Leonardo DiCaprio Silver Screen Looks For Your Groom

With the The Great Gatsby hitting theaters this weekend, we know one thing for sure: Leonardo DiCaprio is going to make a very handsome Gatsby. In fact (yes, fact!), he looks good playing just about any role on the big screen — many of them are totally aisle style ready for the groom. See what I’m talking about below and steal one of these ideas for your groom!

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby (For a Formal Black-Tie Wedding)

Leonardo Dicaprio in The Aviator (For a Casual Laid-Back Or Beach Wedding) 

Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic (For a White-Tie Wedding)

Leonardo Dicaprio In Django Unchained (For A Hipster Wedding)

Leonardo Dicaprio In Catch Me if You Can (For A Summer or Spring Outdoor Wedding)

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