6 Stellar Star Wars Wedding Ideas for Star Wars Day!

May 4th is officially known as National Star Wars day and the possibility of a Star Wars themed, intergalactic star-studded, Ewok-attended wedding day leaves our imaginations running. Now, May the Fourth be with you!

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Darth Vadar & Princess Leia Cake Topper

There's no better way to geek out a wedding cake than with these Star Wars character toppers.
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R2D2 Ring

Don't forget an R2D2 engagement ring! Hey, it's been done before!
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Storm Troopers

You could make quite an entrance with costumed stormtroopers by your side!
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Action Figure Cake

Gangs all here, from yoda to Princess Leia. When his bride's not looking maybe Lucas will sneak a few action figure favorites onto the wedding cake.
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Star Wars Cuff links

It's all about the details. Star Wars cuff links make for fun, nerdy flair or a geeky groomsmen gift.
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Jabba the Hutt Cake

A green slug for a groom's cake would be a perfect nod to the Star Wars franchise.

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