Joe Flacco-Inspired Wedding Photos — Love It Or Leave It?

We’re gearing up for the Super Bowl, in wedding-related style of course, by referencing the Baltimore Raven’s quarterback Joe Flacco’s wacky wedding photos from 2011. Flacco and his bridal party reenacted a football game and then the entire crew moved on to a movie theater for more goofy shots. This isn’t exactly a new idea — I’m sure you’ve seen or even been in a wedding or two that involved snapshots of  the bridal party jumping in mid-air or posing in all sorts of ridiculous positions. But what’s up with all the wacky wedding photos? Are you a fan?

Take a look at a wedding photo blog and chances are you’ll find a groomsmen-with-their-pants down photo in there somewhere.

Then there’s the she-put-a-ring-on-it photo

And the ceremonial shoe-tossing photo

Can’t forget the groomsmen by day, superheroes by night shot

Or the blessed drinking-from-the-ice-luge shot

And last but not least, this amazing shot of T-rex crashing an otherwise adorable bridal party picture

So what do you think? Cheesy and ridiculous? Or fun and playful? Tell us below!

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