7 Controversial Wedding Trends — Love It or Leave It?

There are some trend’s we look back on and wonder “Who ever thought that was a good idea?!” (Bridesmaid dresses with shoulder pads ring a bell?) Hindsight is always 20/20, but have we really learned from past mistakes or will be banging our heads down the road when we open our wedding albums a few decades from? Which of these trends would you try and which would you pass by?

1. White bridesmaid dresses

This wedding taboo is steeped in tradition. No one’s supposed to wear white except the bride, right? But more and more brides (Pippa Middleton wore white!) are opting to put their maids in light neutrals like eccru and eggshell, and even pure white.

2. Dressed up wedding pets

Having your pet attend the wedding is one thing, but some couples are even giving them entire outfits too! You have to admit this pup is pretty cute, but are you over the dressed up dog?

3. Trashing the dress

So trashing the dress can create some pretty cute photos, and if you’re never planning on wearing your gown again why not? On the other hand, brides are going to extreme lengths to get a great photo — and that we’re not so sure about.

4. Footless sandals for a beach wedding

Barefoot Sandals

Photo: Etsy.com

You know the controversy over those five toe shoes, well these are toe shoes of weddings. They’re a practical alternative if you’d like to go barefoot for your beach wedding, but some brides are having a hard time wrapping their head around foot jewelry.

5. Bridesmaid boudoir shoots

Boudoir shoots have expanded to include not just the bride, but the bridesmaids too.

6. Excessively Photoshopped wedding photos

When we first saw this photo we couldn’t stop laughing, and just a few months later there’s been countless copy cats, but is it too much of a good thing?

7. Tattooed wedding rings

Couples are ditching traditional wedding bands for a ring they can never take off.

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  • e
    08/06/13 at 02:47

    Tattoo wedding bands- I think of it the same as getting your significant other’s name. What if you get divorced? I know someone who has one and got divorced. He’s asked all the time if he’s married. If you can handle getting it removed and the cost, fine. But I’ll stay away.

  • JLV
    08/06/13 at 03:40

    I would like to do an infinity symbol as a wedding band tattoo, but my fiancee is military and can’t have exposed tattoos, so that idea won’t work for us, and that’s the only one of these I actually like!

  • Madeline
    08/12/13 at 01:36

    Anyone notice number 5 is missing??? There’s only 7 here.

  • Simone Hill
    08/12/13 at 02:55

    Thanks for catching that. I’ve fixed the numbering so that it’s now correct.

  • Madeline
    08/12/13 at 09:15

    Oh okay! Only reason I mentioned it is because I wanted more! These were great and a fun read!

  • Haninay
    08/12/13 at 02:14

    Bridesmaids were traditionally supposed to look like the bride in order to confuse evil spirits. That’s a many centuries old tradition – much much older than the “steeped in tradition” white dress of the bride (which started being a symbol of wealth 2 centuries ago).

  • 08/13/13 at 10:09

    I’m so glad someone mentioned this so I didn’t have to lol. I’m very surprised that writers at TK didn’t know about this tradition…

  • KSR
    08/12/13 at 06:44

    Really? Presumably, a marriage is a very serious and sacred bond between two loving individuals. Keep the over-the-top antics for the bachelor/bachelorette party, after party.wheneve—–but the wedding and reception, imho, can be fun, enjoyable without being a dog & pony show, circus, meh.

  • Candace
    08/13/13 at 08:38

    I think the white bridesmaids dresses are conditionally okay. If I’m not wearing white, or anything close to white, then it’ll be okay if they did. I’d love to have either a red or a black dress, so having my bridesmaids in white would make me stand out more. I’d like to think I’m pretty open minded and border on the eccentric, so I’m okay with all of these [especially the overly photoshopped pics. Fighting digital zombies or something while in my wedding dress? SCORE!] except for the bridesmaid boudoir shoots. I’d have to pass on that one.

  • Mary Margaret
    09/04/13 at 06:09

    My mother had her bridesmaids in ivory dresses when she got married, in 1982- but not for anything, she also wore a gorgeous high-necked lace gown much like Kate Middleton’s, so I consider her one of my biggest style influences and wedding trendsetters!- and her bridal party was gorgeous. So maybe it’s just because I’ve seen it done, but I love the idea of bridesmaids in shades of white!

  • 05/17/14 at 07:04

    I trashed my dress on my tenth anniversary with the kids. It was a great experience and fun pictures. Shocked a lot of people when they got their Xmas card.

  • jakbebopSarah
    06/23/14 at 06:18

    I love this idea! that way you have time to decide if you want to keep it and if you don’t you can turn it into some really fun family memories

  • 01/08/15 at 10:43

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on celebrity wedding rings.

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