9 Decadent Dessert Bar Ideas!

The holidays bring out the sweet tooth in everyone! From grandma’s homemade cut-out cookies to that chocolate tray you can’t keep your hands off, we can relate to the temptation! While we have all these post-dinner treats on our mind we bring you fun wedding reception dessert ideas your mouth may water over. This calls for a taste test!

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Yellow Candy Dessert Bar

Dessert bars are an especially fun way to incorporate your wedding colors. This table kept everything tonal, from the M&Ms to the butterscotch candies and even the rustic wedding flags.
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Gelato Dessert Bar

This gelato bar allowed guests to sample homemade flavors like chocolate-mint and lemon. This idea is perfect for a warm-weather wedding.
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Vintage Dessert Bar

Get creative with not only the dessert offerings but the display! This vintage wagon was converted into a dessert bar and was decorated with candlesticks and lanterns to maintain the vintage feel.
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Pie Dessert Table

An assortment of tarts and pies rested on charming pedestals made from stacked logs to compliment this ranch-themed wedding.
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Soda & Candy Dessert Bar

Doesn't get much sweeter than this! Vintage soda bottles and colorful candies gave guests a sugar boost during the night's dancing.
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Black & White Dessert Bar

This black and white treat table displayed candies in tall jars as if in a candy shop. From nonpareils to See's famous chocolates there was something for everyone's sweet tooth.
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Cupcake Dessert Bar

Several wood cheeseboads were stacked with cupcakes to create a fun dessert bar guests could help themselves to!
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Gourmet Popcorn Bar

Popcorn is a fun alternative dessert to offer your guests. An array of colors makes for a fun display and guests can easily take home bags as favors!
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Rustic Dessert Bar

Vintage frames and candles decorated three different tables full of chocolate-dipped pretzels, cookies and brownies. Handcrafted frames made of tree bark completed the theme.

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