5 (KU!) Wedding Ideas for Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde


Full disclosure: I’m a Kansas basketball fanatic. So when I heard that Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde were engaged, I got really friggin excited. Jason Sudeikis is also a huge Kansas basketball fan. Apparently he’s also converted his fiance because the two are spotted at games all the time. (Let’s be honest: A Kansas fan doesn’t pop the question without ensuring his partner in life to-be also believes that Kansas — home of James Naismith, the father of basketball — is the greatest college basketball school ever.)

I’ve read rumors here and there that the two might be planning their wedding in Lawrence, Kansas. That would be incredible. But even if they don’t go so far as to exchange vows on the hill beneath the Campanile Bell Tower or romp down Mass Ave. in their gown and tux, I do think they should do themselves (and Kansas basketball fans everywhere) a favor and incorporate their fanhood into their wedding day.

So from one KU fan to another, here’s how I think they should do it.

Team mascot cuff links like these little silver Jayhawks, are a simple, understated way to show some school pride.

She doesn’t have to wear it on the outside, but Olivia could take the lead from this wedding photo and pin a swatch of her mother’s wedding dress onto her underskirt, attached with a little Jayhawk pin of course.

After the ceremony, there should definitely be a confetti toss. Not just any confetti toss though — one that involves shredded up pieces of The Kansan.


Photos: Becky Hill

And then there’s the reception. Name the tables after buildings and place on campus like this “Wescoe Beach” table name — and pop those flowers in a KU glass to keep them in water while you’re taking photos.


If they want to step it up another notch, they could hire the Kansas Jayhawk mascot to serenade them at the reception. Seriously (it’s says so right here).

Finally, if Jason really wants to show it off, I think he should rock the Jayhawk belt buckle. It’s bold, but a totally epic way to show off his fanhood.

Congrats to Jason and Olivia — and Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU!

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