5 Epic Music Videos With Weddings In Them

Beyonce’s wedding dress is for sale! (That’s right, it says so right here.) Okay, not hers exactly — it’s actually the wedding gown she wore in the music video “Best Thing I Never Had.”

And while you may not want to gather inspiration for your big day from cinematic music video moments, I gotta admit they’re especially fun to look back on. Here are some of my favorite unforgettable wedding-inspired music videos, from Beyonce (2011) back to Madonna (1984) and everything in between (gotta give love to the ’90s)!

Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had” Music Video
So we may have never gotten the chance to see Beyonce’s actual wedding pictures to Jay-Z, but Bey in a frothy Baracci ball gown running through the grass satiates us enough until the day her pictures do surface!

98 Degrees’ “I Do (Cherish You)” Music Video
The ’90s and 98 Degrees are pretty much synonymous. This boy band’s wedding reenactment reminds us of everything we loved about this group (the abs) and everything we don’t miss (the hair gel and frosted tips). The video ends with a funny twist when all the boys realize they shared the same girl who now has a ring on her finger!

Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain” Music Video
It doesn’t get much more dramatic than the violin and piano intro as the bride walks down the church aisle in a way short dress with a showy garter — and don’t even get us started on Axl Rose as the long-haired groom. The video (which won an MTV award for best cinematography) ends with, you guessed it, rain on the wedding day. Rain is supposedly good luck… but be warned, the end gets pretty dark.

Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” Music Video 
Talk about a flashback to the ’80s. We’re just glad bleached blonde hair on boys has gone out of style. In this music video Idol attends a target=”_new”>gothic wedding and the bride is played by his real-life girlfriend at the time! This is not your traditional wedding video– there’s black leather and a barbed wire engagement ring.

Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” Music Video
Madonna takes it to another level in this music video which made her a provocative star of the ’80s for her risque performances. At the 1984 MTV awards she sang the song in wedding white while sitting on a giant wedding cake. This might be one of the the most iconic pop videos — and performances — of all time.

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