A Little Mermaid Themed Wedding (#Wow)

For a Disney lover like me, there are not enough words to write how unbelievably awesome this Disney-inspired wedding is. We appreciate a bride committed to her theme — this Princess Ariel bride found her Prince Eric and celebrated with some “Under the Sea” magic. Check out the photos!

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  • 01/30/13 at 12:16

    Reblogged this on Michelle's Bridal and Tuxedo and commented:
    I love a good theme wedding! Couldn’t pass up sharing this one.

  • 01/30/13 at 12:24

    Love love love this idea.

  • Amanda
    01/30/13 at 12:51

    I know her!

  • kat
    01/30/13 at 12:56

    awww..that’s so nice…so she got her prince charming!!

  • Amber
    01/30/13 at 01:09

    That would be her prince Eric.

  • Sonja
    01/30/13 at 03:30

    No, her prince Eric lol She dressed as Ariel….

  • Noelle
    01/30/13 at 01:03

    This is so cute! She looks gorgeous! (I LOVE the hair accessory! stunning!)

  • 01/30/13 at 01:04

    From right to left, the bridesmaids are Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Belle, ??, and Aurora. Who is the second from the left?

  • 01/30/13 at 01:09

    Alice in Wonderland I think

  • cpacs
    01/30/13 at 02:25

    definitely Alice…check out her flowers…she’s carrying painted roses with a queen of hearts card in them!

  • Kayla Sampson
    01/30/13 at 02:58

    looks like Giselle from Enchanted to me.

  • Kayla Sampson
    01/30/13 at 02:59

    nevermind then.. the dress form is almost the same as Giselle, but it is Alice colors and Alice flowers. Shame on me who calls Alice her favorite.

  • WeddingHater
    01/30/13 at 04:32

    that’s brutal…….she looks terrible and he must need glasses…..ya ya love and all that……love the bright red lips

  • TJN
    01/30/13 at 08:13

    Why don’t you go troll somewhere else. You are obviously a miserable human being who wants to make others feel terrible for kicks. This wedding is awesome and original and how dare you put down someone’s hard work. Also how dare you just assume this couple will be getting a divorce, you don’t know them, you don’t know how much in love they are. Go get a life. Also really nice name “Weddinghater” why don’t you go over to the food network blog and sign in as “Foodhater” or go to a fashion blog as “fashion hater”. Seriously, do you hate weddings SO much that you are registered with the knot, one of the biggest wedding websites out there. You are a sad little human.

  • Bride2Be
    01/30/13 at 08:31

    um actually shes awesome and since you dont know her i suggest you don’t comment on this because she is a beautiful person inside and out!

  • WeddingHater
    01/30/13 at 04:33

    As an afterthought, what a tremendous waste of money. They could have used that money for a house, or a car…….or both. Weddings have gone crazy. Ya it looks great but in a few years you will have the same divorce lawyers as the other 80% of the population

  • 01/30/13 at 06:15

    Prince Charming is my friend Katie’s brother I saw these photos on FB

  • Shmmr27
    01/30/13 at 06:57

    How creative and fun! I love the Bride’s dress and thought the wedding looked really pretty. I love the red hair!! Very good little mermaid!

  • DianneA
    01/30/13 at 08:05

    Felt kinda sorry for the Father of the Bride with the snail shell crown. Dad’s will do anything for their little girls…

  • TJN
    01/30/13 at 08:16

    Her dad is actually really awesome and made the crown himself. :)

  • CoCo
    01/30/13 at 08:33

    Her wedding was tops. I loved it! SO MUCH! :D Everyone involved was amazing. <3 They were so savvy about ever detail. I swear, I wish all weddings went like theirs. There was just so much awesome that we couldn't stand it, but we did, because WE LOVE THE AWESOME! <3 These guys are gonna be married for eternity, that's how strong that love is right there! <3 And I only wish I looked HALF as good as her. <3

  • 01/30/13 at 08:39

    @weddinghater. You sound like a very saucy fellow.

  • java
    01/30/13 at 09:24

    What was their party favor? So curious! I mean, it’s a Disney Princess wedding! So many possibilities… seashell chocolates? little ships inside a glass? Disney Princess cookies? Endless possibilities! <3

  • TJN
    01/30/13 at 09:28

    They had little candy boxes with Mickey Mouse heads on then that said Gee, Thanks! I wish this post included the pictures of their reception center pieces because they were amazing! Each table was a different Disney movie not just The Little Mermaid. :)

  • Monique
  • ARealPrincess
    01/30/13 at 10:39

    I noticed Meg is in there too. But who is the red head in the teal and purple dress? All I could think of was the girl from Brave…

  • Ty
    01/30/13 at 11:32

    ARealPrincess, the redhead in teal and purple is Giselle from Enchanted.

    And, Monique, I attended this wedding and it was the least tacky, most well-executed theme I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Also, didn’t your mama ever tell you “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

  • 01/31/13 at 02:25

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Samantha…it means the world! :D :D :D Theknot.com was a big part of planning our wedding, so it’s really fantastic to see it here on the site. We love you guys! <3 And thank you to everyone who commented…I hope that you all have had or will have the wedding of your dreams.

    If you'd like to see more photos, I have a bunch of them posted at littledisneymermaid.blogspot.com.

    Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust,

  • 01/31/13 at 08:28

    Reblogged this on Living Young & Wild & Free and commented:
    Okay, usually I don’t roll with big to-do weddings, but man, this is the absolute coolest offbeat wedding I have seen in a while. Check it out! BTW, I call dibs on being Belle.

  • Keith Jones
    01/31/13 at 12:46

    HI JAMIE! I’m now internet famous by proxy!

    But seriously, this was the best wedding ever. Ever.

  • Tiki
  • sorrynotsorry
    01/31/13 at 03:23

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. It’s just tacky. For a WEDDING?? Come on. Save the Disney theme for your child’s birthday party…

  • TJN
    01/31/13 at 03:36

    I understand this may not be your thing but don’t knock someone else’s tastes. This world would be boring if everyone picked the same wedding to have over and over again. You say this wedding is tacky but I think your attitude is tacky.

  • sorrynotsorry
    01/31/13 at 03:59

    There’s no attitude here, just my opinion.

  • Princess Ariel & Eric Forever!!!
    01/31/13 at 10:23

    i really love ariel from the disney movie the little mermaid and love this idea…it is completely original, bravo!!! The only thing is the location could’ve been much, much better….where was this, a neighborhood park? and, the garbage can in the wedding photo of the bridesman and young gentlemen is very tacky. But the rest of it looks magical and wonderful!

  • TJN
    01/31/13 at 10:38

    It was in a park at a Gazebo. The photos don’t do the location justice. Also most of the pictures in this blog are from a newspaper reporter who was attending to do an article on the couple, so he wasn’t the official photographer and didn’t get the best location for some of the photos. The photo with the trash can is unfortunate but the actual photographer did an amazing job! His page is Shari Photography from Kirkwood, MO on Facebook. :)

  • Princess Ariel & Eric Forever!!!
    01/31/13 at 10:28

    lol, i meant to type bridesmaid, oops!

  • 01/31/13 at 11:18

    Thank you so much for the compliments! Yes, it was a neighborhood park, I suppose. It was a park that was about 20 minutes from our house…it was small, quiet, and beautiful, which is exactly what we wanted (plus, we were excited to get to take pictures on the jungle gym, hehe!). There were several little kids playing at the park and it was such fun to see them take us in with wide eyes…hopefully it will convince them not to grow up too fast! ;) Wedding locations are expensive, and we were happy to find one close to our home that was inexpensive and lovely. The photos are taken in all different locations…some at my parents’ house (where the gals got ready), some at my friend’s house (where the boys got ready), some at our wedding location, some in downtown St. Charles (where the train is) etc.

    Like my friend said, most of the pictures posted here were from our local Post Dispatch, and not from our actual photographer. Our photographer was fantastic and I loved him so much! :)

  • 02/02/13 at 10:26

    […] Seriously the BEST Disney Wedding We Have EVER seen For a Disney lover like me, there are not enough words to write how unbelievably awesome this Disney-inspired wedding is. We appreciate a bride committed to her theme – and she executed it perfect… […]

  • 02/03/13 at 10:47

    Now that looked like a lot of fun! Theme weddings must be a hoot to organize. Lot’s of work but lot’s of fun too! Beautiful bride by the way. Pay no attention to ‘sorrynotsorry’ that’s just sour grapes from a twit!

  • 02/04/13 at 06:38

    oh goods. i want married :)

  • Arce Torrez
    02/04/13 at 08:50

    Can anyone tell me where the wedding dress from?

  • Heidi
    02/05/13 at 08:43

    I absolutely love this idea! How much fun would it be to plan “theme weddings?” Other themes that immediately pop up are: Phantom of the Opera wedding, Cabaret, Knights in shining armor and their Ladies, Scottish weddings, winter wonderland, etc. This idea is so fun and creative. What a memorable evenr!


  • Heidi
    02/05/13 at 08:46

    Oops…can’t spell…I meant “memorable event.” ;-)


  • 02/05/13 at 01:08

    […] Jamie Chandler had a Little Mermaid wedding and is very excited to talk me and volunteered her Prince Eric as well. I won’t spoil too much about her day, since I’ll post the final profile of Chandler and her day on this site within the coming months. Until then, take a look at the day in photographs. […]

  • Seriously
    02/05/13 at 10:57

    It’s a wedding… An adult decision meant to last a lifetime… Not a joke or a child’s party. You put this out there, so you should be open to criticism. I hope you had fun, but I also hope you develope a little class before your next wedding.

  • 02/06/13 at 01:22

    I actually *didn’t* put it out there initially, “Seriously”. Initially my photographer had posted some photos on his blog and my local newspaper had put them on their website. I was just as surprised as anyone else when they started showing up in different places, because the only place that I had posted them at the time was on my personal Facebook page, for my friends and family. I didn’t make my blog or start doing interviews until after people had already started posting them around, and I made the blog so that maybe people would see me a little bit more as an actual person with feelings rather than just making assumptions and posting horrible things about me just for entertainment.

    We realize that this is an adult decision. We have been together for eight years. We have lived together, dreamed together, grown together, and experienced many of life’s milestones together. This was not just done on a whim, without any thought. We saved and planned for this wedding for two years, and every detail that was included was planned by BOTH of us. So because we decided to have a little fun with our wedding, you assume we are going to end up divorced? I think that’s really unfair.

    The criticism isn’t what bothers me. If you think my wedding is tacky or trashy or too childish, that is well within your rights to feel and to make it known. What bothers me are the assumptions that you and others have made, not only about me, but about my family, friends, and husband. You can assume we made a joke out of it all you want, but you don’t know us. You don’t know the tears we shed during our vows, the moments we spent outside of the “wedding madness” just enjoying each other’s company during the day, and the joy we have found in our lives and in each other for the past year and a half of marriage. Just because we are children at heart does not mean we do not know how to be married, be responsible, and get our lives together. We work, pay our bills, spend time with our loved ones, and enjoy being with each other just like everyone else does…we just happen to have had a heck of a party for a wedding instead of what adhering to what everyone else says is “traditional”, “classy”, or “acceptable”.

    Also, for one preaching about class, I believe you are the one making assumptions and negative comments on the internet about a people you don’t even know. I pray that you get to have a moment to look at the world in the way that I look at it every day…through the eyes of a child. Trust me…life’s a lot more fun and a whole lot less gloomy that way.

  • 02/06/13 at 01:29

    *people. Not “A people”.

  • Brian Underwood
    02/07/13 at 04:31

    Good for you Jamie…for putting this tool bag in his place. I am astounded by the amount of negativity and hatred out there. I love that you planned a wedding that was uniquely and splendidly your own. The joy of both you and your husband is evident in these photos…I wish you many, many happy returns!

  • 02/05/13 at 11:48

    […] This Disney inspired wedding is seriously adorable. Ariel was my favorite […]

  • 02/06/13 at 12:29

    A bride should NEVER have to defend her wedding.
    It’s an awesome unique idea, Jamie.

    Congrats & best of wishes.

  • Joy
    02/06/13 at 04:28

    I think that this wedding is awesome! Negative posters are either jealous, care too much what others think or maybe have lost someone they love. Sincerely attempt to love others & who knows, maybe someday you will have the wedding/life/joy of your dreams come true!

  • KMNR
    02/07/13 at 09:49

    I think that your wedding was beautiful! We added some non-traditional touches to ours too (I went down the aisle to songs from Lords of the Rings and we left to the Star Wars march). I think that your wedding should reflect who you are and what you love. My husband and I are a little nerdy, and you two must love Disney! It looks like everyone had a great time. Your details were well thought out and perfectly executed. Congrats!

  • Ella
    02/07/13 at 05:41

    It looks like a lot of fun to me! Congratulations to the happy couple! Did you serve seafood for the reception, or do anything else ‘under the sea’ besides the outfits? Was the cake ‘under the sea’ themed, for example? Just curious!


  • Me
    02/08/13 at 12:22

    So did the groom love Disney too, or was he just going along with the princess complex? My hubby and I had a Ren Faire wedding because it’s something we BOTH enjoy. Plus, I didn’t have to wear a tacky wig.

  • 02/08/13 at 05:51

    The groom (Christopher) loves Disney just as much, if nor more, than I do. He proposed to me in Walt Disney World, and the entire wedding was planned together….not just by me. We actually MET as cast members in a Ren Faire. And I was not wearing a wig…that is my real hair, after some Manic Panic and some expert styling by one of my bridesmaids

  • 02/09/13 at 09:17

    […] But now, 18 month later, the story of the Chandlers’ wedding has taken on a new life, going viral on the World Wide Web after pictures from the wedding appeared on the wedding blog The Knot: What Did This Princess-Ariel Inspired Bride Use to Brush Her Hair? […]

  • Tee
    02/09/13 at 04:00

    Stand your ground Jamie…though I don’t know you I do know your Mom, Dad and Aunt ant Uncle and they are very proud of you. It takes very little energy to be ugly its too bad some can’t use that energy and be positive. hope you continue to have a wonderfu life.


  • 02/14/13 at 05:32

    […] …but no.credit The Knot/STL Today/Laurie Skrivan […]

  • 02/14/13 at 05:35

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  • 02/16/13 at 09:22

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  • Solcita
    02/25/13 at 01:47

    Wedding 60K… bridemaids faces throughout the ceremony and photo shoot… priceless… LOL

  • 02/28/13 at 04:19

    […] > Check out the Little Mermaid inspired Disney wedding […]

  • Bravo!
    03/04/13 at 03:06

    Jamie…you and your husband had an awesome wedding! It was creative, fun and beautiful. I bet you guys all had a blast! :D When two people decide to get married, it should be to celebrate their love together, as you two did, and no one else in the world can tell you how to do that. There are a lot of miserable, pathetic people out there, who live by choice in a ugly world controlled by bitterness and negitive thoughts, and who try to off set their unhappiness by putting others down, especially the ones who are so obivously living a happy and content life! I hope you let any of the nasty comments you see here roll off your back, and relish in the fact that you live a beautiful, exciting, happy and full life with your true love. Cheers!

  • 03/27/13 at 03:41

    Love princess wedding!! WOW a dream wedding!

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  • 06/03/13 at 01:59

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  • 06/08/13 at 09:18

    The funniest is the comments correcting the Prince Charming/Prince Eric remarks because people actually think Prince Charming’s name was “Charming”. LOL. Your “Prince Charming” is your true love…not somebody’s name.

  • alex eberly
    06/13/13 at 12:34

    please tell me where i can get the tux. im haveing a disney wedding and i can not find that tux anywhere please help me its my fiance and i dream to have a disney wedding please someone help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • J Feeney
    08/09/13 at 12:06

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  • 10/11/13 at 02:22

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  • 02/17/14 at 05:01

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    Amazing Fisney Little Mermaid Wedding!

  • 06/19/14 at 11:54

    […] I don’t mean vintage, rustic, or floral, I mean themed.  I came upon an article on the knot, showing how a bride went all-out for her Disney wedding. In other words she may or […]

  • WeddingDreamer
    06/19/14 at 01:56

    I absolutely LOVE your wedding. Its different its a fairy tale turned into real life. Its think its very classy you look so elegant and beautiful with that to die for red hair!! Love the head piece. This is every little girls dream. I think its awesome you did something different and didn’t stick to the original/traditional wedding.. Everyone is different and a child at heart. I love that you made it come to life..

  • SleepingBeauty
    06/19/14 at 10:06

    I wish one of my friends would have a wedding like this! ..A fun wedding that everyone feels a part of!! I bet that flower girl was like YESSS, finally adults who haven’t lost their fun! I will have to read your blog, because I am dying to know how you decided would wear what! I would call dibs on Sleeping Beauty :) What a lovely, lovely and FUN wedding! And most of all.. it was your wedding! You were true to yourself and you rocked it. <3

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