Don’t Forget the “Hangover Helper Kit!”

Happy New Year! Chances are you aren’t feeling too great after ringing in 2014 last night and the day after your wedding, neither will some of your guests.

We think “Hangover Helper Kits” are the perfect wedding favor or a great addition for welcome bags. You are such a great bride for thinking about your guests the day after your wedding!

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Cute Burlap Hangover Kit

This Hangover Kit includes Tylenol, Alka Seltzer, earplugs, a sleep mask and Band-aids. Your husband’s groomsmen will be thanking you at brunch!
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Use Clear Boxes to Tie in Your Wedding Colors

You can create your own “Hangover Helper Kit” by including a light blocking mask, water and/or Gatorade, Starbucks Via Instant Coffee, saltine crackers, Advil and Tums all in a simple clear box. This kit even matches the couple’s wedding colors!
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Discreet Hangover Kit

You can personalize this hangover kit with your names and location. It’s also discreet for those guests who are embarrassed to admit they had a little too much fun celebrating.
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A Joking Hangover Kit

This Hangover Recovery Kit includes fun things such as a liver charm, remedy booklet and 5 healing bandages.
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Personalized Brown Bags

How cute are these personalized brown bags with pictures from The Hangover? If you are creating your own kits – have fun with them!

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