the wedding and I explained that I was the wedding planner. He followed me around all day to see if he could help with anything, and then he asked me to stay for a drink at the hotel after the wedding was over. We both realized there was something very real between us.”

From the album of: A Formal Romantic Wedding in Orlando, FL
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Corinna & Andrew

"Instead of asking me out on dates, I guess for fear of being rejected, Andrew asked me to go on ‘adventures’ with him. On our adventures we would do things like go to Ikea, go to the movies or walk to the faraway FedEx. Our adventures became more and more frequent until one of those adventures became a real date.”

From the album of: A Bright Spring Wedding In Boylston, MA
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Emily & Kevin

“We met the first week of medical school during orientation in CPR class. We were partners and Kevin did the Heimlich maneuver on me!”

From the album of: A Bright Spring Wedding In Kansas City, MO
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Beth & Tony

I met Tony at a Swing Out New Hampshire dance camp I attended one summer with a few friends. On the last night of the camp, they had an all-night dance. At one point around 3 a.m., Tony and I found ourselves dancing together and no longer switching partners, which is a big no-no at a swing dance. We danced together until 7 a.m. Neither of us had ever felt so connected to another person before -- it truly was chemistry!”

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