Get Your Teeth Wedding Ready!

You’ll want to make sure you’re flashing a set of perfect pearly whites at your wedding. Luckily, there’s never been a better array of at-home whitening treatments offering results comparable with pricey in-office procedures—for a fraction of the cost. We put the treatments to the test and polled the professionals to get the skinny on the best ways to achieve—and maintain—your most dazzling, camera-ready smile.

Teeth-whitening kits
The most popular kits on the market now are strips, trays and gels. Joseph Banker, DMD, of Creative Dental Care in Westfield, New Jersey, says they’re all equally effective; it’s just a difference of application, sensitivity and strength. “A form of peroxide is the active ingredient in all over-the-counter teeth-whitening products,” says Banker. “The concentration of the whitening ingredient and the length of time teeth are exposed are what determine the degree of whitening—and the likelihood of sensitivity.”

By far the most goof-proof option out there, thin, flexible, disposable strips come pre-coated with a whitening formula. We just had to align the strips with the gumline, press the gel side on the fronts of the teeth and fold the excess underneath and behind to secure the strips in place. “Irritation is minimized because the method of placement keeps the gel clear of gums,” says Banker. If you do experience sensitivity, just use them less frequently or for a shorter duration, maybe both. “You’ll still see noticeable results,” says Banker. We had brighter smiles after trying Crest 3D White Whitestrips Professional Effects ($50, Target
.com) for 30 minutes a day for 20 days.

Also prefilled with a whitening gel, trays ensure you get the perfect dose every time. The downside for anyone with super-sensitive teeth—and a smaller mouth—is that it’s harder to minimize contact with gums. While we were fans of the thin, flexible trays in Aquafresh White Trays ($33,, one size does not fit all. The trays, although fairly malleable, were bulky and we felt self-conscious, causing us to shun company for the recommended 45-minute application time. However, after diligently sampling all 
14 disposable molds for a week, we had noticeably radiant smiles.

The most “hands-on” application method, gels are smeared directly on teeth by gliding the gels in a quick back-and-forth brushing motion, requiring a steady and dexterous hand. “Gels can be messy and can easily irritate the gums if not applied carefully,” says Banker. Our advice is to look for a gel formula that comes with its own applicator, like the GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device ($199,, to avoid having the gels come in direct contact with your gums. The whitening kit includes a set of 10 vials, which equals approximately 40 applications, after which, we were beaming thanks for now having more lustrous choppers.
–Text by Claire Coghlan
Editor’s Note: Thank you to all the entrants. Our giveaway has ended. You will be notified via email if you’ve won!

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  • Kimberly
    05/31/13 at 01:34

    Lots of yoga and running to prepare for the big day! :)

  • 05/31/13 at 01:48

    Walking, eating better, and drinking lots of water!

  • Dawn Anderson
    05/31/13 at 02:39

    exercising, less coffee, saving money, reading books about marriage with my fiance, spending time with his kids having fun getting to know each other

  • Trish Bautista
    05/31/13 at 04:21

    Definitely going to the gym more & eating healthier together, not stressing out over the little things, saving money, being excited about our honeymoon & life together!

  • 05/31/13 at 10:35

    Making a LOT of checklists and keeping in contact with my vendors!

  • 05/31/13 at 10:35

    Getting into better habits of exercise, drinking less coffee, and reading more :D

  • Kaitlin
    05/31/13 at 10:36

    I’ve been diligently exercising and eating better. I’ve lost 8 pounds so far! Even though I’ve been busy planning, I’ve also made sure to spend time with my family, whom I will be moving across the country from for the first time in July, a month before our wedding!

  • Alicia R
    05/31/13 at 10:38

    Planning and acting early so I’m not crazy stressed in the last few weeks. Talking with my fiance’ about ideas and plans so noone feels left out. Touching base with vendors, guests, and helpers to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • 05/31/13 at 10:40

    Eating better, drinking lots of water, working on finding a job to pay for more wedding stuff, and getting a tan.

  • Katie
    05/31/13 at 10:40

    Relaxing and trying to drink more water!

  • cindy
    05/31/13 at 10:42

    gym and cutting back on coffee

  • Danielle
    05/31/13 at 10:46

    A skin moisturizing regimen that is working wonders. Trying not to stress never works well for me, so instead I’m just trying to deal with the stress in the healthiest ways that I can and stay organize with my planning. Only 3 weeks away from the big day!!

  • Crystal
    05/31/13 at 10:49

    Walking more, drinking more water and using whitening toothpaste and mouth wash

  • McKensie
    05/31/13 at 10:52

    I’ve been working out and improving my lifestyle for 8 months now by using Weight Watchers. I took a risk and ordered my wedding dress 2 sizes down from where I started and guess what, it fits!!!

  • Amanda Johnson
    05/31/13 at 10:56

    I use them and they do work. I would love to win some!!!

  • thekristin
    05/31/13 at 11:06

    Other than planning, eating better and exercising more!

  • Marissa Moritz
    05/31/13 at 11:13

    Exercising, eating healthier and saving money!

  • Victoria
    05/31/13 at 11:14

    I’m trying to do something fun that pertains to the wedding every day so I don’t get too stressed out. I’ve also started a countdown!!

  • Rachel Parker
    05/31/13 at 11:20

    To get ready for the big day, I have completely changed my eating and exercising habits. I now am gluten free, doing vegetable and lemon detoxes, and enjoying plenty of fresh fruit. I also exercise everyday and enjoy going outside to do so. I also started faithfully doing listerine washes twice a day and brushing my teeth after meals to help whiten them. A whitening kit will definitely help them be perfectly pearly white for my big day!

  • Rose Steele
    05/31/13 at 11:22

    I am eating healthy, working out and having fun with it! It will only happen once and will be gone in a flash with memories for a lifetime.

  • Julie Thompson
    05/31/13 at 11:38

    I am absolutely going to be whitening my teeth before the big day and on top of that a few months before that I will just stay on a light diet with lots of exercise!

  • Janet Lumpkin
    05/31/13 at 11:38

    Everything I possibly can to be ready for the big day! Exercising, eating healthy, less coffee, less alcohol! Definitely will be using some Crest White Strips also! Trying not to stress too much!

  • Deborah Ahmed
    05/31/13 at 11:52

    Used the 2 hour Crest Whitestrips to brighten my smile for my engagement photo session!

  • Lynchelle De Jesus
    06/01/13 at 12:30

    Haven’t been doing anything..everything is just too expensive : /

  • 06/01/13 at 12:49

    A lot of scrimping and saving lol.trying to find a ‘tails’ suit for the hubby (he’s made a few sacrifices so making extra effort to find the suit he wants :) ) I can’t exercise too much atm because of health issues so lots of skin treatments and healthy eating ect.. Trying to get abit of colour in my skin too so I’m not whiter than my dress and of course we will be having our teeth whitened too if we can budget it, need our teeth as white as my dress :) lol will be having airbrush make up too xx

  • Marie
    06/01/13 at 12:58

    More water and exercise and less soda!

  • Julie
    06/01/13 at 08:41

    Eating healthier and enjoying this special time with my fiancé.

  • 06/01/13 at 10:59

    I have been preparing myself physically, like the rest of us, but also mentally and emotionally and am soaking in this in-between time with my wonderful fiancé.

  • Amanda
    06/01/13 at 02:02

    I’ve been exercising and calorie-counting my way from a size 24 to a size 16! I was given Crest Whitestrips years ago before taking my high school senior pic, and they helped my portrait look amazing. I’d love to add them to my wedding prep!

  • 06/01/13 at 10:28

    I would LOVE this!! :) Reposting this for my WordPress friends to see!

  • heather
    06/02/13 at 11:11

    I have been drinking water going to the gym and counting all my calories !

  • Kristi
    06/02/13 at 12:18

    drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, and enjoying planning with my fiance! :) there are so many exciting parts of planning for a wedding!

  • Andrea
    06/02/13 at 08:36

    Working like crazy; saving as much as I can; planning, planning, planning; putting way too much thought into my registries; and spending time with my fiance :)

  • 06/02/13 at 10:12

    Trying to get back on the Paleo diet to not only look my best but to know what I’m putting into my body will help my to feel my best. Also getting ready to address those invites!!

  • 06/04/13 at 08:21

    At the time of marriage, every bride and groom takes lots of treatment for all parts of body like facial, hairs treatment, manicure-pedicure and more, but no one looks for the treatment of teeth. Teeth reflects about your personality and of course looks good when smile. If teeth are not good then it will destroys beauty of your face and photographs as well.

  • Alana B.
    06/05/13 at 08:43

    Enjoying time with my fiancé planning with lots of kisses!

  • Kathy S.
    06/06/13 at 11:46

    need to do a lot of planning still.. but I’ll get there… and will use Crest white strips, they are the best

  • diana villa
    06/06/13 at 12:00

    Doing exercise and eating healthy. I would love to use Crest White Strips for that special day ^_^

  • leilani rodriguez
    06/06/13 at 12:01

    thanks for the chance!

  • Rosy Rodriguez
    06/06/13 at 12:47

    Drink lots of water- brush my teeth threee times a day .. once in a while strips..

  • Daniela Scharlau
    06/07/13 at 11:19

    Taking my first break since getting engaged a month ago to celebrate my fiancé’s birthday!

  • Erica
    06/07/13 at 11:43

    Went for a run this morning, and I have my final dress fitting today.

  • Audrey
    06/07/13 at 02:14

    I have been eating healthier, doing yoga, running, and using whitening tooth paste. Drinking plenty of water! Doing strips eventually.

  • Eva
    06/08/13 at 12:47

    If I want my boyfriend someday but I am not in a rush:) I want the best smile ever and Crest 3D white is the way to go!

  • 06/08/13 at 01:42

    Anxious to see if these will really work for me! I have sensitive teeth, and I smoke, so….?? We’ll see! :o)

  • Megan
    06/09/13 at 11:33

    I have been eating healthier and trying to get into a exercise routine.

  • Meghan
    06/10/13 at 09:42

    Have been running and doing yoga to get in shape for the wedding

  • karly streapy
    06/10/13 at 09:54

    Getting a healthy tan, eating better, doing things a little at a time to avoid stress andmost importantly…enjoying this time of our lives together!!!

  • Alaina
    06/10/13 at 10:27

    I found that once I purchased my dress I was much more motivated to get in shape. Portion control and prevention of boredom snacking are the biggest things I am working on now. I have also been more conscious about taking care of my teeth and not drinking coffee or sodas to prevent staining. Haven’t found a whitening metios that works best yet :-(

  • Angie
    06/10/13 at 10:36

    Trying to eat better and looking for ways to keep the stress down!

  • 06/10/13 at 11:15

    Maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise, oh! And face mask- plenty of face mask! :)

  • sarahbeesknees
    06/10/13 at 11:19

    With three months to go, I’m prepping my teeth from the inside-out. I gladly gave up refined sugar (which contribute to decay), artificial sweeteners (which throw off the body’s natural pH balance, harming the gums), and I get plenty of calcium/vitamin D-fortified food and drink. I still indulge in the occasional cup of coffee or glass of wine, but then brush immediately after and rinse with enamel-strengthening mouthwash so no corrosive or staining acid sits on my teeth. I also drink somewhat excessive amounts of water. Staying healthy and hydrated keeps the face AROUND my smile glowing, too. :) Finally, I slip this pearly-whites into Crest Advanced Seal™ strips at night, which I can wear while making phone calls to Mom or wedding party to work out details for the Big Day. As long as my teeth are whiter than my dress, I’ll be smiling, come Sept. 21. :)

  • 06/10/13 at 11:21

    Exercising, diet, tanning detoxing….what aren’t I doing! :)

  • Holly
    06/10/13 at 11:34

    Would love to win whitening strips!!

  • Ashley
    06/10/13 at 11:51

    Exercising and dieting … still have 10 months to go! :)

  • Emily grassi
    06/10/13 at 12:29

    Trying to stay stress free in a stressful environment. I keep reminding myself that my wedding day is going to be perfect to me! My fiancé and I have been trying to keep ourselves happy and healthy. We are working together to make our wedding day wonderful!

  • Jennifer Rode
    06/10/13 at 12:55

    We are making checklists and taking things day by day. We want to enjoy our experience of planning. We have started touring possible venues (and think we found it) and now confirmed our date with the church! We are setting money aside monthly into a saving account to assist with any unexpected fees or costs. For now, our focus will be healthy eating, a healthy lifestyle, and enjoying our time together!

  • Brittany Fann
    06/10/13 at 01:10

    We are taking our planning 1 day at a time! We are also paying for our wedding and reception mostly ourselves! Myself and my fiancé would love to use Crest white strips to get ready for our big day!

  • Maecy Hayes
    06/10/13 at 01:13

    Countdown, and lots of different things to make planning more fun!

  • Christine Hoselton
    06/10/13 at 01:20

    I am planning my own wedding so I’m Having to make sure everything has been paid for and booked. I don’t recommend this to anyone. It’s very stressful and you have no time to enjoy the ride! :/

  • Bunni
    06/10/13 at 01:22

    Avoid coffee & tea, floss and brush after every meal!

  • 06/10/13 at 01:33

    I have Been hitting the gym. i quit smoking. I am planning my wedding all on my own and that has kept me super busy. I think a quick teeth whiting would make my smile shine on such a special day.

  • 06/10/13 at 01:39

    My goal is the get my teeth whiter and to lose all my weight i have gained back over two years. My goal weight is 130

  • Brittany Johnson
    06/10/13 at 01:41

    Just trying my best to relax. Since my stepfather just passed away, I’m trying my hardest just to relax and not stress. Preparing for my mom to walk me down the aisle.

  • Kayla
    06/10/13 at 02:02

    Watching my diet, drinking plenty of water, trying to save up some money, and most importantly remembering not to stress out! Can’t wait for the big day! :)

  • Lori w
    06/10/13 at 03:04

    I love crest whitestrips, they work awesome. I would love to win some for my outdoor wedding this September :-)

  • 06/10/13 at 03:10

    iv used these already and they WORK. i cant wait to get them to attend a wedding soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tammey Heimbach
    06/10/13 at 03:14

    Walking, jogging, working, planning and relaxing. Absolutely no caffeine, no sun without sunblock and using Crest whitenening toothpaste, and rinse and whitening strips right before the big day. They really work. My dentist says they work as well as his expensive whitening trays. I would love to win some!!!!

  • Helen Kenyon
    06/10/13 at 03:29

    I would be going to the gym everyday💪 and whitening my teeth definitely!! 😁

  • Lauren Miller
    06/10/13 at 03:39

    I would love those for my wedding day!!! I tried a sample and they really work!!

  • 06/10/13 at 03:39

    Eating right and workin out! 😄

  • Corina
    06/10/13 at 03:39

    I am so overwhelmed with planning on a very strict budget. Not worrying about yellow teeth would help!!!

  • Jenny Furlow
    06/10/13 at 03:42

    We had both started to exercise more and eat healthier before we were engaged but we’ve upped the intensity as the clock starts to tick down. He talked me into getting a bike (which I love!) so we’ve been taking rides together on the weekends to to get exercise in our routine and spend some fun “us” time together. Because of this routine we’ve been getting up earlier and being more productive on the weekends which is making the wedding planning so much easier!

  • Kate
    06/10/13 at 03:43

    I’m hitting the gym everyday and looking at Pinterest and wedding websites like the knot daily for ideas and advice!

  • CJ
    06/10/13 at 04:08

    Eating healthier with smaller portions, drinking lots of water, and most of all spending alot of time with my wonderful fiancee.

  • Emily
    06/10/13 at 04:09

    The Insanity workout, healthy eating, plenty of water and planning planning planning!!! :)

  • Marilee
    06/10/13 at 04:32

    Hula hooping 20 minutes a day everyday!

  • Gabrielle Brown
    06/10/13 at 04:40

    Eat right, exercise, do daily beauty regimens starting months before the wedding.

  • Destiny Bermúdez
    06/10/13 at 04:51

    Definitely lots of working out, and staying excited about it all, without forgetting the purpose of this ceremony of love.

  • jennifer
    06/10/13 at 05:02

    Weddings are always stressful so is looking your best. Whiter teeth will be one less thing to worry about!

  • Danielle
    06/10/13 at 05:27

    I am eating healthier, exercising, and saving, saving, saving! Also trying to perfect the little details.

  • Lacie
    06/10/13 at 05:43

    A lot of planning has taken a big break for now- but my teeth can continue to whiten!!! =}

  • Alexa
    06/10/13 at 06:11

    I am planning out my fitness calendar for every month, including Insanity, an additipi make workout for that day and to drink 2 liters of water each day. I am also starting to eat more healthy meals to make sure I fit into my dress! Whitestrips will give me one less thing to not stress over before the big day!

  • Jasmin
    06/10/13 at 06:17

    Some white strips would be great, i’ve been budgeting so hydrogen peroxide nightly has been my “white teeth solution 3 weeks until the big day!

  • Renee Meister
    06/10/13 at 06:35

    Drinking water, working out, getting toned, and planning the bigger things coming in our life not just the little things.

  • Brittney
    06/10/13 at 07:21

    I am starting weight watchers ex resizing and cutting my portions down.
    Along with that I have not had very good luck with dentists when I was younger or insurence. So I have been going to them now that I have my own insurence and I am working on that award winning smile but I never thought about whitening. Just filling:) thank you!!!

  • Kelly
    06/10/13 at 07:31

    Have been wanting to try the Crest White Strips. I asked my dentist about them and they told me how well they work. They told me to buy them rather than spending hundreds on a professional whitening session!

  • 06/10/13 at 08:05

    I’m turning into bridezilla! Honestly I’m trying to lose 60lbs by halloween to fit into my dress! I already lost 150lbs in a year and a half! yay!

  • Stephanie Brandon
    06/10/13 at 08:19

    I just booked our venue, created our guest list and created list of possible photographers, djs, and florist!

  • Katie Kane
    06/10/13 at 08:28

    Plenty of exercise and rest. Doing a little bit of stuff at a time to make sure I don’t get overwhelmed with the whole process. A pearly white smile would definitely make my wedding day so much better!

  • Karen C.
    06/10/13 at 08:34

    From cake tasting to trying on dresses I have loved every minute. I’m also not letting the small things steess me out.

  • Elizabeth
    06/10/13 at 08:39

    drinking more water and using whitening toothpaste

  • amanda
    06/10/13 at 08:47

    I have cut carbs, drinking lots of water and working out 3-4 days! Can’t wait for my big day!

  • Ashley
    06/10/13 at 08:57

    I have been eating better and meeting left and right with vendors to make sure that OUR day is amazing :)

  • Katie
    06/10/13 at 08:59

    I’m watching what I’m eating, making sure I’m getting into a goods beauty routine and trying to whiten that smile! ;)

  • Amanda Pensieros
    06/10/13 at 09:00

    Great advice! Working on my white with Crest white strips!

  • 06/10/13 at 09:07

    Trying to stay positive and not stressed during this very long engagement. Whiter teeth would really help with that! ;-)

  • Brittany
    06/10/13 at 09:14

    My best friend started using these and her teeth are noticeably whiter. Now that I’ve seen it for myself I’m convinced they work and need to try my own!

  • Yvonne
    06/10/13 at 09:20

    Nothing no stress….got my dress for $6 turquoise and white. I am a cosmetologist with 10 years exp so hair and make up is a breeze lol…getting hitched on Oak Island in NC…very small affair and then we’re going for breakfast …easy and happy!

  • Hayley Gravette
    06/10/13 at 09:23

    I’m preparing for my August wedding by trying to be the best me I can be! I have built an exercise program into my schedule and have been eating a healthy diet so I can look and feel great! My fiancé and I have been attending marriage prep classes so our relationship is ready for this big next step. And I am just enjoying every minute of this magical time in our lives!

  • Allie Dickinson
    06/10/13 at 09:33

    Getting in better shape and trying my hardest not to stress about all the small details. My wedding is in February- I could use the white strips to help after all the Christmas sweets! :)

  • Kathleen
    06/10/13 at 09:34

    I’m spending time with my future in-laws, making checklists, planning for our future , and trying to stay relaxed

  • Michelle Reilly
    06/10/13 at 09:49

    Trying to balance law school, work and wedding planning while keeping my diet and fitness routine in check. So really just trying not to drive everyone else in my life bananas

  • Gina
    06/10/13 at 09:51

    Whitening my teeth, counting calories and exercising. Oh and growing out my eye brows to get the perfect shape!

  • Sam Staebell
    06/10/13 at 09:52

    Working out my arms and de-stressing and enjoying every second of it!!

  • Holly Thomas
    06/10/13 at 10:04

    Exercising, conditioning and strengthening hair, whitening teeth, perfecting skin, spending time with my fiance while planning our wedding <3

  • 06/10/13 at 10:11

    Wanting that great smile for the upcoming perfect day, great advice!

  • Leah S.
    06/10/13 at 10:13

    Keeping track of my to-do lists and rsvps, working my arms and back more at the gym, and trying to avoid tan lines at the pool!

  • Amanda
    06/10/13 at 10:19

    Enjoying every moment of being engaged to the man of my dreams.

  • Kassie Cavanaugh
    06/10/13 at 10:37

    Working out with my fiancé and our personal trainer (AKA future mother in law!) cutting back on sugary foods and caring for my teeth a lot more. Saving money where ever I can to help pay for our bills that keep coming. And finally find time to relax and enjoy being engaged to my wonderful fiancé!!!

  • Lauren Joan
    06/10/13 at 10:50

    Working out, making lists, emailing people like crazy….. and trying to enjoy every minute if it!
    About 40 days to go!

  • Elizabeth Hennen
    06/10/13 at 10:55

    Getting wedding ready. Started a cleanse today. Next step, whiten teeth with Crest Whitestrips! :)

  • Jennifer Heuer
    06/10/13 at 10:59

    Trying not to get overwhelmed and finish up favors!

  • Brandi
    06/10/13 at 11:12

    Saving money, working overtime, and trying to slim down

  • 06/10/13 at 11:13

    Eating healthy, exercising, and pinning!

  • Alexis Hemingway
    06/10/13 at 11:22

    Finding those everyday reasons for why I love and want to marry my fiance

  • Chelsey
    06/10/13 at 11:30

    Healthier eating habits, going to the gym focusing on a overall better me.

  • Heather R
    06/10/13 at 11:31

    I am doing Pilates 3-4 times a week, I cut out soda from my diet, and I am trying to meditate more often so I don’t feel too stressed!

  • Danielle Price
    06/10/13 at 11:35

    I’d love to have white teeth.

  • Kim K
    06/10/13 at 11:45

    I’ve been pampering myself by eating well, taking care of my skin and hair, and enjoying every moment of being engaged!

  • 06/10/13 at 11:58

    Spending quality time with my man, being thankful for our time together! Remembering through planning that we are promising forever, nothing else matters.

  • amanda baldwin
    06/11/13 at 12:02

    Lots of destressing and water, along with asking for help from friends and family.

  • Stacy
    06/11/13 at 12:07

    I have gotten a lot of help with friends and family and ways keep and open mind to all ideas. Keeping stress free by enjoying the planning and not let the thought of “perfect wedding” the marriage makes it perfect!

  • erika porter
    06/11/13 at 12:37

    we just booked our venue after months of searching for the right one, we are paying for the wedding all on our own so on a tight budget, we love eachother more than words can say and look forward to the rest of our lives together!

  • erika porter
    06/11/13 at 12:38

    booking venue, TRYING to cut the coffee out, man that is hard! and working out as much as i can.

  • ashley
    06/11/13 at 01:03

    Booking the venue, getting my dress and enjoying the extra time with family and friends

  • 06/11/13 at 01:35

    I am walking more often, being meticulous in my skin care, and working on the rest of my wedding details. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Jessica
    06/11/13 at 01:55

    CrossFit, eating better.

  • Liz
    06/11/13 at 02:25

    I am reading bridal magazines,fitness-ing, attending bridal expos, etc. Taking day by day!;)

  • 06/11/13 at 03:04

    In preparation for my wedding I am completing the Insanity workout program, eating much healthier, and completing my to-do lists each month!

  • 06/11/13 at 03:09

    I am getting a membership to the YMCA. I can’t wait. Only 83 more days!

  • Jordan
    06/11/13 at 04:26

    I am preparing for my wedding by finishing the last of the diy projects and ordering flowers. Much of the wedding is planned considering it is on September the 15th of this year. I have been working out, I just joined an indoor soccer team ( I have not played in 5 years), and I am on my second month of not smoking : )

  • 06/11/13 at 06:14

    I am eating healthy, resting well, and staying stress free with only 18 days left!

  • Alli
    06/11/13 at 06:49

    Eating healthy, exercising. Toning arms for my strapless gown. Finalizing details and remembering the end goal is to have a wonderful marriage. Want to whiten in the next few weeks :)

  • Sarah
    06/11/13 at 07:05

    dieting, exercising, organizing for the wedding, starting my beauty regimen, and of course checking things off and trying not to be a bridezilla :)

  • Claudia
    06/11/13 at 07:18

    Eating healthy, exercising, utilizing a skin care regime including facials, and focusing on the goal of marriage to my best friend. Whites trips would be an added bonus

  • Ashley
    06/11/13 at 07:25

    Just a matter of eating better for me! I could never give up my coffee, that’s why I need the white strips!!

  • 06/11/13 at 08:37

    Above all, trying to enjoy the planning process….! Keeping everything organized in binders and Excel, tanning, whitening my teeth, and of course cutting back on calories to make sure my dress zips on the big day!

  • Morgan Goodrick
    06/11/13 at 09:08

    I am running, using a whitening toothpaste, and working on the rest of my wedding details. Crest white strips would be great!

  • 06/11/13 at 09:20

    Going to the gym regularly to ward off stress and anxiety! Also drinking a lot of water, trying to cut my coffee habit so I stain my teeth less, and using a whitening mouth wash and toothpaste – these strips would definitely help lighten a shade or two!! :)

  • Meesh
    06/11/13 at 10:30

    I have been doing Brazil Butt Lift, and its AMAZING! Lost an inch from my waist line in 6 days!

  • Katelyn
    06/11/13 at 10:42

    to get ready I am entering to win and smiling bright at my fiance =D

  • Lindsay
    06/11/13 at 11:16

    Running and lifting weights, keeping up with my to-do list, and making sure I don’t stress out about the little things!!

  • Heather m
    06/11/13 at 11:35

    I’m getting in the best shape of my life! I want to feel healthy and beautiful on my wedding day! I’m staying away from unhealthy foods and I feel great!

  • 06/11/13 at 11:36

    Eating better-exercising-finishing every arts and craft I committed myself to-creating checklists to check my checklists-paying all wedding debts prior to the big day and looking forward to having fun!

  • MD
    06/11/13 at 11:52

    Drinking lots of water, eating paleo, going running, lifting weights, and spending time with my love!

  • winter
    06/11/13 at 11:54

    Trying to lose weight, I have been using a extreme whiting toothpaste. And doing our best to saving money for the very small wedding and honeymoon. I would love to win some whiting strips to help. I have never used them.

  • Heather Adkins
    06/11/13 at 12:59

    I had my tonsils out for medical reasons, so I am losing weight because of that. Not stressing the wedding at all…I have the man of my dreams and all details are taken care of. I have always wanted whiter teeth, so I have been using a method I found on a wellness site: make a paste of 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp peroxide, and a dab of toothpaste. It makes a long-lasting difference, and best of all, my mouth feels super clean when I use this!

  • Jenna
    06/11/13 at 12:59

    Trying to focus on relaxing, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and just enjoying this time of anticipation :)

  • cara
    06/11/13 at 01:00

    First time getting married!! Im watching what i eat and exercising more often. And ive started flossing on a daily basis. Yes i know i shouldve flossed along time ago. Would greatly appreciate the white strips since i cant afford zoom.

  • Katie
    06/11/13 at 01:49

    Staying calm and wishing I had Crest Whitestrips!!! :)

  • 06/11/13 at 03:17

    Praying, learning how to make marriage successful. Preparing for more than just the wedding, but for a life together. However, having my teeth shine a little more would be amazing.

  • Rachel
    06/11/13 at 03:27

    Can’t wait for my wedding. I love the planning process and I’ll be so excited to see everything put together on the big day. Would love to win so I can have the best smile I can! =)

  • 06/11/13 at 03:48

    Walking, strength training, drinking more water, and using whitening toothpaste and mouth wash

  • Rosa Toledo
    06/11/13 at 03:50

    Exercising, toning. Doing Blogilates videos from YouTube . But I really need this asap. Ill even post before and after pictures. :)

  • Alli Chamberis
    06/11/13 at 04:45

    For my wedding I have started a new work out that is pretty simple yet helping me to stay Ron and in shape. I have a regular tanning and teeth whitening routine as well. I try and stay on a schedule to help relieve stress. The most important thing I have been doing to get ready for the wedding is not forgetting about my fiancé. I still make time for him and if I have to do wedding things I try to include him or take breaks so he knows I’m not completely in my own wedding world.

  • Jenn Gillis
    06/11/13 at 04:53

    Saving money, planning, exercising, having fun, staying grateful 💕😎

  • Pink Blossom
    06/11/13 at 04:54

    I have been working out more and watching what I eat. I’ve been making some in-home masks for my face that have been working really well. I’m just trying to enjoy my engagement and planning the wedding with my wonderful fiancé. 66 more days to to!

  • Kady
    06/11/13 at 05:06

    Making health conscious choices everyday for the wedding. This has inspired me to finally tone up and eat clean!

  • Marian Lee
    06/11/13 at 05:27

    I’ve been getting more rest and exercising! Would love to add Crest Whitestrips to my routine!

  • Brittany G
    06/11/13 at 06:38

    I have been eating healthier foods, brushing 3 times a day (after each big meal!), exercising, organizing, getting out and enjoying myself and my fiancé!!! Oh pick me!!!

  • Ashlee F
    06/11/13 at 07:10

    I’ve been going over possible venues that won’t be too much of a drive for either of our families, planning outfits for myself and my ladies, and saving up money to have the wedding day my fiancee and I deserve.

  • Amy Jo Felty
    06/11/13 at 07:16

    Using the check list on and working closely with my fiancé. I have used crest white strips before and loved them!

  • Julia
    06/11/13 at 07:27

    Crunch time!! Diet, exercising, saving money and planning every last detail until its perfect!!

  • Mae Uy
    06/11/13 at 07:32

    Not trying to stress out about the day by knowing what i want and booking them all ahead of time. Proper scheduling of things needed and those need to be done. Getting enough rest & sleep, healthy diet and exercise.

  • shelby kaplan
    06/11/13 at 08:36

    i want to get my teeth wedding ready with crest white strips. please help ake this possible for me

  • crystal
    06/11/13 at 08:37

    I’ve been trying to reduce carbs, exercise more drink less and eat more fruit

  • Tina Moore
    06/11/13 at 09:11

    I have been working out and eating clean. I use all crest 3d white products and would love to win a box of the whitening strips.

  • Amber Oaks
    06/11/13 at 09:16

    White strips would be awesome!!! Especially if they are free!! Wedding budgets are no joke.

  • Anja
    06/11/13 at 09:30

    I started eating healthy and exercising. I went and bought The Knot Wedding Planner and have already started filling it out, which by the way is a lifesaver! I have used White Strips before and they’re amazing, I would love to get a box!

  • 06/11/13 at 09:33

    Getting more sleep and drinking more water :)

  • Ashley
    06/11/13 at 10:30


  • Stefanie
    06/11/13 at 11:15

    Going to the gym and staying organized!

  • Erika
    06/11/13 at 11:34

    Going to the gym 5-6 days a week for 60-90 minutes. It hurts sometimes but well worth it :)

  • Kellie T
    06/12/13 at 12:14

    In general I’m kicking all my routines as my regular lifestyle up a knoch. I’m drinking only water or skim milk, (no diet soda), I’m trying to get in a work out 5-6 days a wk, versus 3 (rarely 4). I’m cutting out table salt (the hardest for me to stick to… But who wants a puffy, bloated bride?!! Lol)
    I’m just trying to be a few “degrees” healthier. I don’t want to stress about it- last thing we need is (unnecessary) added stress.
    My splurge before the nuptials is invisaline- so some crest white strips will be PERFECT when I’m done with my trays.
    Wish me luck!!
    —And good luck to all of my fellow brides out there!!! May your day to off without a flaw….
    And may you stay together, forever more!!!! ;-)

  • cassey d
    06/12/13 at 12:23

    Starting a new workout routine and staying positive! So excited for my big day!

  • Alyssa A.
    06/12/13 at 12:43

    I have been juicing (juice diet, all natural, making my own) working out (1-3 times a day) saving money, drinking lots of water, starting our marriage classes this coming Sunday, most of all trying to have fun with all the planning for our big day/ event/ party!!!!!

  • Lori F
    06/12/13 at 01:18

    Getting married June 23… 11 days a but whose counting. Doing crossfit everyday… On a 24 day challenge with my fellow crossfit peeps and enjoying every last minute of being a fiance. :-) I’m actually using crest white strips now and my fiance says I have perfect teeth and don’t need them but every pr professional knows you need a perfect smile on your wedding day. right now I’m jus trying to enjoy life and get ready for the big day.

  • Stormy Adkins
    06/12/13 at 03:57

    I’ve always wanted to try the white strips. I use the toothpaste and the mouthwash and they seem to help a little bit. But the strips are just so expensive. I’d love to try them out.

  • Bunnie Benton
    06/12/13 at 04:08

    Everyone seems so calm commenting…..I’ve been STRESSED AND FREAKING OUT! Get married isn’t hard…having a wedding is. I’ve been planning, going over the budget a million times trying to find a way to eliminate spending money. Being a young artistic couple is tough!

  • Becky Forster
    06/12/13 at 05:29

    Staying organized and being on top of things! Less planning to worry aboutas the wedding itself approaches!

  • Melissa
    06/12/13 at 05:49

    I have been drinking less coffee and soda,going to the gym every morning @ 4:30am to continue getting and staying in shape! My destination wedding needs a good bikini body and Smile!

  • 06/12/13 at 06:30

    What I’ve been doing to get wedding ready has been a complete LIFE change for me starting the day Sean proposed I have lost 40 pounds :) I changed my life style and I have been eating more healthier and more active lifestyle. This wedding planning helped me realize that I was overweight and it was time to get ready and look beautiful for our wedding day! :)

  • mandy
    06/12/13 at 06:32

    Exercise, breathing.

  • Rachel
    06/12/13 at 06:43

    I’ve started running which I could never run even a mile before and now I’m up to a 5k!

  • Leah Warner
    06/12/13 at 06:58

    Overall, I am attempting to become a better “me”. The past few years, I have relaxed on exercising and eating well. My engagement was a real kick in the butt to start taking better care of myself. These white strips would help me keep improving (I am an avid coffee and wine drinker so my teeth could definitely use a little brightening). :)

  • 06/12/13 at 07:13

    White strips would be the perfect addition to my pre wedding planning!

  • Marijke
    06/12/13 at 07:30

    I’m trying to exercise more, eat better, and choose water over soda! Planning a whole wedding is hard work! I’d like every detail to be perfect for our big day, including my smile being bright!

  • Ashley
    06/12/13 at 07:41

    I’ve been exercising and am going to look at venues soon! I’ve also been drinking more water :)

  • Libby Buhr
    06/12/13 at 07:44

    Not only do I want everything to be perfect for our day, I want to look and feel my best too! As a bride, all eyes will be on you and whitening my teeth will surely boost my confidence…especially with all the smiling I’ll be doing!

  • Rebecca M
    06/12/13 at 08:06

    To get wedding ready I have created my own workout routine to make sure I look great in my dress and on our honeymoon. I have been mixing honey, oat flour, and baking soda to try and clear my acne. I brush with crest 3d white and rinse with mouth wash, but having the strips will sure help whiten a lot better and faster!

  • Mindy T
    06/12/13 at 08:25

    Working 2 jobs to save up for our wedding costs. Adding strength training/cardio routines to deal with stress, and drinking as much water as I can! No more soda for me, but I can’t stay away from the coffee–that’s why I’d love to win these whitening strips!

  • Hannah Stroupe
    06/12/13 at 08:59

    I’m just trying to really enjoy every minute of the planning process! After all, this is the time I’ve looked forward to my entire life and it’s going to go by so fast!

  • Lindsey Robinson soon to be Mrs. Packard
    06/12/13 at 09:21

    What I’m doing to get ready for my big day? Well, making list, meeting with vendors and my pastor. Going to pre-marriage counseling. Making my own shoes, along with getting my daughter aka junior bride ready for this special day for her as well. Tasting food, working out (having my 2nd final fitting today) getting contacts, making bridesmaids shirt and father and mother of the bride t-shirts. There is so much more, but what’s most important I am falling in love with my future husband more and more everyday. :)

  • Pam Kessell (Ivey)
    06/12/13 at 09:50

    Getting married on July 6! Need help brightening my smile! Wedding pictures won’t be as pretty if I am afraid my teeth will show when I smile.

  • Stephanie Richardson
    06/12/13 at 10:45

    Getting married in less than 8 weeks… Right now I’m working out the small details. And brightening our smiles is a big part of this day…

  • Jenna Swiggard
    06/12/13 at 11:11

    I am drinking more water and taking my multivitamins everyday! I also am taking a vitamin for hair,skin, and nails! I have been going to Planet Beach to detoxify my body and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and produce elastin and collagen! Lastly, I am doing hair masks once a week-2 weeks!

  • kelsie
    06/12/13 at 11:13

    We are so excited for our big day. Would love my teeth to be sparkling white for it

  • Samantha Peterson
    06/12/13 at 11:16

    We are just spending more quiet time together. We know once the wedding hits things can get pretty hectic & were only a month away. So right now we play scrabble & just try to relax. I’m working on toning up a bit & getting ideas for hair & makeup :)

  • Jody
    06/12/13 at 11:33

    Eating better, thinking positively, and trying to have fun with wedding planning!!

  • Ashleigh Kerr
    06/12/13 at 11:43

    I’m making all the food for my own wedding so I’v been looking up some awesome recipes. I’m also doing cross fit and me and my fiance both go to yoga together to get prepared for the big day! I’m also using crest white 3D mouth wash and tooth past! I can already see a difference :)

  • Tiffany Creager
    06/12/13 at 12:16

    To get ready for my wedding I have been drinking lots of water and taking vitamins with vitamin A for healthy skin, I have been using Crest 3D Whitestrips and Crest 3D White Luxe toothpaste for a whiter smile. Love the results so far!

  • Briana
    06/12/13 at 12:31

    I am eating so much better, doing yoga every day, looking up scholarship programs to get a better job, taking much better care of myself by brushing my teeth more often and washing my face every night. Obtaining a more positive attitude every day and organizing my new house while trying to stay stress free!

  • Michelle
    06/12/13 at 12:41

    Running, eating healthy and drinking lots of water and of course using the to prepare for the big day!!!

  • deanna
    06/12/13 at 01:27

    Trying hard to look and feel my best. The has been a big helpnin my wedding planning. Since I have to do it basicallybon my own. My fiancee is currently in afgahnistan. So all wedding decisions are basically up to me. I have been keeping up on washing my face and showering daily as well as brushing my teeth trying to get a beautiful smile. Running more often so I can look good for his return home in a few months and for the big day.

  • Nataly
    06/12/13 at 01:37

    Trying to stick with a healthy regime and working out.

  • Kayleigh Harkins
    06/12/13 at 01:44

    My fiancé and I are going to the gym on a regular basis. I’m also going to the dermatologist to get my skin cleared up and I’m just trying to have fun with my fiancé. We are so excited for our wedding and would love white teeth and beautiful smiles.

  • Heather
    06/12/13 at 01:56

    I’m getting in shape, I just signed up to run my 4th half marathon! Hoping to beat my own personal record.

  • Maryanne
    06/12/13 at 01:57

    Crest strips are amazing! You see results right away. I will definitely be using it for my big day.

  • Kimberly
    06/12/13 at 04:03

    Gym, cutting sugar out of my diet and reducing my bad shopping habit to save money. Used crest white strips professional a year ago and they worked wonders!

  • Briana
    06/12/13 at 04:46

    I’ve been doing a lot of stressful things to get “wedding ready”, including but not limited to exercising, tanning, working 2 jobs, dealing with cake shops closing, photographers moving, trying to find someone to alter my dress, and now I’m here trying to win my sweet fiancé a gorgeous white smile :)

  • Sarah
    06/12/13 at 05:06

    I am getting ready by going to bridal shows and figuring out which vendors mesh well together to make the day much smoother!

  • Megan
    06/12/13 at 05:08

    Exercising with my fiancé, keeping a wedding planner binder, engagement scrapbook, and staying on The Knot wedding planner app constantly! :) need those strips!

  • Kimmie McCallum
    06/12/13 at 05:12

    Working out and tanning!!! Need those white teeth :)

  • Kristin
    06/12/13 at 05:46

    Drinking lots and lots of water, working out, drinking protein shakes, and keeping my skin and teeth very healthy.

  • Jen
    06/12/13 at 05:48

    I’ve been doing yoga, drinking more water, eating better, using sunscreen and moisturizer more often, and focusing on the “big stuff” and not the “little stuff” (that causes stress). I smile more, and pay closer attention to my posture. My fiance and I have been setting aside time to focus on each other, free from wedding planning, too. It all comes down to reducing stress and focusing on being the best bride I can be … mentally, physically, inside AND out!

  • amber way
    06/12/13 at 07:16

    Growing my shoulder-length hair out and lots of cardio, squats, and core workouts!!

  • Kaylyn Kane
    06/12/13 at 07:18

    Eating better and staying organized with vendors, meetings and schedules!

  • Kim Stewart
    06/12/13 at 07:25

    Trying to make last minute details. My wedding is 10 days away and don’t have a lot of time due to working full time and full time online college.

  • Megan Becker
    06/12/13 at 07:34

    I’m changing my diet and starting a new cardio program. I need to get healthy.

  • Alicia
    06/12/13 at 07:38

    I actually got the six month smile to finally straighten my teeth! Id love to win the whitening strips to make ny newly straightened teeth sparkle :)

  • Rhonda
    06/12/13 at 07:41

    3 month countdown until our big day…September 7th!!! I am keeping wedding momentum going by pinning, planning, taking care of me which includes teeth whitening and exercise to the max. Would love to try this kit :)

  • Danelle preston
    06/12/13 at 08:26

    Triathlons to get me in shape, planning, and hopefully whitening my and my fiancé teeth

  • Sierra Dawes
    06/12/13 at 08:47

    I am lightening my hair a little bit by little before the big day. I am also using whitening toothpaste and am going to get strip (hopefully I win some!).

  • Ali Barry
    06/12/13 at 08:52

    I take my dog for long walks on the beach, blend up a green smoothie every morning, and of course brush my teeth with whitening toothpaste, floss, and use whitening mouthwash!

  • Torrey
    06/12/13 at 09:24

    For my wedding I am saving money, working out more, and just taking it easy and enjoying the engagement!

  • Rachel
    06/12/13 at 09:54

    Yoga, diet, gym and relaxation!!!

  • Jessica
    06/12/13 at 09:57

    Running And Lots Of Push Ups. AndWhitening My Teeth Of Course

  • Annie newberry
    06/12/13 at 10:11

    I’ve been working out at the local YMCA and taking care of my hair and nails so they will be wedding day ready!

  • Marissa
    06/12/13 at 10:18

    I have been eating better, working out, drinking less coffee, eating smaller portion, not eating after dinner, tanning, making lists so that I don’t forget anything but what bride doesn’t do this?!?!

    I am a straight teeth and white teeth freak

  • Marissa
    06/12/13 at 10:20

    So would love the opportunity to get my favorite white strips!


  • Christina
    06/12/13 at 10:42

    Just made a semi-professional dance team, starting the process of buying a house with my Prince Charming and planning our dream wedding together! I could use some sparkly teeth to cheer on my football team and get married!!!

  • Casey
    06/12/13 at 11:21

    I need these!! lol

  • Kendra
    06/12/13 at 11:21

    Eating better and trying to stay organized. There is so much to do!

  • Kristin
    06/12/13 at 11:46

    Eating healthy, exercising more, and enjoying the summer sun with my fiancé!

  • LaCie jaye
    06/12/13 at 11:51

    Keeping up with my crossfit routine! Definitely doing my best to enjoy each day with my mom and other family and friendsI want to look back and remember this time being fun not stressful. Also staring my beauty routines so I look my best on my special day. And thankful I have checklists to keep me organized on the knot

  • 06/12/13 at 11:57

    I’ve been working off the baby weight! I just had a baby almost 4 months ago so time to tighten and tone. Also I’ve been trying the 3d whiting tooth paste alone…

  • sharin e.
    06/13/13 at 12:21

    I’m just trying to live a more stress free life and cut some bad habits out! My teeth could definitely use a pick me up before our big day! (September 29, 2013) l would love to try these for the first time!

  • Jill H
    06/13/13 at 01:15

    Would love to win these to help me prepare for my wedding this Sept!

  • Brittnei
    06/13/13 at 01:38

    Doing way too much! Right now getting all the flowers and center pieces together. Yikes

  • Andrea J
    06/13/13 at 02:00

    Saving money and most of the timw trying not to stress myself to tears.

  • 06/13/13 at 03:01

    Trying to save money! And eating better!

  • Kelsey
    06/13/13 at 03:20

    Going to the gym every day!! Also tanning when I can, doing lots of DIY projects for the wedding and looking forward to seeing my fiancé in 6 months!! We’ve been 3,000 miles apart for the past 2 years, I can’t wait to see him every day!!

  • valerie
    06/13/13 at 03:56

    Just being my normal self-Eating my fair share of veggies, getting some outdoor exercise with my fiancé, laughing at movies to keep stress at bay, and just enjoying friends company!

  • Cassie Neptune
    06/13/13 at 05:52

    I am finalizing food details to the wedding and enjoying some rest and relaxation before the big day.

  • Casondra
    06/13/13 at 05:57

    I am drinking a lot of water to get wedding ready. I am also using my Nerium to get my face wedding ready which reduces wrinkles, evens skin tone, reduces pore size, and minimizes scars all in one! My face looks like its 21 again! I would love for my teeth to be whiter and brighter so they can be wedding ready too!

  • Kristine W
    06/13/13 at 07:06

    We have both been eating better and did a lot of the big stuff early on to keep us from having lots of extra stuff in the end. However, realizing that stuff no matter how much you do in the beginning always finds it way in the end. Winning crest whitestrips would be one less thing I would have to worry about :)

  • Lindsay
    06/13/13 at 08:17

    Training for my first half marathon and spending quality time with my hunny – in the weight room!

  • Heather
    06/13/13 at 08:28

    Eating healthier & excersizing.

  • Nicole
    06/13/13 at 09:19

    Eatting better, exercising, continuing to take care of son, staying away from things that will stain my teeth, an most importantly blocking out all things that may stress me out!

  • Gillian Battle
    06/13/13 at 09:20

    Im excited for my big day next month. I’m working out, eating better and would love to win the whitening creststrips.

  • Kelly
    06/13/13 at 09:22

    I’ve been whitening my teeth (with Crest white strips – love them!!), getting regular facials, doing barre classes to tone and tighten, and most of all remembering why this day is so special: because of the love I found in a great man!!

  • Kimberly
    06/13/13 at 09:55

    Exercisizing, and eating healthy! As we get closer to the the big day, I will begin the process to whiten my teeth!

  • stacy sutton
    06/13/13 at 10:38

    I don’t know where to begin all I have done is the day is picked and the dress bit that is about ot I need help

  • valerie tovar
    06/13/13 at 11:02

    Signed myself up for races and training for my second half marathon! and using Crest toothpaste!

  • Ashley bradshaw
    06/13/13 at 01:28

    i love any crest 3d white product they really work and the whiteness is so noticeable.there awesomely worth using

  • 06/13/13 at 01:30

    Whoooo!! I’ve been making plans! What bride isn’t scrambling to make the finishing touches of he wedding perfect? The plan is to get married next month<3 I'm currently working on writing my vows to my future wife<3 I'm putting myself on a watch to maintain my weight so my dress fits as perfectly as it did when I tried it on, I'll be dying my hair prolly an auburn color, and I'm definitely taking care of my face. Don't want any break outs!! (:
    And spending a lot of time helping out my fiancé. We're trying to find her the perfect tux. I'm not the only one that needs to look sharp on our wedding day!!

  • Lauren
    06/13/13 at 01:50

    Hot yoga classes, and cutting processed foods!

  • Diane
    06/13/13 at 01:51

    Making sure my smile is perfect, I do my best to have minimal stress, and keep everything simple, unique, and still my dream day.

  • Lauren
    06/13/13 at 02:06

    I am first of all getting myself more excited every day. Im drinking lots of water to help clear my complexion. Ive been doing a lot of reading about wedding planning and ideas. Taking vitamins to stay healthy and help my hair grow long.

  • kerri
    06/13/13 at 02:58

    i am finishing up last minute details. trying to make sure i keep off the weight i lost. also trying not to stress out too much. i would like to win the white strips to make my smile camera ready.

  • 06/13/13 at 03:06

    Exercising, eating healthier, and enjoying the engaged life with my handsome fiancé!

  • Brandi
    06/13/13 at 03:38

    Exercising, eating healthy, good skin care regiment!!

  • Amy
    06/13/13 at 04:05

    Watching what I eat. Work out when I can. Planning and watching my spending.

  • Sarah Marie
    06/13/13 at 04:07

    eating well and taking great care of my skin!

  • Allison F.
    06/13/13 at 04:17

    I’ve been getting wedding ready by drinking lots of water!

  • Trudie
    06/13/13 at 04:23

    Eating healthier and drinking more water.

  • 06/13/13 at 04:48

    Loosing weight! I have officially lost 53 pounds kicking my bad habits to the curb! My wedding will be October 23rd, so whiter teeth would always be nice and help me on my self image and make my self feel better! Thanks for the chance.

  • Natalie Denman
    06/13/13 at 04:54

    Eating healthy and exercising…Sunbathing for a natural glow. All I’m missing is a sparkling white smile!

    06/13/13 at 05:36

    Lots of time on the elliptical machine, delegating to crafty DIY friends, and making sure we don’t lose sight of what this day is actually about aside from a party. 4.5 months to go!

  • Samantha Gilbert
    06/13/13 at 05:51

    I have been working to hard for my upcoming September wedding! I joined weight watchers, I hit the gym, and I’m eating better. But my teeth have always been a sore subject with me :( I have a bright white spot on some not so pearly whites that makes me really self conscience.. I don’t want to feel that way on my wedding day! Crest White Strips could really help me!

  • Nikki Price
    06/13/13 at 06:08

    I’ve been trying to loose weight and whiten my teeth for my wedding this Sept. so far I haven’t had much luck with the teeth, but have dropped a few pounds.

  • Ashley durnford
    06/13/13 at 07:21

    Loosing weight and whitening my teeth would be fantastic because teeth whitening is very expensive to get done and to get the crest whitening box would be amazing.

  • 06/13/13 at 08:13

    We are both having out hair dyed and starting a tanning regiment to be sure we are nice and photogenic for our big day! We have all summer to get prepared and we could definitely use some teeth whitening!

  • Angela Rhodes
    06/13/13 at 10:42

    I’ve been exercising a lot! Next week I will get my hair highlighted and cut for the last time before the wedding (wedding is in late July). :)

  • Brittany
    06/13/13 at 11:00

    I’m drinking a ton of water, watching my calories, taking my vitamins,working on a little wedding something each week and of course spending time with my fiancé!

  • kim duncan
    06/13/13 at 11:39

    Marrying the man i married 20 years ago…divorced 13 years ago and fell back in love with 6 years ago, I am preparing by laughing a lot!! I need my teeth white white white for pictures on our amazing day!!!

  • Keturah
    06/14/13 at 12:01

    Keeping myself a virgin. Which is super difficult because my fiance is sexy. ;)

  • Kelsey Augusta
    06/14/13 at 12:33

    I am working out and growing my hair out as well!

  • rebecca
    06/14/13 at 12:35

    Lots of pilates and quiting smoking so a teeth whitening kit would be perfect!!!!!

  • Amanda Hoskins
    06/14/13 at 12:58

    Finally joined a gym and started taking Tabata classes that kick my Ta-booty! Figuring out what to do with the 668 corks I have been collecting for some special wedding craft…and reading up on teeth-whitening!

  • 06/14/13 at 01:07

    I am currently getting organized for the wedding planning process by making lists. I’ve got lists for my lists! Lots of research and working on the health of my hair! Coconut oil, need I say more?!

  • Pam
    06/14/13 at 01:23

    Saving money and trying to relax!!

  • Shereese Thompson
    06/14/13 at 01:45

    I am making sure everything is planned and ready on the Big day and writing my own vows. I love crest products!;)

  • Angie
    06/14/13 at 02:19

    Like everyone here, I am trying to eat healthier… and trying not to get too stressed out with planning and working 2 jobs! I have used these products in the past and they work wonders! Wishing they were not as expensive though…

  • Andi
    06/14/13 at 06:20

    We’re working with a personal trainer and I do yoga to keep my stress level down. 106 days and counting!

  • 06/14/13 at 06:54

    Great tips! My husband to be would love to win this – he’s been talking about grabbing these strips for a while!

  • Gina
    06/14/13 at 07:47

    I recently got engaged on Mother’s Day the man of my dreams and true souls mate came back into my life after 20 years, I was 13 when I first meet him and he was 16 turning 17, being young I tried dating him for a while and my mom stepped in and I was forbidden to see him anymore 😩 so 20 yrs later we reconnected through one of my best friends through MySpace he found her, which then he found me 😍, I would have never guessed that he would be the man I was gonna marry!!!! He is the first person I have been able to be my 100% self with, he loves me and excepts me just as I am and I couldn’t be more blessed to be his wife, we set our date for September 13, 2014!!!!! I WOULD BE SO GIFTED AND BLESSED IF I WON THESE WHITENING STRIPS, knowing my teeth need a sparkle to give the man of my dreams sparkle in his eyes!!!!!! Thank you

  • Amanda Houser
    06/14/13 at 08:27

    I will continue to exercise on a regular basis & substitute water for all cola & other dark beverages :).

  • Egla Campa
    06/14/13 at 09:28

    Well me n my fiancé are walking an hr a day and eating healthy and I had to quit smoking and stressing out :/ but we have seen an improvement :) all I need is my teeth whitening :)

  • 06/14/13 at 09:31

    This are cheaper than going to a professional but still can be a bit pricey.. however I used them once and would say they are well worth the cost !! I would love to use them before my wedding !

  • Kaity H
    06/14/13 at 09:45

    Exercising and drinking lots of water. Asking a number of questions and ordering and setting up appointments for everything needed! Now time to prep myself.

  • 06/14/13 at 09:48

    this girl is sweating for the wedding! working off last winter and keeping off all the delicious summe BBQ! working on making sure i am comfortable in my fabulous dress. congrats to all the brides to be!

  • Ameena Mitha
    06/14/13 at 09:48

    Lots of sleep!

  • Antonia Furnari
    06/14/13 at 10:08

    Doing the weight watchers diet, brushing and flossing regularly, getting lots of sleep, making sure nothing is left out of the to do list and most of all, smiling everyday brings me more happiness and less stress.

  • Jennifer Sente
    06/14/13 at 10:28

    I started a new approach on eating healthy n getting fit for the wedding and for life itself.. plenty of water and exercise to get healthy and having crest white strips will only make it better! Having a nice smile only adds to your confidence level :)

  • Ame Gutierrez
    06/14/13 at 11:38

    I’m currently trying to go to the gym in what little time I find inbetween mothering my 3 year old daughter and my 1 month old baby. My hubby to be works on the road a lot so it’s kinda difficult to get myself ready. Also trying to see our daughters dresses for the wedding :) very excited our wedding is coming up very soon.

  • Hayley Griswold
    06/14/13 at 12:04

    I think may of us brides forget about our teeth on the big day because we are so busy worrying about every thing else, including the decor, dress, etc. Thanks to crest they are there to remind and help us with this busy wedding preparation. With that being said – I have been lucky enough to remember this important task of teeth whitening thanks to Crest and all their amazing products !

  • Sarah Donnellan
    06/14/13 at 12:10

    I’ve been setting up meetings with officiants, caterers and everything. Grtkng tickets for Bridal Expos to get a feeling for different things. Also hitting the gym while working and going to school on top of it all. It’s been busy busy for me, but thankfully my fiancé and I agree on everything, so it makes it somewhat easier! Counting down the days! ❤

  • 06/14/13 at 12:46

    I’ve been saving every extra dime for after the wedding! Only two weeks left!

  • maria
    06/14/13 at 01:17

    keeping a nice checklist for all the things needed. Also Im fixing bmy teeth by getting invisalign so getting the strips would be a nice finishing touch :)

  • Angelique Morgan
    06/14/13 at 02:08

    I am doing many things to get ready for my wedding! I have been searching a few things on the Internet and have been trying them out. I tried the tooth paste and water with arm and hammer for my teeth, honey and lemon for acne and I have been using coconut oil for my hair. I am also doing more workout sessions on the Xbox 360 Kinect which is very helpful! I am definitely determined to look my best for my big day! :-)

  • jen
    06/14/13 at 02:26

    Lots of planning and working out

  • 06/14/13 at 03:00

    I have very few things left on my wedding checklist. One of those is my fiancé and I getting our pearly whites… well, white! Lots of coffee and tea have been consumed lately and it takes it’s toll. We both are smiley people so we need to check that off our list. Here’s hoping that we win some Whitestrips!

  • Michelle C
    06/14/13 at 03:03

    Write down one reason every day why I’m thankful to have met the love of my life. Hopefully it will help with some vow writing inspiration down the road!

  • sarah
    06/14/13 at 07:40

    I could so use them! I’ve always hated my smile and that’s a big one for the biggest day of your life

  • Gretchen
    06/14/13 at 08:30

    I have been trying to get all the things on my checklist done early so I am not stressing when the big day gets closer! I have also been exercising regularly and drinking lots of water to keep my skin clear and radiant! Would love to brighten up my smile as well! :)

  • dotty woomer
    06/14/13 at 08:56

    I have found the best thing to do is rely on family to help you make the big choices….don’t sweat the little things…enjoy planning your wedding …the most important thing is to take a deep breath and relax…don’t let anyone push you into something you don’t want to do. Relaxation and pampering your self whether it is just laying in the tub or going somewhere is the best way to make your wedding day perfect.

  • Ashley Amarante
    06/14/13 at 09:13

    Being happy!

  • Morgan Goodrick
    06/14/13 at 09:27

    To get wedding ready I am running, getting a tan, trying to grow out my hair, trying to clear my acne, using crest 3D White Luxe toothpaste, trying to save money, working on the rest of our wedding details and preparing for our life together. Crest Whitestrips would be the perfect addition to my pre wedding planning!

  • Christina Engstrom
    06/14/13 at 09:28

    Checklist and lots of help! Only three months away!

  • Amanda B
    06/14/13 at 09:36

    Just had a tasting with a caterer today!

  • Victoria
    06/14/13 at 10:17

    Running, eating better, seeing the dentist regularly.

  • Laura
    06/14/13 at 10:22

    Searching for the perfect dress, starting up P90x and eating healthier!

  • 06/14/13 at 10:34

    After saying I would never marry again-at 49 the RIGHT man found me and I am planning my Nov. 2 wedding and could not be happier!TrTrying to get in better shape and lookingoforwardo a happy, easy, fun day!

  • Erica
    06/14/13 at 10:57

    Exercising and trying to lose that baby weight. Also trying to stay calm and relax. Juggling a 5 month old, planning a wedding and just everyday life is stressful! :)

  • Jen
    06/14/13 at 10:58

    Saving money and just trying to decide on everything lol

  • Michelle
    06/14/13 at 11:33

    I am getting ready by working out and doing yoga. I am also working on growing out my hair.

  • 06/14/13 at 11:48

    Getting in shape and ready for the honey moon!!! Healthy eating and working out :)

  • Ashley A
    06/15/13 at 12:06

    Using the and Pinterest to help get my wedding planning started! Cherishing every moment with my fiancé as an engaged couple:)

  • Lindsey Clements
    06/15/13 at 12:40

    I could really use a box of these for my wedding!!!

  • Alicia
    06/15/13 at 02:05

    Praying for my future husband and our life together.

  • Amber Fulkerson
    06/15/13 at 03:05

    What am I doing…?
    What am I NOT doing?

    Gym three times a week. Pool three times a week. Extra cardio and some free weights at home. More careful about what I’m eating and drinking to protect my teeth – and my waistline…
    Figuring out centerpieces, doing final arrangements with photographer, videographer, catering, and coordinator… All from 2k miles away from my venue!

    Plenty to do, not enough time!

  • Ashley B (soon to be D!)
    06/15/13 at 08:14

    I’ve been enjoying being engaged and cherishing the life we’ve made together!

  • 06/15/13 at 09:25

    I have been exercising more, eating healthier and drinking Plexus slim which has.helped me lose 12 lbs so far! I’ve been trying different skin treatments and would love to win some whitening strips.

  • 06/15/13 at 09:36

    Attending a wedding and celebrating father’s day!

  • Bridget Barrett
    06/15/13 at 10:13

    Definitely enjoying wedding preparations even though there are many ups and downs throughout the planning process. We are just trying to see the light at the end of te tunnel. I would love part of the preparation process to include teeth whitening!

  • carolyn waiters
    06/15/13 at 11:11

    Getting ready…..gonna use those white strips for real….

  • Miriam
    06/15/13 at 02:14

    Working on getting my arms toned up and a nice flat tummy in hopes of managing to avoid wearing spanx at my outdoor wedding on 5/24/14!

    And of course, whitening up my teeth with some Crest Whitestrips.

  • Beth Blackmon
    06/15/13 at 03:53

    We are planning a wedding at our church so all our friends and family can be there with us on our special day. Making invitations and lists of things we need to buy

  • Sheryl
    06/15/13 at 04:49

    Took engagement photos last week and realized just how yellow my teeth have gotten. This post couldn’t be more timely. On top of exercising and planning, I have GOT to whiten my teeth.

  • lyndsey
    06/15/13 at 05:26

    Lots of working out!

  • 06/15/13 at 07:16

    Sweating for the wedding!! Been doing the insanity workouts a few times a week and lots of push-ups to get my arms ready for that strapless dress! Also started a face regimen with Murad, now all I need to work on are my teeth!

  • rainee curtis
    06/15/13 at 07:17

    Working out!!!! Not just to look better but it makes me feel so much more confident and healthy!

  • Allison
    06/15/13 at 07:59

    Trying to balance work and wedding planning–eating healthier, working out and spending time with my amazing fiancee!! (Hopefully teeth whitening soon!!!)

  • Maria
    06/15/13 at 08:27

    I’m getting married to my wonderful fiancé on August 10, 2013 on a beach in western NY!! I am so excited and can’t wait to me a Mrs! I’d love to have my photographer take my wedding photos and not worry that my teeth look yellowish. A brides smile is very important on that day because those pictures last a life time!!

  • CarlaG
    06/15/13 at 09:40

    I’m getting married in May of 2014. I have started eating healthier and losing weight. Now I just need to start whitening my teeth for our engagement photos and continue to keep them white for the wedding.

  • Carla
    06/15/13 at 09:47

    I’m getting married in May 2014. I have started eating healthier and losing weight. Now I just need to whiten my teeth for my engagement photos and keep the white for the wedding. My fiancé and I are excited for our big day.

  • Kelly
    06/15/13 at 09:58

    Eating smart.. getting outside.. loving my man and NOT WORRYING ABOUT THE SMALL STUFF!!

  • Alyssa
    06/15/13 at 10:57

    I just had a baby 3 months ago so I’m restricted on what I can do but I am going jogging, eating healthier. I am no longer drinking sodas, coffee or tea. I have been doing P90x like crazy for about a month now! I have always had a problem with my teeth and I have no clue why, so if my teeth could be white for just this one day it would make me feel so much better about all of it!

  • 06/15/13 at 10:58

    Lifting and running each day, and enjoying this wonderful and exciting time with my fiancé, family, and friends!

  • 06/15/13 at 11:33

    I have been hard at work with a variety of arts and crafts – from our cake topper, our ceremony decorations, table centerpieces, reception decorations, gifts for the wedding party, our card box, to my throw away bouquet and garter.

    I am also just finishing my first year as a high school music teacher in an inner city urban district, in a building that has never had music prior to September 2012!

  • 06/16/13 at 12:36

    Making sure i have everything for the wedding, and staying calm . Not being a bridezilla. So far i have mostly everything. Just a few odds and ins that need done :) My wedding is August 24th, Me and my Fiances one year anniversary from when we started dating :)

  • Jess Q
    06/16/13 at 01:26

    I am just enjoying every second of being engaged and celebrating with family and friends. Very blessed and grateful and I think that always brightens your smile ;)

  • 06/16/13 at 02:00

    The gym and drinking a lot of water

  • Amy J. Twigg
    06/16/13 at 06:00

    Definitely trying to eat better and exercise. About to start my third week of the insanity workout!

  • Marilyn Johnson
    06/16/13 at 08:59

    I have just been doing my regular routines. I have added a few more push-ups to tone my arms a little more. I have been using crest 4d whitening toothpaste. I really like the effects and I feel like my mouth is super clean

  • Alecia
    06/16/13 at 10:27

    I have joined a group of engagaed and recently married women and we discuss how God views marriage and how we can be better prepared for it. I am also watching what I eat and sleeping better.

  • ashley carroll
    06/16/13 at 12:12

    I have been drinking extra water, cutting calories, and do yoga for some stress free time! Ive also been doing the most obvious thing. . Planning!

  • 06/16/13 at 12:24

    Trying to loose a few final pounds for the perfect fitting dress

  • Summer green
    06/16/13 at 12:37

    Exercising like crazy (30 lbs down) & saving up as much vacation time as I can since we’re getting married on the beach!!

  • Kimberly Smith
    06/16/13 at 12:44

    I am toning my arms and trying to do more yoga to release stress. But more importantly, I am detoxing my body and face. I am doing detox food recipes and a strict facial renewal treatment, so I will shed the old and in with the new radiant skin cells for smooth skin. I just need beautiful white teeth to go along with this :)

  • kristy
    06/16/13 at 02:35

    Every teeth whitening method is always expensive! I would love to win some of these. My big day is coming up and nothing is better than having a camera ready smile!! :D :D

  • Emily
    06/16/13 at 02:41

    We are having our reception in the barn at my parents house so we are busy cleaning it and sprucing it up. Plus all the invites and me trying to get my self in wedding dress shape. On our wedding day we will have only been engaged for 5 months so there’s a lot to get done between then and now

  • Mandie
    06/16/13 at 03:55

    the only thing I can go to try to prepare for my wedding is try not to”STRESS”!

  • 06/16/13 at 03:57

    What am I doing to get wedding ready?

    Relaxing and not worrying about a thing! :)

  • Jennifer jordan
    06/16/13 at 07:46

    I drink alot of coffee and soda and could use some crest white strips. Getting married in december!:)

  • Jess
    06/16/13 at 10:23

    I’m doing the Buff Brides 6 month workout. It’s gonna be a long road but there are different exercises everyday and it is surprisingly pretty fun. I’m also doing the Pound rockout workout.

  • Allison Makara
    06/16/13 at 10:50

    Eating healthier, working out more, flossing more, trying to relax every once and a while, saving money, and hopefully winning these strips so I can whiten my teeth for free:)

  • Stephanie
    06/16/13 at 10:56

    My wedding is over a year away, so we are just taking our time with planning and getting ourselves wedding ready (started hitting the gym and attempting to whiten our teeth!!!)

  • Holly
    06/16/13 at 11:47

    I have been trying to eat healthier, exercise more especially running outside since its nicer out, and keeping my stress level at a minimal level by doing little things at a time so I don’t leave everything until the end!

  • Katelin Smallwood
    06/17/13 at 12:43

    Love Crest 3D whitestrips and could use another box!

  • 06/17/13 at 12:46

    eating healthier, exercising, drinking lots of water and drinking less coffee and soda to help keep my teeth white…Crest 3D Whitestrips would definitely help with this!

  • 06/17/13 at 02:07

    Exercising (4-5 times a week min), eating healthier (week 2 of South Beach!!), and starting a beauty regimen. I plan on addng some spray tan experimentation soon and some teeth whitening!!

  • Sara Chess
    06/17/13 at 03:12

    Exercising, eating healthy, and lots of planning with websites and books of tips!

  • Laura Bimson
    06/17/13 at 03:24

    4 months and counting! Continuing to eat healthy, amping up the workouts and trying to keep a regular schedule of hair cuts and manicures, so I look my best! Trying to spend as much time as possible with my fiancé! And we’re finally looking at wedding rings… another thing, like our photos (with whiter teeth!), that we will still have after the craziness dies down.

  • Melissa Garwol
    06/17/13 at 03:53

    My fiancé and I have been eating better, exercising together and tracking our progress. We walk about 4.25 miles a night with our dogs and I walk an additional 2.9 each morning. All the details are falling into place nicely up in NY while we are still living in FL! I didn’t even think about whitening my teeth until I saw this, but I plan to use white strips now until Sept 1!!!

  • Sarah Shontz
    06/17/13 at 05:12

    We just painted bells gold and white, to match our colors, for our reception. People will be able to “Ring for a Kiss” or “Ring for a Hug”

  • 06/17/13 at 05:41

    Two months until my big day. I just bought some great nail strengthener and cuticle oil for my nails today. Being an analytical chemist is tough on your hands and I am trying so hard to keep my nails healthy and ready for the big day. Next step is to make my smile a little brighter.

  • 06/17/13 at 09:43

    Taking time out from wedding-bindering and bouquet planning and colour swatching to make sure the man of my dreams and I get time to bask in our engagement time…while secretly trying out new beauty products and hair serums so I can really shine when the day comes!

  • anonymous
    06/17/13 at 09:47

    drink ALOT of water!

  • Elita7
    06/18/13 at 02:17

    Pretty much anything I can and can think of. I have started exercising a bit, too. Little by little! Thnx! E

  • Jennifer
    06/18/13 at 04:19

    I’m keeping up with my heathy habits such as going to the gym, running, and eating well. Most importantly I’m trying to stay stress free and remember what my wedding day is really about. I’m very much looking forward to spending the rest of my life with the man I love!

  • Monica
    06/18/13 at 09:17

    Haven’t changed much of my normal routine just watching what I eat and keeping the exercise

  • 06/18/13 at 11:41

    Trying to eat better, working on DIY projects, and practicing makeup looks!

  • 06/19/13 at 05:38

    Between shopping, meeting with vendors and planning, I’m lucky if my prep for wedding beauty is sleep!

  • Pauline Parker
    06/21/13 at 07:10

    My wedding date is set for sept 14th and there is still so much to do! We are paying for our own wedding and doing it paycheck by paycheck is tough! We basically had to cut out our date nights so we can have everything paid for by then. It would be so awesome to win a box of the strips that would be just one thing we won’t have to pay for :)

  • Chelsea Potier
    06/22/13 at 11:28

    I’m running, eating healthier (or trying to at least), and lifting weights to tone my arms!

  • Christina V.
    06/27/13 at 12:59

    Working out and trying to take better care of myself every day – skin, body and smile! :)

  • 07/24/13 at 05:34

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  • Melanie C
    06/25/14 at 04:46

    Enjoying every minute of being engaged! I hope I win as I am planning my dream wedding on a small budget and would love to have my teeth pearly white in photos for years to come!

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  • 12/01/14 at 05:04

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  • 01/25/15 at 01:09

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