Wedding Veils Through the Decades (Throwback Thursday)

Though wearing a wedding veil is a practice that steeped in tradition, for decades brides have been using the accessory to make a statement. Get inspired by five decades of wedding veils:

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1950s: Grace Kelly's Iconic Elegance

Grace Kelly was one of the original princesses to steal our hearts, and she wore an elbow length veil with her royal tiara.
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1960s: Priscilla Presley's Full Blusher

During this tumultuous decade, many brides eschewed tradition and in doing so made style history. Priscilla Presley's full tulle veil and blusher affixed with a rhinestone crown will go down in history.
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1970s: Pillbox Veil

While the dresses in the 1970s were sleek and simple, the pillbox hat was the "it" accessory to top of a sleeved sheath.
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1980s: Princess Diana's Over-the-Top Fairytale Veil

Yards of tulle went into Princess Diana's two-tiered Cathedral length veil for her 1981 wedding. Diana's decadent veil inspired brides across the world to covet the "princess bride" style.
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1990s: Unadorned Beauty

Simplicity reigned during the 90s because of wedding style icons like JFK Jr.'s bride Carolyn Bassette. The sheer tulle veil worn with a low chignon makes the look all about the glowing bride.

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