We Hired A Photographer! (A Groom With A View)

Photo: Laura Novak Photography Photo: Laura Novak Photography

Evin and I put the wedding plans and the search for a photographer on hold and went to Jamaica. While there, we made a pact to not discuss the wedding which shockingly we kept all the way until the plane ride home.

Somewhere over the Atlantic ocean while Evin was asleep, I quietly removed the camera from my bag and began to delete photos of myself I didn’t care for which meant I deleted a lot of photos of myself. On our layover in Charlotte, Evin took the camera out and the conversation went something like this:

“What happened to the photo of you (insert random activity here) when we went to (insert vacation activity here)?

I fumbled to make up an excuse but Evin (as usual) wasn’t buying it.

“You deleted photos from our vacation without asking me?” she said, less a question than it was an accusation. And she was right.

I confessed that I had done this. And then I confessed all the other times I had deleted photos — hundreds of them. This was when (pun intended) it all came into focus for her. For the rest of the plane ride home we discussed my painfully low self-esteem in the picture-taking department. I told her how much I detested most every photo of me ever taken. I told her how insecure I was about my looks and how much I disliked even having to look at pictures of myself. Some people don’t like to weigh themselves. Some people don’t like to hear their own voices. I don’t like looking at myself in a mirror, ever.

Evin tried to assure me I was attractive, not just to her, but to everyone. But I wasn’t having any of it. This to her explained my reticence to hiring, even meeting a photographer. Evin was sweet about it and made sure I knew she really, really, really, wanted me to feel comfortable about this. So she made a whole bunch of promises regarding our wedding photography.

1) No goofy engagement photo session underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, or on the cobblestone streets of lower Manhattan.
2) No cheesy photographs of me holding a tennis racket for no reason whatsoever (we saw loads of those in sample portfolios).
3) No images of me walking with all of my groomsmen down a nondescript block (mostly because I wasn’t having any groomsmen and I have a fear of nondescript blocks).
4) No staged photos of someone putting on my boutonniere, or helping me tie my tie.
5) We could hire our friend Angela who was the only photographer who had ever taken a picture of me which didn’t make me nauseous.

The day after we returned from Jamaica, Evin called Angela and set up a meeting between just the two of them. She wanted to make sure Angela knew what she wanted style-wise. She wanted to let Angela know she was in charge. She wanted to set some ground rules. Then Evin went and hired her and only told me after the fact. Evin handled this most tricky aspect of our wedding like a pro. I’m glad I was pretty much clueless to it all.

So we have a photographer. And now everyone who needs to be hired (with the exception of someone to officiate) has been hired.

“The captain has turned off the ‘fasten seat belt sign’ and you are now free to roam about the cabin.”