6 Brides With Short Hair


We’ve seen more than a few celebs chop it all off within the past few years (like Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway and Miley Cyrus), and now last night Queen B posted a photo of her hot new ‘do on Instagram– and it’s short! We were inspired to show off some of our favorite real brides with short hairstyles, plus how they made it look fabulous.

1. Use Netting


With a chic bob, have your hairstylist position this as a birdcage veil, or use it as a headband instead–either way it will look totally gorgeous.

2. Go Bare

short hair //  Cooper Carras

Photo: Cooper Carras

With your hair! Have a super cropped cut? Keep it simple.

3. Add A Headband

short hair // Hello Love Photo

Photo: Hello Love Photo

This chic veil alternative will add some sparkle and stay in place all day. Plus, it will hold your hair back too.

4. Pin A Crystal Comb

short hair // Moat Hill Photography

Photo: Moat Hill Photography

Clip in a sparkly pin to hold your hair in place. Use a subtle crystal comb or flower pin for an even larger statement piece.

5. Wrap A Sash

short hair // Bethany Jeffrey Photography

Photo: Bethany Jeffrey Photography

An embellished sash wrapped in your hair can add even more sparkle to an otherwise simple gown.

6. Wear A Blusher

short hair // Sam Ciudar

Photo: Sam Ciudar

A blusher veil doesn’t have to necessarily cover your face. Have your stylist place it towards the back for a more subtle look.

Do you have short hair? How are you accessorizing for your wedding day?

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