Vintage Wedding Day Lingerie (Throwback Thursday)

After seeing what a chore it was for women to look their best in their dress, you’ll be more than happy to squeeze into a pair of Spanx on your wedding day! We’ve rounded up the vintage lingerie styles that women have worn under their wedding dresses for decades.

Late 19th Century Crinolines and Petticoats

In this era, it wasn’t easy to prep for your day. Getting into your wedding dress meant stepping into multiple layers first, this created the full-skirted effect simulated by modern day ballgowns.

The Corset

The corset has been a ubiquitous part of women’s undergarments for centuries, and have taken many shapes and forms with boning from whalebone to steel. Corsets have also evolved to create different figures depending on the fashion of the day, in the late 19th century a “wasp-like” figure was desirable, and later being “pigeon-breasted” and an “s” shape curve would be all the rage.

1920s Skirt Corset

By the 1920s a more minimalist corset style came into fashion, but underthings were still made with an extreme attention to detail like this elegantly lace-stitched skirt corset.

1930s Simple Chemise

By the 1930s simplicity reigned, and while there wasn’t much support in the undergarments, but they sure were flirty!

1940s “Bullet Bras”

Lift and separation was essential to the 1940’s bride’s look!

1950s Girdle

1950s girdle


Who knows how brides of this era made it down the aisle.

1980s Built-In Shoulder Pad Bra

Ever wonder how brides in the 80s got those extra-pouffy sleeves? Well, some of them may have donned bras with shoulder pads, killing two birds with one stone.


Victoria's Secret Wedding

Whether you’re opting for Victoria’s Secret’s super-sexy wedding line or the ever-practical Spanx, today’s brides have a lot more options (and a lot less hassle) when it comes to their wedding day undergarments.

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