Steal Their Style! 3 Hot Oscar Wedding Gowns

Want a red carpet look for your wedding dress? You came to the right place! Earlier this week we turned our office into a mini-runway and got to sit down with wedding fashion guru Mark Ingram of Mark Ingram Atelier to chat about translating red carpet gowns into bridal. Watch the video below to see what Jennie Ma and Mark had to say about all things wedding worthy from this season’s Academy Awards (and how to make it work for your wedding day)!


Photos:, Devon Baverman/The Knot

Amy Adams looked stunning in her Oscar de la Renta ball gown. The sheared, full skirt and draped bodice would make any bride feel like a star.

Get the Look: Oscar de la Renta


Photos:, Devon Baverman/The Knot

In a radiant coral color, Kerry Washington’s embellished bodice gown took us back to classic bridal days. A beaded top and A-line skirt is simple and sophisticated.

Get the Look: Rivini


Photos:, Devon Baverman/The Knot

A touch of gold on both the red carpet and wedding aisle has been a major trend the past few seasons. We can’t get enough of this glamorous, art deco gold and think Jessica Chastain was definitely a best dressed nominee!

Get the Look: Rene Ruiz

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