3 Birdcage Veil Alternatives

I’m wearing a short wedding dress, but I’m not sure a traditional veil will go with it. I don’t want a birdcage veil. Are there any other suggestions for alternative veil options?” –Ishokie

Skip the veil and opt for a gorgeous headpiece instead. The best part is that they extremely versatile—they’ll look great regardless if you wear your hair up or down or if it’s long or short. Here are some of my favorite hair accessories that you can wear with your short wedding dress.


1. Crystal-crusted Headband

Glam girl? A crystal headband is the modern-day take on a tiara and can dress up any mini.

$300, NinaShoes.com

2. Wrap-around Crown

If your short dress has a vintage vibe (think: lace or long sleeves), a wrap-around hair comb adds a whimsical touch.

$365, HaloandCo.com

3. Seed-bead Comb

If your dress is bit more bohemian, tuck in a beautifully beaded flower comb into a messy bun.

$215, ElizabethBower.com

Are you wearing a short wedding dress? If so, is it for the ceremony, reception or both? Tell me below!

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