This Bride Had 80 Bridesmaids!

Bride With 80 Bridesmaids

A dance teacher in the UK had all 74 of her dance academy students plus 6 family and friends for her wedding attendants…that’s 80 total bridesmaids! (The average bride in America chooses 4-5 bridesmaids — so we’re talking 16 times that!). Her bridesmaids ranged in age from 2 to 17 and all wore matching floor-length magenta gowns. There were so many bridesmaids that they had to close down the street in front of the church so that they had enough room to line up for the processional.  The bride told the UK’s The Mirror that she, “Didn’t want to exclude anyone.” We know choosing bridesmaids can be hard, but this super-sized bridal party is beyond us. What do you think?


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  • Sabrina
    08/12/13 at 03:12

    No one needs 80 freaking bridemaids. Even royalty when they marry don’t have that many. Pretentious with a capital P!

  • 08/12/13 at 03:19

    The marriage won’t make it 5 years, too self absorbed

  • deanna
    08/12/13 at 03:36

    wow rude much?

  • Nikki
    08/12/13 at 03:46

    You are the type of person no one should be subject to being around. Can you even read? It clearly states she had her STUDENTS as a part of her wedding, that would mean their inclusion was not for her benefit but so they would feel included.

  • 08/12/13 at 04:22

    Really? Who are you to judge the outcome of the relationship by the number of bridesmaids she had? That’s kinda silly.

  • Candace
    08/13/13 at 08:42

    …this doesn’t even make any sense. O_o

  • 08/12/13 at 03:31

    Hahahahah! This is hilarious! 80?? I had 3 :)

  • Rachel Lotspeich
    08/12/13 at 03:33

    Her wedding, her choice. Who are we to judge others? Now that is true pretention. I wish them a long and happy life!

  • tracy
    08/12/13 at 04:22

    NO doubt!! Who are we to judge who and how many people a bride wants to include…everyone just needs to get over them selves!

  • daniele plumber
    08/12/13 at 03:35

    she is on the wacky side.

  • deanna
    08/12/13 at 03:38

    I think its sweet! that is basically my entire half of my wedding but I think its awesome to include all her students!

  • Harley
    08/12/13 at 03:54

    It’s not my wedding and I don’ t know them, so who the heck am I to say? She could be the sweetest person on earth for all we know. Some of you lot are quite the judgemental harpees.

  • Teresa
    08/12/13 at 03:54

    Personally I think it shows what a kind person she is for obviously not wanting to hurt any of the kids feelings. If they, as a couple, show that much compassion for other peoples children, then personally I think anyone who calls them pretentious is a bit pretentious themselves. Personally, I give all the kudos and well wishes in the world to this couple and wish them a Mega Happy Life!

  • 08/12/13 at 07:15

    You are so right, Teresa! Her students, her wedding, her choice! She could obviously afford them to all stand with her so she did! I am just wondering how many groomsmen the groom had to stand with him. :) Best wishes to the happy couple!

  • EKP
    08/12/13 at 04:06

    All I can think of is the tremendous logistical challenge that must have been…yikes. I don’t know what it says about her as a person except that she must be ridiculously organized to have a wedding party that big! Personally I feel that it’s a bit much, especially since your bridal party is typically the people who you’re closest to–had I been in a similar situation and wanted to include them all in my wedding, I would have simply invited them to be guests. But then again, I might not be the best person to ask, since I’m only having two bridesmaids!

  • 08/12/13 at 04:12

    She was the dance teacher, fun for all & bouquets for all! I bet the wedding dance was unique too!! Just as long as no one was forced & a good time was had by all. Who is to judge, she feed them didn’t she?

  • Claire
    08/12/13 at 04:12

    I am so displeased with whoever thinks it’s a good idea to bring out these attention-grabbing blog titles just for the sake of website visits and to open up the idea for women judging other women. STOP IT. The Knot, you’re supposed to CELEBRATE marriage, not judge others based on what is a SUPER SWEET gesture – she did not want to exclude her beautiful students from being involved in her wedding. I don’t see anything wrong with this. And you are certainly hurting this bride for displaying her wedding after the fact in this way. i really think this blog post should be taken down. Imagine if you did something you thought was a positive gesture for your wedding and then some national wedding magazine decides to poke fun at it? NOT COOL.

  • Harley
  • Tisa
    10/04/13 at 10:13

    I completely agree!

  • Chinadoll
    08/12/13 at 04:50

    She didn’t want to hurt some of her students feelings. So how was she supposed to pick them? I agree with her decision.

  • 08/12/13 at 06:45

    made a beautiful wedding picture! Her heart seems anything but selfish.

  • jane parks
    08/12/13 at 07:51

    that is a bit too many bridesmaids for my liking…having said that it is her wedding and if she could afford it or if dad was willing to pay who are any of us to judge what type of wedding anyone should have I think i would have loved to have seen it I am sure it was fabulouse!

  • 08/13/13 at 03:31

    May their unity be forever bless and the haters will always hate because they are not happy people prayers to them.

  • Candace
    08/13/13 at 08:46

    I can barely name 80 people I genuinely want to have as guests, let alone have that many in my bridal party. Personally, I think when you get to 7 that borders on being too much (I’m only having 3). But different strokes and whatnot. *shrug*

  • Eibe
    08/14/13 at 03:50

    For the record, certainly in the UK it was tradional to have anything up to 12 bridemaids and 12 groomsmen in a bridal procession until only a hundred years ago (or circa – it’s been a while since I looked it up).

    Today, some brides have a small close-knit group where they may choose one or two, or choose all close friends (as I did). Others may have a large group of friends and struggle to choose a small selection, so may end up aiming to include all (however strange that number may seem) or none at all!

    If there is such as thing as too many bridesmaids, is there also such a thing as too few? What would some of you say about the bride who doesn’t have attendants? By the logic that 80 bridesmaids = self-absorption, isn’t someone who goes alone and therefore is the complete centre of attention even more so? I don’t believe we have the right to point out how someone’s wedding could reflect the flaws in someone’s personality; an exact science it is not.

  • random
    08/16/13 at 12:36

    This is a PERFECT example of what ‘everybody gets a prize!’ culture does. Being a bridesmaid is supposed to be a huge honor, it means that a friend trusts you and wants you to be there to support her through one of the most stressful yet important times of her life… and via not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, she’s stripped anything special about it away. It has absolutely zero meaning to be 1/80 bridesmaids…

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