6 Wedding Day Fails!

You can attempt to plan the details of your wedding down to a near science but honestly, sometimes things don’t go according to plan.  We’ve rounded up some of the funniest wedding fails we could find.

Fail #1: Someone could step on your veil

But if this happens to you, hopefully your groom is as concerned as the one above.

Fail #2: Someone could get bored during your vows

But, you can return the favor and yawn when she gets married!

Fail #3: Someone (or something) could get into the cake ahead of time

Usually it’s the flower girl or ring bearer that gets into the cake ahead of time.  Who could have planned against a squirrel?

Fail #4: Someone could unintentionally photobomb one of your photos

Hopefully, this man is just sleeping.

Fail #5: The flower girl struggles to get down the aisle

Who gave a toddler the responsibility of walking the dog down the aisle?

Fail #6: The wedding cake could topple over


This photo takes the cake, but remember the 30 second rule even applies to wedding cakes!

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