Wedding Photography Past and Present (Throwback Thursday)

Photos are some of the only things you’ll take away from your wedding day and wedding day photography has drastically evolved with technology, to the point where it’s easier than ever to immortalize and share the day than ever before. This Throwback Thursday, (yeah, it’s a thing, on Twitter, check it out! #tbt) we’re celebrating wedding photography past and present!

Before Cameras

This might be stating the obvious, but before there were cameras couples still wanted to capture their wedding day. Depending on your artist, the depiction may or may not have been exactly accurate, but you have to admire the artistry! Today, some couples are even hiring artists to paint a canvas of their wedding as it happens. Everything that’s old is new again!

Early 1900s

1910s-20s Camera

Photo Left:; Photo Right:

Early cameras were huge, clunky, and not very portable. That means no candid or unexpected photos, and forget capturing your grandma break it down on the dance floor. You pretty much got one thing back then, posed portraits. The couple on the left doesn’t look very happy about it either.

The 1930s

1930s Box Camera

Photo Left:; Photo Right:

A box camera from the 1930s probably wasn’t the easiest thing for wedding photographers to carry around.

The 1950s

1950s Camera

Photo Left:; Photo Right:

This vintage camera would make great vintage decor in a wedding today…there’s nothing like the classics.

The 1960s


Your parents probably have one of these puppies in their basement somewhere, and it probably still has a roll of film in it from your aunt’s garter toss. With the dawn of the first inexpensive portable cameras, it finally became possible for your guests to take part in taking photos.

The 1980s

1980s Polaroid Camera

Photo Left:; Photo Right:


The original Polaroid camera has been discontinued (RIP), but having a friend or family member with one of these puppies meant you could have instant photos, one of the best inventions of all time. The only thing you had to worry about was that they might all come out orange and that the bride might come out looking like she had a spray tan accident, but that was half the fun!

The 1990s

1990s Disposable Camera

Photo Left:; Photo Right:


Back in the day it was common practice to leave disposable cameras on the table so you could collect your guests perspective as it happened. What resulted were amazing candid shots like the one of the photo on the left (jk, that’s just Julia Roberts in My Best Friend’s Wedding).



Photobooths and Instagram (with customized #s) reign! Knotties, what’s next? Do you have a cool photography idea for your wedding? Tweet a photo to @theknot!

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