5 Foolproof Proposal Ideas

Your proposal story is one you’ll be asked to tell again and again, so we pulled a few proposal planning experts aside to find out exactly what it is that makes the perfect proposal. The conclusion? Skip the YouTube proposal or flash mob and come up with something truly personal. Here, five ideas to get you started on the right track.

For the Theatre-Goer: An Onstage Proposal

Channel your inner Vaudeville star and jump on stage before the curtain closes! Chances are, you’ll receive a standing ovation and you may even be able to celebrate with the cast afterward!
Tips for the Taking: Get approval! Don’t expect to be well received when you take to the stage unless the performers are in on the surprise. Email the production company and get written approval confirming the date and showing you’re interested in. Also, rehearse your lines. No, you’re not in the show, but you are delivering a monologue to the entire audience — your significant other included.

For the Thrill-Seeker: A Helicopter Ride Proposal

Foolproof proposals// Featured: The Knot Blog

Sierra and Andre Mercier

The thrill of the height, the beauty of your surroundings and the intimacy of being in close quarters with your own private pilot will only add to the excitement (just make sure she’s actually a thrill-seeker and not afraid of heights!). You can charter a helicopter ride in most major cities – the Statue of Liberty tour in New York City is a must-do if you’re looking for ideas.
Tip for the Taking: A ride can cost upwards of $250-500 per hour so make room in the budget for the added expense or consider taking a shared charter to cut the cost.

For the Gourmet Foodie: A Classic Dinner Proposal

Foolproof proposals// Featured: The Knot Blog

Shutterstock/ The Knot

Score a reservation at that restaurant you always said you’d try, or jump on a site like HowAboutWe for Couples (only in New York City now, but expanding to San Fransisco soon), which can actually help you pull together a five-star restaurant experience for an incredible meal followed by an unforgettable proposal.
Tip for the Taking: Hold the champagne until after you’ve proposed. You want to be clear-headed when you actually pop the question!

For the World Traveler: A Destination Proposal

Foolproof proposals// Featured: The Knot Blog

Veer/ The Knot

Pretend you’ve planned a getaway “just because,” then whisk your soon-to-be fiancé away for a trip neither of you will soon forget. Once you’re there, find a meaningful spot to propose. Maybe it’s a historic monument, a beautiful garden or an incredible restaurant. Do it that way and then plan to return on future anniversaries.
Tips for the Taking: Hint to a friend that this getaway won’t be like any average vacation. Your significant other’s best friend may be able to help with the packing (as in she’ll know which pair of shoes goes with her favorite black dress).

For the Homebody: A Stay-In Proposal

Shutterstock/ The Knot

Shutterstock/ The Knot

If you’re just not into public displays, there’s no reason you can’t plan a meaningful proposal at home. The key is to still secure some element of surprise. Decorate the living room with your significant other’s favorite flowers, light candles and prop picture frames on the table of your favorite couple’s shots to set a romantic vibe.
Tip for the Taking: Avoid catching your significant other too off-guard. You still want them to feel put together and if you catch them first thing in the morning it may not be their idea of the perfect moment when they are still trying to wake up!
Special thanks to: Ariana Anthony of HowAboutWe.com and Sarah Pease, “The Proposal Planner” and Owner/Creative Director of Brilliant Event Planning

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