Nike Dunks and 5 Other Creative Wedding Shoe Ideas

When we saw Sam and Dan’s custom Nike Dunks we fell in love! We figured there had to be more bold brides out there who were willing to get creative with their footwear. So we rounded up five more brides with unexpected wedding day footwear. You have to see these!

Nike Dunks

Sam custom ordered these matching dunks for the couple to wear during the reception. The kicks were custom designed in the couple’s wedding colors and monogrammed with “bride” and “groom”. This was an especially personal idea because Dan plays professional basketball in Israel!

Carved Heels

We’ve never seen anything like these carved wooden heeled shoes! They’re definitely different and fit in perfectly with the couples’ Hawaii wedding.


A little rain on your wedding day? Equip your bridesmaids with bright and preppy wells to get them comfy and fashionable!


Who knew fringe could be so fashionable?

Bowling Shoes

A very practical choice if you’re planning on gliding around the dance floor, they’ll help you avoid slipping!

Ballet Slippers

These ballet slippers are on point!

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